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    Whoops wrong one :-[  
    Ikr! Disneyland is for immature people who are fairy-tale addicts, and MK is for sane, awesome people who have read and learned from HP  
    Parachute ^_-  
    It feels the same way... +2
    What if i am a cat? >:D  
    Lol hermione ♥  
    earplugs...duh +1
    Lol its a winwin :-)  
    Listen up; all you guys who chose 2, you only have us to thank. The people who did 1 were unselfish enough to do you people a favor. Just keep that in mind.  
    Yikes, orange juice.  
    Bathrooms that way...  
    *secret convo with friend * HEY WE NEED TO TALK  
    Something called a wig...hmmm...  
    It's called a bike, I hear... DUH  
    wrong button x)  
    I am a WIZARD  
    Already am  
    Birthdays can get really awkward :-\  
    Look. at. the. pic. The website is your solution  
    whoops wrong button noooo  
    HA I have an other device  
    Lol me too @shady  
    Then u will have the money for a vacation  
    Invisible and teleporting are a very strong combo together  
    pajama suit  
    eco friendly  
    bike to my friends house. they have a 15 gallon cooler full of water. and I live for my screen time so definitely not option two  
    mitt is a brainless stupid idiot. ya reely want him to destroy our country? +1
    evolution takes time that's why they arrent evolving overnight! it took almost 1 million yrs for monkeys to become humans  
    ugh wrong button  
    I want a I touch  
    gal... but young. don't care  
    I sound like a broken lawnmower when I sing XD  
    who would want to be a stupid bratty dog anyway  
    no need to tell my parents about my day. and no please or thank u. just gimme  
    there's a picture of a cup of milk in the food option...  
    survival skills  
    live for my computer  
    even though mario is an idiot... sonic is worse  
    wrong button crap!!!!!  
    I live for my computer  
    wrong button darn it  
    something. called a pencil and paper...?  
    so what about Frances ifel tower or Paris? I mean nothing beats yummy etalian gelato  
    I hate dogs! Cats are really underrated, but once you see their personality in a good light, you will fall in love with them! Kitties rock!  
    no taxes 2 worry about.  
    58% movies? What happened to reading?!  
    You guys that voted for the second option had better be thankful for all of us who were feeling sympathetic enough to vote option A!  
    Get in one of those metal diver cages . Problem solved  
    $20 for 5 spoiled-brat kids! I suggest at LEAST $50.  
    Should've been called Wariokart... or Waluigikart... cuz I think Mario is a wacko  
    you do know that if we destroy our planet with litter we won't even have animals?  
    tell me something i don't know  
    at least i dont need to share my brownie  
    Pah, all you people care about these days is prettiness and boyfriends! I mean really, do you really want to be stupid?! because I'm guessing that 60% of you already ARE stupid.  
    WOW. 27% of people are wackos.  
    Iphones rock.  
    mitt is an idiot  
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