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I am just a ordinary guy who loves to play Mario with my family. I only have 1 friend but I will try to get new ones, but I'm usually either the odd one out or picked last.

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My brother turned 7 just yesterday. HAPPY B DAY!!! or You think I care? 19 hours ago 1 vote 0 comments 0 likes
It's bath time!!! Would you rather Take a bath in acid or Poison? 2 days ago 2 votes 0 comments 0 likes
I know it's late, but are you excited for 2019!!! Yes!!! I love my life!!! or No!!! Its just a dumb, stupid, year!!! 2 weeks ago 75 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which GameCube controller looks better? This one. or This one 2 weeks ago 78 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get 2 Ds or Get 1 F 3 weeks ago 62 votes 15 comments 0 likes

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Since you asked it and care about the friend. 19 hours ago  
April. 19 hours ago  
A almost happened because of my family's roles and Dads new job, but luckily I prevented it from happening by picking another time. Sigh, I've never picked it yet. 19 hours ago  
Should I see A? I've never saw it. 19 hours ago  
The mascot of all Nintendo is the best character EVER!!! 19 hours ago  
I wasn't even ALIVE for 24 years. 2 days ago  
Use paper towels. 2 days ago  
It doesn't really matter, both ways are fine. 2 days ago  
Transgender. 2 days ago +1
Had paper before, it actually wasn't bad. 3 days ago  
At least it's actually your fault, one of my classmates had to do detention for that. 3 days ago  
Christmas. 6 days ago +1
What gender are you? 1 week ago  
Which one, 1 week ago  
No difference, so I just voted on one. 1 week ago  
My life is bad, my freind amount is low, and people fight over who has to be with me. 1 week ago  
Nintendo NY, HERE I COME!!! 1 week ago  
Playstation ripps off Nintendo. 1 week ago  
For me, its selfless. 1 week ago  
A movie for novel, a TV show for scripts. 1 week ago  
Partners are better than sidekicks. 1 week ago +1
Wrong one. 1 week ago  
I have a little something called EMHAPHY!!! 1 week ago  
Live longer. 1 week ago  
If a happened the human race would go extinct. 1 week ago  
More wishes 1 week ago  
Mario. 2 weeks ago  
I'm just a 11 year old though, so maybe it'll change. 2 weeks ago  
Wear that with pants over it. 2 weeks ago  
Okay, they said Wee, not Wii. I'd rather play a WII than b, but this is a WEE, short for wiener. 2 weeks ago  
B is WAY to disgusting. 2 weeks ago  
Already did when it came up, everyone does it, every time 2 weeks ago  
My phone right now, dont worry, I have a small chance of dropping it in the poo. 2 weeks ago  
Right now, I'm on a toilet. 2 weeks ago  
I'll miss thetoptens, but that's the only other website I'm on other then the 2 for a. 2 weeks ago  
The more users, the better. 2 weeks ago  
Rrrather app is in my future!!! 2 weeks ago  
Dude, its more. 2 weeks ago  
I meant HOW my family works. 2 weeks ago  
I see my mom more than dad anyway because of how much family works. 2 weeks ago  
Because you might have another one. 2 weeks ago  
There's no time limit. 2 weeks ago  
I also like girly girls, but I dont want a whiny peach. 2 weeks ago  
I like tomboys. 2 weeks ago  
Yoshizilla. 2 weeks ago  
Mario for protecting me. 2 weeks ago  
I voted for both at different times. 2 weeks ago  
Who's the main character in Animal Crossing City Folk? 2 weeks ago  
I will be Mario in a fight. 2 weeks ago  
