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I am just a ordinary guy who loves to play Mario with my family. I only have 1 friend but I will try to get new ones, but I'm usually either the odd one out or picked last.

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Would you rather Please some people all of the time or Please all the people some of the time 3 months ago 55 votes 5 comments 0 likes
It's bath time!!! Would you rather Take a bath in acid or Poison? 8 months ago 72 votes 16 comments 0 likes
I know it's late, but are you excited for 2019!!! Yes!!! I love my life!!! or No!!! Its just a dumb, stupid, year!!! 9 months ago 81 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which GameCube controller looks better? This one. or This one 9 months ago 84 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get 2 Ds or Get 1 F 9 months ago 66 votes 15 comments 0 likes

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A lot of people do. 3 months ago  
Not me, but you can. 3 months ago  
It's a kids movie. 3 months ago  
Tim was a jerk in back in business. 3 months ago  
B was only in one movie. Actually Manny is the best, but Sid is closer then Roshan. 3 months ago  
The best in the series. I love Red. 3 months ago  
The minions were a huge disappointment in Despicsble Me 3. 3 months ago  
No friends on rrrather. I need friends. 3 months ago  
2018, now 2019. 3 months ago  
I prefer money over time. 3 months ago  
Live forever!!! 3 months ago  
I could see major improvements. 3 months ago  
To the future!!! 3 months ago  
A is more money. B doesnt say anything about the family's opinions. 3 months ago  
I'm not a crybaby. 3 months ago  
For some reason, the most I have is 70 some. 3 months ago  
What birds? 3 months ago  
I want a good life 3 months ago  
My crush wouldn't want me to do that. 3 months ago  
At least Hitler is dead. 3 months ago  
About the same lengh. 3 months ago  
I want to keep my pizza. 3 months ago  
My pizza will stay so I can eat it. 3 months ago  
Never watched a. B is decent. 3 months ago  
I love Ice Age. 3 months ago  
You're the 4 percent of votes my friend 3 months ago +1
At least Notn isnt cringy. 3 months ago  
B has every food mascot and makes it cringy. 3 months ago  
Both are amazing!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! 3 months ago  
As a classic. 3 months ago  
Sure why not. 3 months ago  
Has Bowser and other good characters like Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, Seargent, and way more!!! 3 months ago  
Money!!! 3 months ago  
Sharks and you could drown so... 3 months ago  
Mine. 3 months ago  
Jupiter can sustain life!!! (Just kidding) 3 months ago  
Were already mammals so... 3 months ago  
I meant hooray!!! 3 months ago  
Love them all!!! Especially Mr. Incredible. We have both sequels now. Hioray!!! 3 months ago  
Amazing movie!!! 3 months ago  
Good enough to be on Netflix. 3 months ago  
Good enough to be on Netflix. 3 months ago  
Quality not quanity. 3 months ago  
If u chose b, you're a good friend. 3 months ago  
Quality not quanity. 3 months ago  
Both are good but Bs amazing!!! 3 months ago  
He's evil cause he tries to eat Nemo and Dory. 3 months ago  
A would be people who were fish. We need a toy story. 3 months ago  
What are those? 3 months ago  
I love Vanellope. 3 months ago  
Dog 3 months ago  
Duckkiller 3 months ago  
Obviously!!! 3 months ago  
I love Bowser!!! 3 months ago  
85 people love b and 15 people love b. Because this had 100 votes. 3 months ago  
Cough cough Despicable Me 3. 3 months ago  
The movie will be remembered. Plus there may be sequels and other movies I can be in because i was in such a good movie. 3 months ago  
I'll make a bad movie so other bad movies can feel good about themselves. 3 months ago  
What's the twist for the Lego movie? 3 months ago  
