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Battle of The Youtubers PewDiePie or PopularMMOs 3 years ago 53 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Battle of The Youtubers PewDiePie or JackSepticEye 3 years ago 90 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have sex whenever you want or Be a billionaire virgin forever 3 years ago 160 votes 10 comments 0 likes
What side do you like more Sith or Jedi 3 years ago 301 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have sex with an ugly person once or forever be a virgin 3 years ago 102 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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9000 2 years ago  
Basketball or Football 3 years ago  
Since I was 5 3 years ago  
Average can be hot some times. 3 years ago  
A looks evil 3 years ago +1
hate baseball 3 years ago  
Definitely 3 years ago  
great movie 3 years ago  
such a good movie 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
the chances of a plane crash is tiny. Cars on the other hand... 3 years ago  
never had constipation before. Have had diarrhea 3 years ago  
already have. 3 years ago  
more fun 3 years ago  
Just get an ipod or ipad... 3 years ago  
Already am 3 years ago  
Sweet 3 years ago  
Don't know either 3 years ago  
my dragon and my phoenix would make world peace. 3 years ago  
Sometimes 3 years ago +1
lol. I actually didn't 3 years ago  
amazing game 3 years ago  
I love Harley 3 years ago  
hate chicken, barely ever drink milk, all my hate socks are dirty, and i hate shoveling. 3 years ago  
nein 3 years ago  
great movie 3 years ago +2
sweet 3 years ago +1
light saber with sonic screwdriver as handle... 3 years ago  
VorpeHD 3 years ago  
never heard of either 3 years ago  
don't watch anime anyway 3 years ago  
watches 3 years ago  
there are skeletons in everybody you dumbass 3 years ago  
taylor swift, ariana grande, selena gomez, and kim kardashian 3 years ago +1
give me name 3 years ago  
Now you see me 3 years ago  
Ninja. 3 years ago  
Bible 3 years ago  
Star Wars is real... 3 years ago  
staying natural b*tches 3 years ago  
f*cking hell neither 3 years ago  
bigger boobs 3 years ago  
There is a mod, and it has exploding cakes. The cakes look like normal cakes. Therefore the cake is a lie. 3 years ago  
You are my favorite RRRather user. You and Americanjedi 3 years ago  
yaas 3 years ago  
Brown hair, then black hair, then ginger hair. Not a werewolf, a freakin shapeshifter im tellin ya. 3 years ago  
French fries everyday, pizza on occasions, and no chocolate ever again. 3 years ago  
My childhood 3 years ago  
A happens a lot 3 years ago  
misclick 3 years ago +1
I don't give a [email protected] 3 years ago  
don't even watch anime 3 years ago  
chocolate melts. 3 years ago  
VorpeHD 3 years ago  
my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard 3 years ago  
my crush :) 3 years ago  
disagree 3 years ago  
first date 3 years ago  
i already am 3 years ago  
great question 3 years ago  
f*ck her right in da pussy 3 years ago  
already do everyday. 3 years ago  
ant man 3 years ago  
i have one and it is very nice. I love it more than my xbox and playstation 3 years ago  
lying is a crime, so just lie 3 years ago  
yum 3 years ago  
skittles 3 years ago  
they say no kiss, you can still have sex Trololololololol 3 years ago  
i can dunk on them 3 years ago  
imagine a bee is chasing you 3 years ago +1
why are people so stupid and mean now. why cant we just be nice for once. let the story of amanda todd be a lesson. 3 years ago  
watching porn is the best way to learn 3 years ago  
im not gay 3 years ago  
im a guy 3 years ago  
the elderly cant have sex. why should they live 3 years ago  
he adorbzable 3 years ago  
dont watch it anyway 3 years ago  
Japanese 3 years ago  
who is he 3 years ago  
What if I want to adopt 3 years ago  
go straight to the bedroom 3 years ago  
what if i - ugh, um, nevermind 3 years ago  
like justin 3 years ago +1
Me. Fastest in my school 3 years ago +1
im a guy 3 years ago  
dont have basement 3 years ago +2
already do, im 12 3 years ago +2
never drunk any of these 3 years ago  
sleigh ride 3 years ago  
my eyes are medium green 3 years ago  
already do 3 years ago  
already do 3 years ago  
im a boy 3 years ago  
oh 3 years ago  
dont have children. Get Rekt 3 years ago +2
pleasure 3 years ago  
there you go sirmacdonald1 3 years ago  
agreed 3 years ago  
already am 3 years ago  
my dad is cheating on my mom 3 years ago  
meh 3 years ago  
So beautiful 3 years ago  
its the land of Pewds 3 years ago  
im 12 3 years ago  
stressed out by 21 pilots 3 years ago +1
A: 9.34 B: 8 3 years ago +1
if its shape shifting, turn it into a mighty dragon that can breathe out fire and atomic radiation 3 years ago  
who is kristyg 3 years ago +5
sex all day everyday 3 years ago  
Ass cheeks, Tits, Pussy, and Penis :) 3 years ago  
hanging, I've got a pocket knife. Cut the rope 3 years ago  
Darth Vader 3 years ago +1
stressed out 3 years ago  
bruh 3 years ago  
im a guy 3 years ago  
if i adopt the kids, they will get the dogs when they grow up 3 years ago  
1 black hair, brown eyes 2 sassy and funny 3 athletic 4 ? 5 American 6 Trendy 7 In school 8 5 ft 9 90 lbs. 3 years ago  
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