God created Adam and eve which had sons and daughters, then they had sons and daughters, and a lot of those later, your parents made you. 2 weeks ago  
You know what, maybe the other option. 2 weeks ago  
God isnt fictional, he's real. 2 weeks ago  
Etnernal. 2 weeks ago  
Ethan. 2 weeks ago  
I judge the parents. 2 weeks ago  
Now I have a 2 weeks ago  
Click the camera. 2 weeks ago  
My DANG FINGER!!!! I want a. 2 weeks ago  
Into a girl. 2 weeks ago  
I have a friend named Riley, and he's a boy. 2 weeks ago  
Crap, a missclick 2 weeks ago  
Boys are immiture. 2 weeks ago  
I want to switch. 2 weeks ago  
As long as they didn't touch each other. 2 weeks ago  
Rerember, it said AS A GIRL. 2 weeks ago  
B actually doesn't look bad. 2 weeks ago  
I WANT to be a girl. 2 weeks ago  
I want to be fancy. 2 weeks ago  
I dont want to be called immature anymore. 2 weeks ago  
A is the biggest pic I've ever saw, but pics dont matter 2 weeks ago  
If b happened, a would happen. 2 weeks ago  
If your well liked, your well respected. 2 weeks ago  
A toy train. 2 weeks ago  
Waiting for Gaston to wake up. 2 weeks ago  
Playing it right now 2 weeks ago  
I believe it. 2 weeks ago  
Mc Donald's has guts in its food. 2 weeks ago  
I dropped my phone and it picked this, I meant to pick a. 2 weeks ago  
Wasn't born back then. 2 weeks ago  
He was doing even worse things, we forgave him the 1st time but he still hates fans. 2 weeks ago  
He disrespects fans. 2 weeks ago  
His music is awful and he disrespects his fans, not only that, he punched Mickey Mouse in the crotch. 2 weeks ago  
I'm a boy so.... 2 weeks ago  
A actually looks good, b looks like a guy who disrespects dans. 2 weeks ago  
He disrespects and murders fans. 2 weeks ago  
I will kill JB because he is so annoying and treats fans horrible. 2 weeks ago  
What if it's on red paper? 2 weeks ago  
Before than, I'd stay up extra late for 3 days, and then when the song plays, I'll be asleep. 2 weeks ago  
Justin Bieber is worse. 2 weeks ago  
Has the last name of one if my brothers first name. 2 weeks ago  
Replace JBs songs. 2 weeks ago  
Read the update and you'll see dmj312 hates JB now. 2 weeks ago  
No, decosecond. 2 weeks ago  
1 millisecond. 2 weeks ago  
Misclick. 2 weeks ago  
Friday is the worse song she made and that song isnt that bad. 2 weeks ago  
For 1 millisecond 2 weeks ago  
JB hates his fans. 2 weeks ago  
I need more gigibites. 2 weeks ago  
JB is way worse because he kills fans. 2 weeks ago  
I want to save kittens and I dont like Justin Bieber because he's mean, but kittens aren't going to kill you unless they have that instinct. 2 weeks ago  
I'm a boy. 2 weeks ago  
He kills fans. 2 weeks ago  
That was hard, justin bieber kills people but I dont want to be a killer. 2 weeks ago  
If they say no, get another wife or husband. 2 weeks ago  
The main character. 2 weeks ago  
If I was the only thing on earth, that would be scary. 2 weeks ago  
Cookies and Cream. 2 weeks ago  
Cookies and Cream 2 weeks ago  
I ALWAYS eat the cone. 2 weeks ago  
None 2 weeks ago  
Monopoly gamer. 2 weeks ago  
I knew fact 1 a little bit, but ice cream will never seem to make horrible flavors. 2 weeks ago  
Sweet!!! Divine!!! CANDY CRUSH!!! 2 weeks ago  
I HATE Almond Joy, mounds is at least slightly better. 2 weeks ago  
Use it longer. 2 weeks ago  
WAY MORE sour!!! I love sour!!! 2 weeks ago  
Sour Patch and Toxice Waste 2 weeks ago  
I couldn't eat milk chocolate candy anyway. 2 weeks ago  
I say both. 2 weeks ago  
I used to eat a lot of butterscotch to the point that I started eating old ones. 2 weeks ago  
Both get my vote, if I could pick both, that is. 2 weeks ago  
