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How's it goin' bros, glad to be here man lol :P thinking about making a gaming YouTube channel lol, yes, I will play LOADS of horror games like eyes, MHL lite, about every indie horror game you could think of lol.

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    Ugh I pressed the wrong button!!!! Stupid touch screen!!!  
    I'm a freaking tomboy, I hate makeup, and it's fake and I think that you're hiding one truly important part about yourself!  
    Lol123 hahaha :P  
    You don't need to judge religion! You just insulted me. I follow God's path, and if you don't like to see people believe in God and other religions, you'd better look the other way, because there's a lot of religious cultures all around the world, and if one of them is your boss at work, and you judge their religion, that's offensive and take it from me, you WILL get fired, I know because I worked with a church lady who eventually back talked the churches' religion, and she was fired ASAP. I don't mean to be rude, but just watch what you say, because you might say that to the wrong person someday, I'm just helping you, no hard feelings.  
    I'd rather be happy than rich  
    Oops lol I pressed wrong button  
    Love is overrated  
    The second one is happening now, except , everyone hates me :(  
    I don't want to date slenderman  
    Dang it I wanna be slendy  
    I want to at least try.  
    I would give half to him  
    Yes job with low pay I'd rather be happy and poor than sad and rich  
    Hey don't call is idiots I know this is a very stupid phrase that little kids say, but wutevzz, wut u say is wut u r  
    Hey check out mah nu kweshtin ps just usin' short forms lol :P  
    Hey bros boyfriends are jerks man, best friends stick with each other.  
    Btw bros, I don't want to be a criminal so neither of them will be killed by me! It is disturbing that anyone would ask or even think about that question.  
    Worst question ever! Idiot people are so frickin' twisted  
    I meant to vote for pewds lol, I know nothing about this site, but I personally like both, haters gonna hate bros lol +3
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