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    B is way too inappropriate 1 week ago +1
    Greener 3 weeks ago  
    Never. 1 month ago  
    Has more of a symbolic meaning 1 month ago  
    B looks trashy 1 month ago  
    Definitely not. 1 month ago  
    C probably 1 month ago  
    -50 1 month ago  
    As secluded as possible. Away from humanity. 1 month ago  
    English 1 month ago  
    A sucks 1 month ago  
    Duh 1 month ago  
    Yes 1 month ago  
    Sjxjwjsjwkxakd 1 month ago  
    Already do 1 month ago  
    Caves are fun and dark 1 month ago  
    Less likely to drown 1 month ago  
    A sucked 2 months ago  
    I'm left handed sooooo 2 months ago  
    Ew @ both 2 months ago  
    Love caramel 2 months ago  
    No 2 months ago  
    Neither 2 months ago  
    A was the worst and B was decent but no way are these anywhere near the best 2 months ago  
    B sucks 2 months ago  
    Ew 2 months ago  
    Actually now that I think of it I probably consume more vegetable based products 2 months ago  
    Neither, I'm terrible at art and English. 2 months ago  
    Its not 2 months ago  
    Once 3 months ago  
    Both please 3 months ago  
    A can literally kill you 3 months ago  
    Not attracted to Asians whatsoever 3 months ago  
    B looks softer, A looks like a skeleton 3 months ago  
    I got A already but I know Anxiety's way worse 3 months ago +1
    Red velvet is disgusting 3 months ago  
    *Venomous 3 months ago  
    Hate blue 3 months ago  
    9-15 3 months ago  
    Easyyy 3 months ago  
    Still way less cold than Wisconsin 3 months ago  
    Neither 3 months ago  
    Misclick 3 months ago  
    I already know B 3 months ago  
    Spirituality and religion are two different things 3 months ago  
    Both 6 months ago  
    Disowned 6 months ago  
    80 or higher is way too hot 6 months ago  
    Hate B 7 months ago  
    Neither 7 months ago  
    Genders and sexes are the same thing so yes 7 months ago  
    Bananas are disgusting 7 months ago  
    All humans are mixed race 7 months ago  
    Totally disagree with B 7 months ago  
    Tea. Is . Simply . Revolting . 7 months ago  
    Unfortunately no 7 months ago  
    Hate art 7 months ago  
    U.S, Japan, South Korea 7 months ago  
    Ember 7 months ago  
    Neither 7 months ago  
    None 7 months ago  
    This is already me tho 7 months ago +1
    Both and Neither 7 months ago  
    No contest 7 months ago  
    Both 7 months ago  
    U.S. 7 months ago  
    Blue sucks 7 months ago  
    Misclick 8 months ago  
    Neither 8 months ago  
    13 minutes 8 months ago  
    Misclick 8 months ago  
    Can't use B 8 months ago  
    Can't use B 8 months ago  
    Both 8 months ago  
    Chicken wing 8 months ago  
    Neither 8 months ago  
    Not yet but still hoping 8 months ago  
    Misclick 8 months ago  
    Both 8 months ago  
    Why would I have lice in my intestines 8 months ago  
    Not mine 8 months ago  
    I like green but not blue 8 months ago  
    Lemons would sting, hot peppers would only feel hot 8 months ago  
    never were married in the first place 8 months ago  
    Dictatorship 8 months ago  
    Both 8 months ago  
    Liars 8 months ago  
    Why would more girls rather be sad than angry I dont get it 8 months ago  
    Eevee's too cute 8 months ago  
    I wouldn't mind either of these 8 months ago  
    B only works for skinny people and not even then 8 months ago  
    Both 8 months ago  
    Cats are already sentient 8 months ago  
    Brown Cats 8 months ago  
    Both and neither 8 months ago  
    Love mayonnaise 8 months ago  
    Neither 8 months ago  
    The United States statistics are the only ones that count because this question was obviously meant only for the United States 8 months ago  
    Misclick 8 months ago  
    I hate whipped cream 8 months ago  
    Yeah its great right? 8 months ago  
    Easy to convince people to commit suicide 8 months ago  
    Why do people think that the baby isn't alive, that is incorrect 8 months ago  
    Neither 8 months ago  
    Neither 8 months ago +1
    Two words: Cat Hoarders 8 months ago  
    More guys voted for bikini than girls did 8 months ago  
    Misclick 8 months ago  
    Both 8 months ago  
    Neither 8 months ago  
    Neither 8 months ago  
    Neither 8 months ago  
    Math is a branch of science 8 months ago  
    Green 8 months ago  
    Misclick 8 months ago  
    The gas slowly suffocates you 8 months ago  
    Misclicked 8 months ago  
    Neither 8 months ago  
    Both 8 months ago  
    The only reason they were in jail is because its illegal if it was legal they wouldnt have been in jail 8 months ago  

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