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    at least you have a nice view  
    though the holocaust was horrible can you imagine how many people would be alive if we stopped the holocaust  
    dinosaur eggs duh  
    wigga fo life  
    meine lieblingsauto gibt deutsche autos  
    my dad once went to the tate in liverpool, he put his jacket down and looked at it, soon he had a gang of people staring at the jacket, he then picked up the msterpiece and left  
    listening to metalica master of puppets as i am typing this  
    if you watch breaking bad you will know how god it is. so well acted and scripted  
    innocent or to have aids  
    at least you get a nice view  
    youtube vids come out at night at least for me  
    only child  
    already am  
    vampire aslong as i am not in twilight  
    if you inhail twic underwater you passout, an easy death  
    if i got a girlfriend and i didnt tell her about my looks that would be hilarious the next day  
    i am 13, still no kisses  
    is that picture lemmy from motorhead?  
    depends how good the friend is  
    youngest = favourite  
    for the rest of your life  
    i am both  
    american football players wear pads, rugby players dont. go on to youtube and look up worst rugby tackles, learn a lesson  
    no school no homework  
    already seen the colosium  
    both have incredible security  
    dont you mean steve wozniak  
    depends the reason  
    someone i hate and punch them in the face  
    chances are if i am good more money  
    middle class isnt too bad  
    i have visited both, france 3 times(disney, paris and monticarlo) and italy 2 times (florance and rome(on the same trip)) ni enjoyed italy more  
    i have all butter croissant and nuttella evbery morning  
    i am already to live with my parents forever  
    dont care  
    when my headteacher comes into the room we have to stand up, if i sat down i would be a lagend  
    one word: insurance  
    adult:responsibilities kid:do what ever the hell you want  
    all ready have a chauffer, my mum  
    i feel sorry for the women do dont realise that their boyfriend is a douche +2
    i am a heavy metal fan so neither  
    i had a teacher who was mean and horrible at teaching, she taught us the same thing over and over again, me and my friends think she changed our grades so she wasnt sacked  
    no idea what any of this means i am 13  
    i think all men can agree that we all thought (if we havent read the books)that the hunger games would be like mortal kombat  
    depends on length  
    tough question  
    i am currently in a group that will never be popular. to show you how unpopular we are we all went to comicon together(i met sylvester mccoy!!!)  
    if you ever go on a lads holiday you will eventually hate everyone one that trip because of stupid things eg licking your finger to turn the page of a book, thanks kevin bridges  
    if i did it with my friend he would probably give me some anyway  
    we have free health care anyway so.... but i would like to see what has changed after have came out of the come, though it would be a lot of youtube to catch up on  
    don't have many friends anyway  
    though you are nude, you would be more famous. think about it  
    i have never had a girlfriend ever so no change there  
    my chauffeur is my mum  
    diet coke is incredible  
    today's music sucks +1
    small dogs are cute  
    i want to be a lawyer so i am already disappointing my family  
    with my luck?  
    i am only 13 besides would just be a huge slut all day  
    i want to be a lawyer already  
    i have done a lot of stupid and offensive stuff so it would be better to think about it first that would be better  
    ronald mcdonald is scary as all hell +1
    smartest because i already am  
    50/50 oh damn  
    though it would be cool to meet my ancestors there are so many websites that can do that. plus IT'S THE F£%$&*G FUTURE!!!!  
    Eddie hitler from bottom was a hitler but he wasnt related  
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