Bs better. It's not a horror movie. 3 months ago  
I'd get more paid. 3 months ago  
I love my gamecube and i still play it to this very day!!! 3 months ago  
Hooray!!! Its over!!! 3 months ago  
Love him so much!!! 3 months ago  
Love him!!! 3 months ago  
Especially King Boo!!! 3 months ago  
Love Boo!!! 3 months ago  
Love him!!! 3 months ago  
Love him!!! 3 months ago  
Love Bowser more. It's good but confusing how 92 percent agree with me. 3 months ago  
Duh!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! 3 months ago  
Love him!!! 3 months ago  
Love both!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! Both are amazing though!!! 3 months ago  
Love him!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! I love Wario and this is to many questions!!! 3 months ago  
Love King Boo!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! 3 months ago  
This is too hard. 3 months ago  
Duh!!! He's the villain in the best series ever!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! 3 months ago  
I love King Boo!!! 3 months ago  
Both are good, as better!!! 3 months ago  
From Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. 3 months ago  
Easy 3 months ago  
Easy 3 months ago  
B should've won!!! 3 months ago  
Love Mario. 3 months ago  
Love jr more. 3 months ago  
Easy. This bad guy is from the best series ever!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! Ok, this is too long!!! 3 months ago  
Duh!!! 3 months ago  
Okay, this is one of the easiest rrrather questions ever. 3 months ago  
Love Boo and especially King Boo. 3 months ago  
Love Donkey Kong. 3 months ago  
Love him 3 months ago  
I love smash!!! 3 months ago  
Both are amazing!!! But I like Mario more. My brothers fav is pikmin. 3 months ago  
Wasnt this Paper Mario? 3 months ago  
I remember him from a long time ago!!! 3 months ago  
Both are amazing!!! 3 months ago  
I love this character although Bowsers wife is Clawdia. (Not Bowsette) 3 months ago  
I love Mario, even when he was a villain. 3 months ago  
He is a chara Teresa in mario, hid first game was sunshine. 3 months ago  
Easy 3 months ago  
The main villain in the best franchise ever. 3 months ago  
Kirby's a good game and he is a good boss for it. 3 months ago  
He was great in Doki Doki Panic. 3 months ago  
I love him and he was used for inspiration for koopa kid and bowser jr. 3 months ago  
My bros favorite game. I must admit being a Nintendo fan, this is another game franchise I enjoy. 3 months ago  
Makes it longer. 3 months ago  
Very useful!!! 3 months ago  
I love to play Mario. He saved the INDUSTRY!!! If my username wasn't what it was, it would've been MarioMaster101, luckily I have that in another website. 3 months ago  
Pizza taste way better. Fish is yuck!!! 3 months ago  
Kind of. Not by myself though. 3 months ago  
Plus you'd live longer. 3 months ago  
Without the earth, minecraft would've never been made. 3 months ago  
Lego world would make me way to small. Minecraft world would make me the same size. Then again, theres this dude named Emett in the Lego movie and no lie my name is Emmitt. 3 months ago  
Kill Reuben. I've never played this by myself though. 3 months ago  
God created everything so... 3 months ago  
Then I could just sleep. 3 months ago  
Go get some tap water. Problem solved. 3 months ago  
I must eat. 3 months ago  
The more the merrier. It's really full for me. Drinks can be addictive. 3 months ago  
Quenching thirst is amazing!!! 3 months ago  
Makes more since. 3 months ago  
I just ate, and I AM thirsty. 3 months ago  
Drink tap water if it's to expensive for other stuff. 3 months ago  
I'm 12 3 months ago  
I'm a kid so I could eat my table scraps. 3 months ago  
Sounds painful. But I cant see the tattoo. 3 months ago  
I tried, but it didn't work. 3 months ago  
A " cool" summer. I want my summer to be cool. 3 months ago  
