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Zuka Zama!!

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Does King Julien look better with Green Crown or Pink Feathered Crown 3 months ago 82 votes 6 comments 0 likes
When you heard the word 'seal' what's the first thing you think of? An animal seal or A seal you put on lids 3 months ago 86 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Lemur or Hyena 3 months ago 29 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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More detailed background. A serene day in the park it seems. 2 months ago  
Smoother. 2 months ago  
It's kinda tacky, but not really bad. I love the wings. 2 months ago  
Yes! 2 months ago  
It looks tacky/ugly. 2 months ago  
It feels good? 2 months ago  
I'm just kinda worried about what they'll do about the hyenas. Shenzi's sidekicks Banzai and Ed are now, Kamari and Azizi. 2 months ago  
Hi Ena? The bear-dog rules. 2 months ago  
A Club Seal? 3 months ago  
Shiny and sleek 3 months ago  
It matches her hair better 3 months ago +1
Lavender 3 months ago  
Blue and pink. 3 months ago  
She looks like Beyonce 3 months ago  
woohoo 3 months ago  
They're teal 3 months ago  
Wicked 3 months ago  
I could get an idea for a new username. 3 months ago  
Purple is my fave color 3 months ago  
Smooth and sleek 3 months ago  
Who are they? 3 months ago  
Yup 3 months ago  
Dark is cool 3 months ago  
woohoo 3 months ago  
Lacey 3 months ago  
Teal 3 months ago  
woohoo 3 months ago  
LOL 3 months ago  
Smoother. 3 months ago  
More colorful 3 months ago  
I'm digging the hyena-print pattern. 3 months ago +1
Blue looks better. 3 months ago  
Pink 3 months ago  
Only because the color/pattern reminds me of a spotted hyena 3 months ago  
Lemur! 4 months ago  
I already live in California. Besides, I want to see manatees! 4 months ago  
I don't have a phone 4 months ago  
Duh. 4 months ago  
Bat 4 months ago  
Ground sloth 4 months ago  
Finally some good questions here! 4 months ago +2
Sloth! 4 months ago  
HOLEY MOLE! 4 months ago +1
I love honey badgers too :( 4 months ago  
You should play REAL bagpipes. And not too loud. 4 months ago +2
It looks like a waterfall! 4 months ago +1
I hate my little pony! 5 months ago  
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Super Awesome Animal Questions 3 questions 1 vote 4 months ago