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    Games! Cuz i dont have ms. Sirois in my school... Also: WHO THE F*CK IS SHE  
    Jacksepticeye ftw!!!  
    I'd finally know who stole my candy in my room!  
    In my case, definetly!  
    If you have unlimited games you can just sell the games cheap then get the game back! Then Boom! You get so much money to food and other things  
    Why in the world would the 3% want to be ugly and a jerk???  
    Jacsepticeye for the win!  
    Wow! Cold...  
    I dont listen to music so often, but the Portal musics may i miss  
    What pet?  
    Never watched them...  
    Then it would get cheaper when i'm at MCdonalds!  
    How hard?  
    Why would I wear a bra? I'm a guy...  
    Who's reading this in 2017 and realises that donald trump is president?  
    Oh god!!! Not again!!!  
    Either quiet or be Jacksepticeye...  
    Pikachu here i come!  
    I think my school still uses windows 7 in sixth class...  
    Im 12...  
    I already do that! My friends says that everything i eat falls to my feets and upwards!...  
    Pika Pika!!!  
    Watch out girls! Here cones the invincible boy!  
    What partner  
    I,ve almost unlimited space in my stomac... So iy  
    Have both. Wii in my room.  
    Two of the kids looks like my brother and sister!!!  
    Jacksepticeye all the way!!!  
    What job?  
    I have no job... Im 12. .  
    When my friends played hide seek, under the bed, found everybody exept me, they started the new round... Im so lonely, I have nobody...  
    Robot leg  
    E.T come home!  
    I dont listen music anyways so..  
    For how long?  
    Surrender from what  
    My class dont have lockers yet so...  
    Do I have to hold it?  
    Jump off a cliff... And into the sea  
    How? Im at the second floor...  
    For how long?  
    Candy frogs!  
    Dont need keys, I have code  
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