Technically, humans are already an animal. 3 months ago  
Cool can make u popular. 3 months ago  
I read it correctly, but the sign is not correct. 3 months ago  
In THE THE springtime. How did you not realize that? 3 months ago  
Only saw the border. 3 months ago  
Come on, let's be honest here... 3 months ago  
Were you the 6%? 3 months ago  
Bs fine because people look at you differently. 3 months ago  
Both are yum yum but b is more yum yum because the meatballs are real which add more yum yums. 3 months ago  
I love red. 3 months ago  
Good 2 try something new!!!! Never had an avacado!!! 3 months ago  
A missclick. I thought it meant what's less annoying. 3 months ago  
It will still get answered. 3 months ago  
I'm not charming, but I'm also not a jackass. 3 months ago  
More money!!! 3 months ago  
I'd get to keep the money longer and if I have a job I'd get even more money and become a TRILLIONARE who spends money wisley. 3 months ago  
At least it's at home. 3 months ago  
Pants may fall of. Shirt will stay from the neck. 3 months ago  
Not anymore. Promise it wasn't me 3 months ago  
I didn't even read a all the way, but it normally doesnt matter 3 months ago  
Depends on what? 3 months ago  
Never seen B 3 months ago  
Its disappointing and sad. 3 months ago  
Why Gene and Jailbreak deserve each other. 3 months ago  
My brothers and I love the movie. And my brothers are 7, 4, and 2. 3 months ago  
Maybe a 6. 3 months ago  
I already have a. 3 months ago  
Chocolate ice cream is yum yum!!! 3 months ago  
Will it melt/expire? If no, then that's what I choose. 3 months ago  
Yay!!! Chocolate won!!! 3 months ago  
Its not poop. You'd die if you ate poop. It's from cocoa beans. 3 months ago  
I still ate it though. 3 months ago  
I love chocolate. Once I accidentally got twist (chocolate and vanilla ice cream) and I was very upset. 3 months ago  
So they don't feel sad. 3 months ago  
Bs my favorite!!! 3 months ago  
Over every yougurt ever!!! I love cookies and cream!!! 3 months ago  
I love chocolate over mint. I got this from cookies and cream vs Cookie Dough ice cream. I chose cookies and cream. 3 months ago  
Over everything!!! 3 months ago  
Both are good, but I always get a. I love oreo. 3 months ago  
Only thing better is cookies and cream. 3 months ago  
Bs called MUG. Both taste good, but I like a slightly more. 3 months ago  
No!!! Let root beer win please!!! 3 months ago  
Root beer rules!!! 3 months ago  
Root beers amazing!!! 3 months ago  
I'm 12 and ready to drink!!! 3 months ago  
Mario and root beer. 3 months ago  
A is to big. 3 months ago  
He loves video games. I love them too. I love Mario a lot. 3 months ago  
Although it's not likely to happen. 3 months ago  
Root beer and Mario, if I do to much of it, I could die. 3 months ago  
CRAP!!! I thought it said ILlegal. 3 months ago  
I can still drink root beer, right? 3 months ago  
ROOT beer. 3 months ago  
I'm only 12 so... 3 months ago  
I'm only 12 so... 3 months ago  
I'm only 12 so... 3 months ago  
I only need root beer. 3 months ago  
I only need ROOT beer. 3 months ago  
I'm 12 so.. . Plus my plan to drinking beef ag a young age is root beer. 3 months ago  
11:52 A.M. 3 months ago  
I'm 12 so..... 3 months ago  
But I dont really care. 3 months ago  
A&W!!! 3 months ago  
I prefer root beer but cream sodas good too!!! By the way my favorite pop company is A&W. 3 months ago  
I prefer root beer but cream sodas good too!!! 3 months ago  
I'll claim the root beer!!! 3 months ago +1
More healthy. 3 months ago  
If you drink fizz, you get more pop. I personally like root beer. 3 months ago  
I call the root beer!!! 3 months ago  
Not breakfast foods. 3 months ago  
I like it. 3 months ago  
Love the root of beer!!! 3 months ago  
Root beer!!! 3 months ago  
Wow!!! None are funny!!! 3 months ago  
Watch skaters vs haters and you'll know why. 3 months ago  