I go to Colorado a lot for my dad because I have a complicated family relationship, but I still didn't know that. 2 weeks ago  
I like holloween. 2 weeks ago  
I used to because I thought it was the same as pumpkin seeds. 2 weeks ago  
No because I TRICK OR TREAT!!! But once, when I was little, some trick or treated came to my house when we were getting ready to go, then i had to find candy but mom told them we didn't have any. 2 weeks ago  
Go trick or treating. 2 weeks ago  
I think it's fun to get candy, I will di all my traditions until I die. 2 weeks ago  
They deserve some love. 2 weeks ago  
I will love 2019, but miss 2018. I plan on finishing my amazing monster movie. 2 weeks ago  
You only need water to survive. 3 weeks ago  
I love New York. 3 weeks ago  
I love video games and plushes. 3 weeks ago  
None. 3 weeks ago  
If I have great luck, I could get more than 40 bucks. 3 weeks ago  
I dont have A arch enemy, I have MANY arch enimies. 3 weeks ago  
How is that possible? 3 weeks ago  
Mc donalds puts bad stuff in fiid. 3 weeks ago  
When the meteor crashes or the sun burns down. 3 weeks ago  
Dont know what b is. A I kinda know what it is. 3 weeks ago  
Okay, I've NEVER BEEN on the 9 percent side. I watch it occasionally. 3 weeks ago  
Peace and fun. 3 weeks ago  
I love playing that game, and I STILL play it to this very day, because I got it in 2018. 3 weeks ago  
I'll play games and make movies and books, we COULD have a genius on are hands. 3 weeks ago  
Can beat ANYTHING. He created satan. 3 weeks ago  
Mean loser, geez I can't even spell!!! 3 weeks ago  
I already DO think I'm a liser. 3 weeks ago  
Sadly, I can't really blow bubbles. 3 weeks ago  
I already am going to be making a movie AND I made a book already. 3 weeks ago  
I'd LOVE to do BOTH!!! 3 weeks ago  
Wish for more wishes. 3 weeks ago  
He has enough power to get away from his job and battle in the first place. 3 weeks ago  
Mario is the single best thing ever who wears a red hat and is a plumber. 3 weeks ago  
I didn't know, so I just picked one. 3 weeks ago  
If I was going to marry him, that would be an I'd be gay because I'm a boy. He also disrespected fans all over the world. 3 weeks ago  
I wish I was loved. Sadly not even my brothers like or care about me except one, and even he does bad stuff every now and then 3 weeks ago  
What's linux other than a penguin? 3 weeks ago  
I dont even GO on Facebook. 3 weeks ago  
Technology is music. 3 weeks ago  
Google owns youtoube. 3 weeks ago  
It actually DOES happen like that. 3 weeks ago  
Already am!!! 3 weeks ago  
Pluto's not a planet. 3 weeks ago  
I'd be the main man!!! 3 weeks ago  
What its telling me to do. 3 weeks ago  
For strength, not who's better. 3 weeks ago  
Cats are my 2nd fav animal, so they'd move up in my ratings. Plus, dogs won't mind that THEY are number 2 because they didn't die. 3 weeks ago  
Rhe bear isnt cute to me. 3 weeks ago  
Less things. 3 weeks ago +1
None 3 weeks ago  
Both. 3 weeks ago  
Devils number. 3 weeks ago  
I never even knew there was a song until now. Oh wait, I think I know now. 3 weeks ago  
Wish for a lot of money and more wishes 3 weeks ago  
Wish for more wishes. 3 weeks ago  
Wish for more wishes. 3 weeks ago  
Wish for more wishes. 3 weeks ago  
Yessss!!! It was close though, being 51-49. 3 weeks ago  
Why not, I like it anyway. 3 weeks ago  
I love Lubba. 3 weeks ago +1
Been 8 years since. 3 weeks ago  
2007 3 weeks ago  
I haven't even seen the FIRST edition. 3 weeks ago  
11 is my age. 3 weeks ago  
Hi, my name is Poop Pee Pantz. 3 weeks ago  
