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    CVS is cheaper.  
    Cheats are fun.  
    Yet you have nothing to back up your claim.  
    Could just be a former serial killer who changed his life around.  
    Alcohol is merely made with bread, they make the drinking age so high because of the after-effects it can have on people.  
    There's already a cure for cancer, now we need one for AIDS.  
    Heartbreak kid.  
    You'll get extremely sick either way, but with hand sanitizer you'll have a lesser chance of dying.  
    In space you die instantly, in lava oh....it's slow.  
    I have no secrets.  
    I would rather have much more faith in trusting someone I don't love than loving someone I can't trust.  
    I could slowly develop feelings for them over time.  
    I could fall off a cliff in GTA.  
    I would never get an innocent girl pregnant anyway..  
    There's no good in this question whatsoever.  
    This is from FilthyFrank. LMAO  
    I'm not gonna get heart disease and diabetes by the time I'm 21.  
    Scientists make a sh*tload of money..I wouldn't be poor for long.  
    No more common cold.  
    People online are scumbags.  
    If my wife was secretly a lesbian that would be so hot tbh.  
    Not gonna get fat from sitting down 24/7.  
    I would have money, freedom, and high responsibility as an adult.  
    The absence of world hunger would decrease the chance of war. So I would take care of that first.  
    I already have many street smarts. >.>  
    No more hate.  
    Because I have a life. :D  
    At least I won't get hypothermia.  
    No point on living on earth forever since the earth itself is going to die anyways.  
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