Horray!!! I'm free!!! 3 months ago  
Gonna get arrested for no reason!!! 3 months ago  
But I dont kill people so I won't have to worry about it. 3 months ago  
Oh no, I may get arrested but I dont know why!!! 3 months ago  
Despicable Me 3 months ago  
Both are better then Despicable Me 3. 3 months ago  
I love b. But the emoji movie Is the best film of all time!!! 3 months ago  
As amazing. Did you see the sequel yet? 3 months ago  
The picture for b isnt 10, its island tour. 3 months ago  
What a relaxing vacation. 3 months ago  
Its invalid or has expired. 3 months ago  
Love Skype. 3 months ago  
Most people did not see worse, but I did. 3 months ago  
I love my Skype. 3 months ago  
I love Skype, but wonder why this many people chose Skype. 3 months ago  
A burns. 3 months ago  
B taste better. 3 months ago  
Remember it this way, the big yinati told little tomato to try and ketchup. 3 months ago  
B is from trash. I mean, FROM TRASH. 3 months ago  
Love a, hate b. But either way its more of a drink if u think about it. 3 months ago  
B is better. Though I honestly dont care. 3 months ago  
As disgusting. 3 months ago  
Never realised it until now. 3 months ago  
Mustard is disgusting. 3 months ago  
Even know I'd hate to admit it, a is better. Mario characters are ANAZING though. (This is gonna ruin my reputation as a user, isnt it?) 3 months ago  
Waluigis amazing. I dont even know who b is. 3 months ago  
Mario characters make anything better. 3 months ago  
I didn't know Waluigi was a Luigi. 3 months ago  
The answer is quite obvious. 3 months ago  
I love both, but bs from Mario. 3 months ago  
I didn't know Wario was a Mario. 3 months ago  
B is the evil versions of a. I like good guys more then bad guys. I like them all though. (Even know I picked a, waluigi should still be in smash) 3 months ago  
Both teams are cool, but a came first and saved the industry!!! 3 months ago  
A is full of cinnomon. 3 months ago  
A is addictive. 3 months ago  
Do it a lot already. 3 months ago  
Also cookie crisp. 3 months ago  
Cinnomon toast crunch. 3 months ago  
B is tastier. Dont get me wrong a is delicious. But B is even more delicious, its cinnamon toast crunch. What's not to like? I ate a whole BOX of this in 1 day before. (Not including the box though). 3 months ago  
A is amazing. Never tried B. 3 months ago  
I've ate both constructive order, and frosted flakes are WAY better, maybe not healthier, but tastier. 3 months ago  
I'd still pick A. 3 months ago  
It was too long 3 months ago  
I didn't read it all 3 months ago  
Of that person anyway. 3 months ago  
I could be the friend. 3 months ago  
Obviously. B will be stronger. 3 months ago  
I love charizard chameleon and charizard. Plus a would beat b. 3 months ago  
Kill it, then genie brings it back to life, then infinite wishes. 3 months ago  
B uses miis. I love miis. 3 months ago  
Maybe it would've. Sorry about that. This was only my 5th question. 3 months ago  
Good point. 3 months ago  
I love Mario. 3 months ago  
It cost less money to buy!!! 3 months ago  
I need a blanket over a pillow and you could just fold a blanket. 3 months ago  
I'm a morning person because I always aake up at 6 because that's when mom wakes me up for school. Then on non school days I also wake up then. 3 months ago  
I do a all the time except for 3 times...IN MY LIFE!!! 3 months ago  
I'll punch myself instead of other people. Problem solved!!! 3 months ago  
A already happens some times 3 months ago  
It would help me so I could fall asleep. 3 months ago  
I do b a lot. Then again I dont have that many friends. 3 months ago  
B would suck. A would be 1/5 of sleeping beauty's time. 3 months ago  
Hooray!!! Let's stay up all night!!! 3 months ago  
At least you have blankets in A. 3 months ago  
Let's be honest here. As long as you like phones and are 12 and up, you're likely to pick A. 3 months ago  