I might as well get this thing started. 3 weeks ago  
It would be so easy to deafeat. 3 weeks ago  
Do you like this question? 3 weeks ago +1
Both could happen 4 weeks ago  
Only have 1. My parents will be there for me. If their not, I will die. 4 weeks ago  
If your parents were bullies, your life isnt worth living. 4 weeks ago  
1 pair is, the other pair isn't. 4 weeks ago  
I'm a kid, I'm not afraid to take the blame. 4 weeks ago  
Bunny hat. 4 weeks ago  
Basically Issabelle from animal crossing is out to get me with a net, fishing pole, and more. 4 weeks ago  
2007. 4 weeks ago +1
That is VERY HARD!!! Even harder then the mom question, that was hard too. 4 weeks ago  
Caticlizim!!! 4 weeks ago  
Not saying you SHOULD, but why not? 4 weeks ago  
I will. 4 weeks ago  
Increasing population. 4 weeks ago  
Already did. 4 weeks ago  
I wish I was. 4 weeks ago  
I want to be a girl. 4 weeks ago  
I'm okay with MY parents 4 weeks ago  
It said I was a girl 4 weeks ago  
I want to be a girl anyways. 4 weeks ago  
Transgender 4 weeks ago  
I wish I was a girl. 4 weeks ago  
I guess I'm a transgender. I'm also a girly girl. 4 weeks ago  
That's a outrage. Oh wait, it should've been an, my mistake. 4 weeks ago  
I did it on my trip to Indiana, but I've never been this low of a side percentage. 4 weeks ago  
That was hard. I dont like how JB treats his fans. 4 weeks ago  
Only 11. 4 weeks ago  
Only in 6th grade. 4 weeks ago  
I look good. 4 weeks ago  
I only have 1 4 weeks ago  
It isnt preventing you from no homework 4 weeks ago  
University Of Emmitt Martin 4 weeks ago  
What closet? 4 weeks ago  
Neither. 4 weeks ago  
I get more people chose a, but I dont really have that. 4 weeks ago  
Already did. 4 weeks ago  
I only have 1 friend, and we're already slippin as it is. 4 weeks ago  
B isn't actually THAT ugly. 4 weeks ago  
My grandma could be a teacher. 4 weeks ago  
Already am 4 weeks ago  
Looks more handsome then b. 4 weeks ago  
Without math, science wouldn't work. 4 weeks ago  
Power to get all the superpowers. 4 weeks ago  
I think of Magikoopa. 4 weeks ago  
Mario and Bowser. 4 weeks ago  
I wish for infinity more wishes. 4 weeks ago  
I saw a David Blaine act. 4 weeks ago  
Flying is a magic power. 4 weeks ago  
If your the smartest person, you'd know WAY MORE magic tricks. 4 weeks ago  
If your the best at everything, you probably KNOW everything. 4 weeks ago  
Question maker 4 weeks ago  
Does it matter if I lose? 4 weeks ago  
I like Diego more 4 weeks ago  
Wait, I read the question wrong. 4 weeks ago  
I do not want to die. 4 weeks ago  
Dora is blind, caiiou is not blind. 4 weeks ago  
Never give up! We can do it! 4 weeks ago  
Just dont listen to music. 4 weeks ago  
My favorite character is Mario. Just a baby from of him. 4 weeks ago  
Okay Mario should be winning. I dont care about grand theft auto. I DO VARE ABOUT MARIO, MARIO IS MY SAVIOUR!!! Okay, aside from jesus. 4 weeks ago  
This is almost 50-50. But rerember the ALMOST. I like yoshi more though. 4 weeks ago  
Cuter, funnier, and from my favorite game series, mario. 4 weeks ago  
The same things gonna happen. I am not surprised that it is 50-50. 4 weeks ago  
Never played yoshi's story, both of them looked good, good job Nintendo!!! 4 weeks ago  
I love Mario more than...um....what series is b off of? 4 weeks ago  
I love yoshi and Mario!!!! 4 weeks ago  
That Nike symbol looks like yoshi's younge. Very creative!!! 4 weeks ago  
I love yoshi, he is from Mario, my favorite game series EVER!! 4 weeks ago  
Every one except for Descicble Me 3 4 weeks ago  
