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I am just a ordinary guy who loves to play Mario with my family. I only have 1 friend but I will try to get new ones, but I'm usually either the odd one out or picked last.

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    How do they suck? 3 months ago  
    Jesuses birthday. 3 months ago  
    Yes 3 months ago  
    Birthday=1 step closer to death Christnas=More present and jesus birthday. 3 months ago  
    The wii revolutionized gaming. I don't have a Wii, but I do have a wii u. Wii and wii u have nintendo games and nintendo is great especially mario and the games in the wii series. Minecraft is overrated anyway. 3 months ago  
    I like my wii u more then my 3DS. I got s question, which one is a Nintendo switch? 3 months ago  
    The gamecube has mario sunshine, and better mario parties and kirby games 3 months ago  
    Mario saved the gaming industry and he has a lot of powerups. Without Mario there would be no Sonic 3 months ago  
    JB abuses his fans. 3 months ago  
    EASY 3 months ago  
    I never used firefox. 3 months ago  
    I'm not stealing because I could go ti jail and have ti pay all of the money I stole and return it. 3 months ago  
    You could dream to live forever. Problem solved. 3 months ago  
    I want root beer. 3 months ago  
    I ever had coke except once and I was SUPER young. 3 months ago  
    I dont want to be gay. 3 months ago  
    Fails are scary and everytime I see a fail, I have empathy or sympathy for the person. 3 months ago  
    I never seen star trek. Even know I'm not the biggest and probably the smallest star wars fan, I never saw star trek so I'm forced to pick B. 3 months ago  
    Dogs will dry. Fat men will stay fat. 3 months ago  
    You'd live longer so yay!!! 3 months ago  
    If there was no marriage humans would go extinct. Humans need to marry to have kids so the world can go on. 3 months ago  
    JB abuses his fans. MJ was a great person. 3 months ago  
    Wish for more wishes. 3 months ago  
    What you could buy at a store, there's a very high chance you could buy on amazon. 3 months ago  
    I spend most of my money on amazon anyway. 3 months ago  
    You can ride 1 anywhere you want. 3 months ago  
    I talked about this with my aunt and cousin before. Technically, you can just think of a song anyway 3 months ago  
    The only thing that matters in a relationship is happiness. 3 months ago  
    End the life of this question. 3 months ago  
    Rather get someone in trouble then be in trouble. 3 months ago  
    You could learn how to be the hottest person because you're smart. 3 months ago  
    Living twice as long doesn't prevent you from winning the lottery. 3 months ago  
    What about food, water, and air? 3 months ago  
    I prefer money over time. 9 months ago  
    A is more money. B doesnt say anything about the family's opinions. 9 months ago  
    I want a good life 9 months ago  
    Amazing movie!!! 9 months ago  
    Will it melt/expire? If no, then that's what I choose. 9 months ago  
    Most people did not see worse, but I did. 9 months ago  
    I love my Skype. 9 months ago  
    B is from trash. I mean, FROM TRASH. 9 months ago  
    At least you have blankets in A. 9 months ago  
    Please let me use emoji!!! 9 months ago  
    A is more advanced. 9 months ago  
    As amazing. B is too but I like luxury hotels do you can relax more and actually sleep in bed. 9 months ago  
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