Without b, a couldnt happen except for games. 3 months ago  
I use my normal voice all the time because my voice doesnt really matter. To be honest all the people I call are either my family or friends. 3 months ago  
The Emoji Movie!!! 3 months ago  
A is part of my childhood!!! I didn't see b until now. 3 months ago  
I don't want to die. I'll use a for 1 second and then give it to my 4 year old bro because I have one and so does my brother so my r year old brother can have one. I also have a 2 year old brother. 3 months ago  
Now people can call you. 3 months ago  
I'm not giving you mine. I'd get in SO much trouble. 3 months ago  
Stop making these because someone may try to call these numbers and get in trouble. 3 months ago  
I feel bad for 2 people if they're real numbers. 3 months ago  
I already have a sucky charger. I want a good phone. 3 months ago  
More advanced. 3 months ago  
It could be immune to everything and a could happen if it has more power as well. 3 months ago  
Don't you type text? 3 months ago  
I'm on a Samsung galaxy j7 right now. 3 months ago  
I'm in another seat while my mom rides the car. 3 months ago  
Bring it into swimming pools. 3 months ago  
Please let me use emoji!!! 3 months ago  
A is more advanced. 3 months ago  
Fir b, it'll be scary,. A I can learn how to make yummy, healthy foods. Maybe even yummy, unhealthy foods. 3 months ago  
B is too deadly. I'm in band and I play the baritone. 3 months ago  
I love camping. 3 months ago  
More weapons to defend yourself. 3 months ago  
As amazing. B is too but I like luxury hotels do you can relax more and actually sleep in bed. 3 months ago  
At least A has Danny Dog and Freddy Fox in it. 3 months ago  
Vanellope Von Scweetz should've won. 3 months ago  
I dont want to get eaten by pac man. 3 months ago  
I could be a racer. 3 months ago  
It has Bowser. 3 months ago  
Bowser's in the movie. Apparently, Nintendo was upset because of how Bowser held his cup. 3 months ago  
Depends what it is 3 months ago  
You need text to find out what the choices are. Plus, some rrrather pics are scary. 3 months ago  
Never noticed that 3 months ago  
Think of a hard question. Not ones that have a 4%-96% though. 3 months ago  
I do both. But I'm doing it on my Samsung galaxy S7 right now. 3 months ago  
If you do it throuought the day, you have some unexpected things encouraging people to look on your rrrather questions every day. 3 months ago  
I do r r r rather 3 months ago  
True, but you can rearrange the questions in different orders or use numbers and emojis. 3 months ago  
You can never run out. 3 months ago  
A wouldnt really work. 3 months ago  
They make the questions. I answer and make so I get 100% of the votes. 3 months ago  
The most I got so far was zero. 3 months ago  
Do whatever you want. I honestly dont care. 3 months ago  
I live!!! 3 months ago  
I vote a lot. 3 months ago  
What if you couldnt come up with any loopholes or exceptions? 3 months ago  
I did countless times. 3 months ago  
Nebraska. 3 months ago  
B is a rip off of A. 3 months ago  
I honestly dont care. 3 months ago  
If a happened, I wouldnt care. If b happened, I'd be sad. 3 months ago  
Definitely!!! I get to share my opinions!!! 3 months ago  
Especially Holiday Special!!! (Just kidding) 3 months ago  
What's a semi-mid? 3 months ago  
More badges In my future too!!! 3 months ago  
More variety is always good!!! Anyone want to help me come up with badges? 3 months ago  
I'm doing b right now. 3 months ago  
Like answering more questions!!! 3 months ago  
Both should really stop. 3 months ago  
Let's be friends!!! 3 months ago  
If we get more members, we can mix it up. 3 months ago  
Love it!!! 3 months ago  
Oreos say its milks favorite cookie so...... 3 months ago  
This was something on Brain Games. 3 months ago  