A is fine, b is longer. 4 weeks ago  
A smurf you could say stuff. I like minions more, but I want to be able to talk in English. 4 weeks ago  
Oh, I thought it said, kill toothless. I'd rather kiss him then marry the other one. 4 weeks ago  
I dont really know, I just picked. 4 weeks ago  
Never watched it yet. 1 month ago  
I saw movie a in art class. It's about this mouse named Ernest, they are fugitives. I like computer movies even more. 1 month ago  
Make my famous movie. It's a secret though, so I won't say the name. 1 month ago  
I didn't even know what b was? 1 month ago  
For b, I am only 11. 1 month ago  
I actually do sometimes, not joking. 1 month ago  
I got off at 12 today. 1 month ago  
I dont believe, but it would be amazing if I did believe in him. 1 month ago  
Sadly, my grandma doesn't. I do though. 1 month ago  
If you were born on Christmas, you'd be cheated out gifts. 1 month ago  
Gifts, Mario party games, and cash. 1 month ago  
Bob is the most common name EVER!!!!!!!!! 1 month ago  
I get mad at the parents instead. The kid I'd fine. 1 month ago  
If I kept my first name, not joking I'd be Emmitt Smith. 1 month ago  
Better name, by the way, what IS a cyanide. 1 month ago  
Emmitt Martin. 1 month ago  
E, just in case, my favorite number is infinity. 1 month ago  
Emmitt Martin, this was hard to find out for me. 1 month ago  
Wait! How is this not 50-50. 1 month ago  
Supercalufrafulisticexpualidou is. 1 month ago  
I like fruit more than flesh. 1 month ago  
I want to go to Ninteno NY more than ANYTHING!!!! 1 month ago  
My future. 1 month ago  
Hitler us horrible. I hope God will forgive me though. 1 month ago  
ryane is right. He could have a IQ of 99/100. 1 month ago  
More 1 month ago  
Okay, I might actually cry because of this, this was TO HARD!!! I WANT TO CRY!!! 1 month ago  
Everything gets started up, fireworks, sleepovers, everything!!! 1 month ago  
A dream come true!!! 1 month ago  
A birn leader. ME!!!!! 1 month ago  
Rerember the good old days, that's over so I picked a, and it really is over. 1 month ago  
You can shave. 1 month ago  
A famous leader inventor!!! 1 month ago  
I am 11 years old, so that's VERY CLOSE to 10 years old. 1 month ago  
Go on a party date. 1 month ago  
I love Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch the most 1 month ago  
Tttthat wwwas sssso hhhard!! 1 month ago  
Chocolate ice cream would be part of b but ice cream style. 1 month ago  
I wish for me to be in love with the person of my dreams. 1 month ago  
I will not kill kids. I will play video games. Plus, that's NOT EVEN CLOSE to enough for me. Option b would be a DREAM COME TRUE!!! 1 month ago  
I want to change my gender!!!! 1 month ago  
Caring!!! Unlike justin bieber. 1 month ago  
I dont take showers, I take baths. 1 month ago  
He makes his fans feel bad. 1 month ago  
Just become nocturnal 1 month ago  
The cat looks cute. The polar bear looks ugly. 1 month ago  
Internet is on a cell phone. 1 month ago  
Me already. 1 month ago  
I dont even NEED milk 1 month ago  
It is back. 1 month ago  
I eat it dry. 1 month ago  
I dont want to lose money. 1 month ago  
It is actually fun. 1 month ago  
My favorite 1 month ago  
Mario party 9 is the best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 month ago  
Maeio Kart and Maeio chess 1 month ago  
It's been proven 1 month ago  
I REALLY prefer Maeio. 1 month ago  
More famous than Mickey Mouse, it's been PROVEN!!!!! 1 month ago  
Advanced 1 month ago  
Saved the gaming universe. 1 month ago  
Created everything 1 month ago  
That picture is creepy. 2 heads. 1 month ago  
