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    charlie charlie are you th- ARRRGHHGGARARGGAHAAHGAGARAGJ!!!1111!!1!1!!!ONE!!1! 3 years ago  
    GET PAID! GET LAID! GATORADE! 3 years ago +1
    The true leader is non other than teh GRATE POODAYPIE 3 years ago  
    Hi 3 years ago +1
    a rat 3 years ago  
    AND MOUNTAIN DEW! 3 years ago +1
    But what if i don't have a boss or i like them 3 years ago  
    Already am... Oh god they're her... GAAAAHHHHH HeL... 3 years ago  
    I luv deh COOl of DOOBY serez ites liek teh beeest!!1!1!111!!1!one!!1 No but seriously, gotta go with the classics... PACMAN! 3 years ago  
    THATS MA JAM! 3 years ago  
    Total Drama World Tour 3 years ago  
    In Soviet Russia, you don't choose which you would rather, the answer choose you! 3 years ago  
    The nly reason i like DC is cos of teh BATMAN! 3 years ago  
    ADVENTURE TIME! HELL YEAH! 3 years ago  
    Why did the lion spit out the clown? Cos he tasted funny! MuHhAaHaahahAHAHhaHAhAAHAHahAHahhhAAhahHa... Comedy... 3 years ago  
    Could become a SUPES HEROO! 3 years ago +1
    This would be calming i guess... The other one would be insanity! 3 years ago  
    yup, NUTSHOTS have gotta be the worst 3 years ago  
    Don't say anything... you won't be agreeing or disagreeing 3 years ago  
    So, you mean every tuesday night? 3 years ago +1
    Actually tried them... NO WONDER HE LOVES THEM! THEY'RE FEKIN DELICIOUS! 3 years ago  
    Neither are good, their both as bad as each other! 3 years ago +3
    I dunno just picked randomly 3 years ago  
    Personally,I don't believe Jesus is real and Goku is a anime character. So if neither exist (Just my opinion) There can be no fight witch means no one wins. 3 years ago  
    Batman would beat all their asses 3 years ago  
    Don't beleive in either 3 years ago  
    Sex, with none of the conciquences! (i think thats how its spelt) 3 years ago  
    Not tyring to be mean to christians but who ever says god created the big bang, im pretty sure it happened because dust clouds and other space things collided 3 years ago +1
    Why do people always look for loopholes, you know what he/she means 3 years ago  
    Sign language is easier than brail if you ask me and you couldn't play video games really if you were blind! 3 years ago  
    1950 had no wi-fi or interwebs... case closed 3 years ago  
    didnt say how deep the pool had to be, it could be on 1 millimeter deep 3 years ago  
    CHEZ 4 LIFE! 3 years ago  
    You can't really game if you have no arms! 3 years ago  
    DOG IS LIFE! 3 years ago  
    Ohh, dat face doh! 3 years ago  
    PPUUDDDDIINNGG!! 3 years ago  
    ALBERT E =MC2 3 years ago  
    Don't play World Of Warcraft 3 years ago  
    Pewds was the first person i subscribed to! Pewds is my SENPAI CHAN! 3 years ago  
    Granny Smith 4 DAH WIN! 3 years ago  
    I'm a grammar Nazi, I'll admit it... 3 years ago  
    Pretty stupid question 3 years ago  
    I would just lose an online friend ive only known for a few days 3 years ago  
    Aids can be avoided or should i say, prostitutes can be avoided 3 years ago  
    If i had a blockbuster hit about me, it would be me just sitting on the sofa eating doritos and drinking mountain dew... 3 years ago  
    I don't drink 3 years ago  
    Poeple need to stop saying "65% are douchebags or 24% are retarded fags!" Shut up, it's their opinion! 3 years ago  
    If this was me, all you'd hear from me is whispering " Don't fap, don't fap... DON'T FAP!!" 3 years ago  
    What is with people saying 65% or 18% are dumbasses? IT'S THEIR OPINION! LEAVE THEM ALONE! 3 years ago  
    Outside, never heard of that server? 3 years ago  
    I don't really like either... WATER FTW! 3 years ago  
    PIRATES FTW! 3 years ago  
    Be yourself, everyone else is taken! 3 years ago  
    This is soo deep.. 3 years ago  
    Which would you rather, JB doing a duet with Nikki Minaj or some peaceful Mozart? 3 years ago  
    I don't believe in god but if a heaven does exist, I would go there! I f you lived on Earth forever you would see all your loved ones die. INCLUDING YOUR OWN KIDS! 3 years ago  
    Been there, done that! 3 years ago  
    Show of by lifting a rock which used to be just a little pebble! 3 years ago  
    There ain't nothin there for them to look at! 3 years ago  
    I my brain almost split in half trying to answer this! I WANT THEM BOTH! 3 years ago  
    Did anyone look at JB and IMMEDIATLY pressed the other one without reading 3 years ago  
    Id wish for a person to come up to me and give me $1,000,000,000! BOOM! 3 years ago  
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