When life gives you lemons, squeeze the lemons in someone eye. 3 months ago  
I love oreo cream. 3 months ago  
Cookies and cream!!! 3 months ago  
Even 48 percent agreeing with me is enough to make me happy im not the only one who does this. 3 months ago  
I love the cream. 3 months ago  
One of my questions are with this quote. 3 months ago  
My favorite color. 3 months ago  
I like red and blue. 3 months ago  
No, colors are not right. 3 months ago  
Green, pink, and brown. 3 months ago  
I dont want black and white. 3 months ago  
At least you can get out. 3 months ago  
Cool 3 months ago  
A is bad because it spills. 3 months ago  
What's the point of a without b? 3 months ago  
In my dads, a in my mom's. 3 months ago  
You dont get wet. 3 months ago  
I feel bad for Dora. Technically 50% of people admit to serving food after it fell of a floor in a study. 3 months ago  
I do a. B may be good but for now I'll just do a. 3 months ago +1
It would take forever. 3 months ago  
I have a mom who does it. 3 months ago  
Laundry is bad. 3 months ago  
B would take longer. 3 months ago  
The snack that smiles back!!! GOLDFISH!!! 3 months ago  
No 3 months ago  
I like Nick Wilde. 3 months ago  
I have a Wii and Wii u. 3 months ago  
I love the wii. 3 months ago  
B is yuck. Never judge a book by its cover. 3 months ago  
B is tastier. 3 months ago  
Both are good but I feel like bs a rip off of a. 3 months ago  
Why are we grading eyes? 3 months ago  
Okay, both are good. One for big kids, another for little kids. But I like a more. 3 months ago  
Good pop. 3 months ago  
The best pop. 3 months ago  
I'm to young for coke and root beer is my favorite pop. 3 months ago  
Both taste good, but I like b more. 3 months ago  
I lived 3 months ago  
I dont have a fave sports team. 3 months ago  
2 heads is creepy. A tail would be handy!!! 3 months ago  
Slight advantage for heads, which has been proven. 3 months ago  
OH NO!!! I GOT TAILS!!! Bye bye cruel world!!! 3 months ago  
It's more likely to get heads then tails, which we just proved with this little experiment. 3 months ago  
Its proven to be more likely on heads. 3 months ago  
Elsa's also almost killed Anna. 3 months ago  
Mario galaxy is amazing!!! 3 months ago  
No, I admit it was sad. But I didn't cry. 3 months ago  
It's really hard 3 months ago  
Are you a speedrunner? 3 months ago  
4 player mode and better levels. 3 months ago  
Super stars are my 2nd fav power up. 1st is mega mushroom. Plus, koopas would get out of their shells so....... 3 months ago  
Lumas are 1000000000000000000000 times better. 3 months ago  
Theres only 1 kirby, dont keep the only kirby as a pet, keep him in dreamland. Luma on the other hand, is not the only luma. 3 months ago  
Mario. 3 months ago  
A luma actually HELPS you. Plus it looks so cute!!! 3 months ago  
Pink gold peach is filler. 3 months ago  
RULES THE GALAXY!!! 3 months ago  
RULES THE GALAXY!!! 3 months ago  
RULES THE GALAXY!!! 3 months ago  
RULES THE GALAXY!!! 3 months ago  
I'll rarely get kidnapped. 3 months ago  
Daisy is a hot tomboy. 3 months ago  
He broke up with Pauline. 3 months ago  
This is why he doesnt capture the other princesses a lot. I mean, THINK ABOUT IT!!! 3 months ago  
Love Mario games. He also saved the indusrty!!! 3 months ago  
Mario should've won. He saved the industry!!! 3 months ago  
Only thing wrong with b is you have to pay for levels 2-1 and above. 3 months ago +1
Then Mondays wouldn't be so bad. 3 months ago  
I love staying up. But I NEED someone else to stay up with me. 3 months ago  
I dont sleep that much anyway. 3 months ago  
Get the deals!!! 3 months ago  
I hate mondays. School starts again unless its summer. 3 months ago  
YouTube's on TV. 3 months ago  
Both, but I get on YouTube more 3 months ago  
B is a joke. 3 months ago  
I will if u want though 3 months ago  
Doesnt jawed? 3 months ago  