Then I COULD wish for money. 1 month ago  
Probably cost more 1 month ago  
Who cares what they say? I AM THE CHAMPION! (Has we are the champions playing) 1 month ago  
I could have a power to get more money. 1 month ago  
I didn't want to risk it. But if I did, I would've won. 1 month ago  
I love City Folk. I've never played it on gamecube. 1 month ago  
Both are awsome, is this question supposed to be offensive? CAUSE I LOVE CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!!! 1 month ago  
Didn't ever even SEE B.. 1 month ago +1
Mounds are SLIGHTLY better. Both are really ick though. 1 month ago  
Emoji movie. IT ROCKS!!!! 1 month ago  
I saw Coco at school. 1 month ago  
Mario saved Pokemons life. Without him, Pokemon wouldn't even be made or be dead. 1 month ago  
More love for Mario. Come on, RAISE THAT SCORE!!!!! 1 month ago  
Sooner and more fun. 1 month ago  
My favorite Pokemon. 1 month ago  
More expected. 1 month ago  
I play Mario WAY MORE!!! Mario is and will always BE MY LIFE!!! 1 month ago  
I tried to see the image. 1 month ago  
Charizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 month ago  
Charizard!!! 1 month ago  
Stronger and looks like love. Get it? 1 month ago  
Bonnie's annoying. 1 month ago  
I like Charmandar more than a level 5 Charizard. 1 month ago  
Mario saved the industry. Make Mario WAY above Pokemon. 1 month ago  
Human DNA WITH MEW DNA. MEWTWO HAS MORE!!! 1 month ago  
I like Mario more than Pokemon. 1 month ago  
Suck Jigglypuff up. 1 month ago  
Bigger. 1 month ago  
Digimon ripped off Pokemon. 1 month ago  
Older 1 month ago  
I like both examples. 1 month ago  
I hate shrimp so I wouldn't eat it. I would kill a cow to get meat and eat THAT INSTEAD!!! 1 month ago  
Blueberry waffle, what's wrong with THAT? 1 month ago  
Love both a lot. 1 month ago  
A big Nate TV show would be more clips for every episode and season. 1 month ago  
VERY CLOSE CALL! But Nate doesn't like Nintendo and I LOVE Nintendo. 1 month ago  
For movie or book? 1 month ago  
My novel at school. 1 month ago  
The biggest source EVER!!!!!! 1 month ago  
I didn't pick anything! My FINGER touched it!!! 1 month ago  
I'd be Greg Heffely. 1 month ago  
Adult shows are scary. 1 month ago  
That is what I watch anyway. 1 month ago  
Is that cat OK? 1 month ago  
Your parents can supply it. 1 month ago  
That is actually scary. 1 month ago  
Poop is disgusting 1 month ago  
I love Mario AND Yoshi 1 month ago  
Your very own. Plus, you dont steal someone. 1 month ago  
Mire the merrier. 1 month ago  
Oh, I meant politics, we have the same religion, I messed up, sorry. 1 month ago  
I love the Emoji Movie. No seriously, I do 1 month ago +1
SALES!!!!!! 1 month ago  
For how long? 1 month ago  
Less time 1 month ago  
Both sizes 1 month ago  
Both sizes like the other one of these. 1 month ago  
Why not? I will date both sizes 1 month ago  
One of the shortest people in class is me 1 month ago  
It already does for me but not a lot 1 month ago  
200 vs 100 1 month ago  
Ugly is WAY worse than sleepy. 1 month ago  
Descicible Me 3 ruined minions for me. 1 month ago  
Then I'd enjoy it. 1 month ago  
I already go, so rich galore!!! 1 month ago +1
E=Mc2 1 month ago  
I feel sad, right now, I pick the one I didn't originally pick. With regrets, EmmittMaster101. 1 month ago  
I just realized this, I wish I picked the other one 1 month ago  
Never said how fat 1 month ago  
Never said how fat 1 month ago  
Cell phones have internet, just do it on a computer. 1 month ago  
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