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    There aren't enough memories to last 2 hours.  
    Sounds like me!  
    Who ever said music needs lyrics?  
    Giant death spiders around every corner? Seriously? No one has even died from a spider bite since 1979 in Australia.  
    You know that an iPad 2 is an Apple device, right?  
    I already own an iPod Touch 4th Generation all to myself.  
    You get payed to go to school in Switzerland.  
    Who is Hans?  
    I don't really require USD  
    God isn't fictional; God exists.  
    White chocolate technically isn't chocolate as it contains no cocoa.  
    Isn't learning history what history lessons are for?  
    I'm an awful dancer...  
    I've already been up in an Orion. It was amazing, but I think I'd prefer flying in a private jet with my favourite celebrity.  
    Yeah? well I found Wally!  
    Shouting for a long period of time can cause throat cancer. +2
    My family doesn't celebrate Halloween.  
    No one pronounces my name the way it's supposed to be pronounced.  
    Come live in solitude on the Forest Moon of Endor  
    What is Starbucks?  
    I thought American football was called Hand-Egg...  
    Get caught doing what? Catch your parents doing what?  
    Sweet +1
    Subway is quite expensive, especially in Australia. However, their food is generally of better value... I'm rethinking my answer...  
    A spouse is your husband/wife.  
    Either way you're likely to get salmonella or some kidney disease. However, I prefer brownie batter.  
    My dream is to marry my true love and be together for ever. That's not finding my true love in my dream; I've already found my true love.  
    Being weird doesn't mean having some kind of deformity! That picture is irrelevant.  
    I still dress the same way.  
    Actually, you probably would. You can barely move, you can barely talk. At least you wouldn't go through all that whilst in a coma.  
    My birthday is always a disaster.  
    CRAP. I thought it meant trying to get rid of his drug habit. I hate it when I read things incorrectly.  
    At least we wouldn't have to listen for 10 hours.  
    Clearly you don't understand what a democracy is.  
    Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals in the world.  
    Unicorns are already real ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
    I have plenty of homework and studying to do.  
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