I need my Netflix!!! YouTube's cool but my family needs Netflix. Netflix helps me fall asleep. I'm going to give up YouTube. So sorry YouTube. 3 months ago  
Google owns YouTube so... 3 months ago  
It says something went wrong. 3 months ago  
A is Charlie bit my finger. 3 months ago  
Yeah. But I dont make videos on it anymore. One channel is Emmitt Martin. The other is Janet Stultz. 3 months ago  
What's B? 3 months ago  
Sure, I'll even sub. 3 months ago  
Sure, why not 3 months ago  
I dont like fish eating ducks. 3 months ago  
I dont like fail videos. I like cute videos though. 3 months ago  
Sure, why not. 3 months ago  
I did. But my mom made me stop. 3 months ago  
Now it's just pretty boring. Some Nintendo things are good but that's about it. 3 months ago  
99999999999999999999999999999999 3 months ago  
30 3 months ago  
B looks older. 3 months ago  
12 3 months ago  
For b, I'd die because you need water to survive and humans have a lot of water in them. 3 months ago  
12 3 months ago  
A is just wrong. 3 months ago  
I'm 12 right now so... 3 months ago  
12 3 months ago  
I'm 12 3 months ago  
I'm going to wait for a few decades though. 3 months ago  
Dont want to get arrested. 3 months ago  
Younger 3 months ago  
Wouldnt I die in water? 3 months ago  
Both are from wreck it Ralph, but vanellope is better then seargeant. 3 months ago  
They fling you in air. I'd much rather go through that then dealing with exploding bombs. 3 months ago  
Only a star can kill me. 3 months ago  
Birdo from Mario. 3 months ago  
I love Yoshi. Same with toad. But yoshis better. 3 months ago  
A is amazing!!! 3 months ago  
2 against 1. Heck yeah Bowser and Bowser Jr would win. 3 months ago  
Sonofbowser 3 months ago  
No, but Hitler deserved to be assassination 3 months ago  
Who the heck is Toby? 3 months ago  
It Is summer where I live. 3 months ago  
He still killed a lot of people, mainly Jews. 3 months ago  
I an a Christen. 3 months ago  
Who's Toby? 3 months ago  
Both 3 months ago  
Who's Hitlers mom? 3 months ago +1
Hitlers dead, so how could he be president? 3 months ago  
My responce:Okay then God. 3 months ago  
Mario could use a mega mushroom so kirby couldnt suck him up. Then he'd get a fire fliwer too shoot kirby. 3 months ago  
Wish I didn't have yo pay for anything, and then do 8 more wishes, and then ask for infinite wishes. 3 months ago  
A would suck. B would be amazing except I'd have no room for it. 3 months ago  
I'm to young for wine. 3 months ago  
Both is an award, but a gives you something. 3 months ago  
You never said from me. 3 months ago  
50% is a low percent, so I'll take option a. 3 months ago  
I'm doing it right now!!! 3 months ago  
Add ketchup to your burger and fries. 3 months ago  
If b happened, I'd have no more family and after I died there would be no more people. 3 months ago  
Nerf gun. 3 months ago  
That would be a random thing to bring up if you didn't. 3 months ago  
Bs already happening. 3 months ago  
Obviously I do...every night!!! 3 months ago  
I am the 3rd oldest and I have 6 siblings. 3 months ago  
You cant be perfect. 3 months ago  
My family already knows from when I was first born. 3 months ago  
MORE PRESENTS!!! 3 months ago  
For a, you'd get to have your own special day. 3 months ago  
I have no partner. 3 months ago  
Kids aren't perfect. 3 months ago  
I only have 1 friend. 3 months ago  
Given some babysitting before it happens, I would be a good dad. 3 months ago  
I already do b 3 months ago  
My grandma isnt annoying. 3 months ago  
B teaches you how to throw a fit. 3 months ago  
The minions are too popular. 3 months ago  
I've seen them all. 3 months ago  
RIP good despicible me 2010-2016. Despicable Me 3 sucked. 3 months ago  
I love Nintendo. 3 months ago  
Made the emoji movie. 3 months ago  
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