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    This isn't like a change  
    How can you even compare JB? I mean is there anything good about JB?  
    This isn't 50-50  
    If they can't except that you love him, then it's time for new friends  
    Who wants to see there family die and stuuf  
    They can like hurt him  
    *cough rich guy*cough  
    For the people in Africa  
    Yesh Yesh yesh  
    Way less,creepy than a clown  
    You can buy your wishes with cash mostly  
    No behind my back taking bout me  
    pshhh duh  
    Takes shorter  
    But no school after I finish  
    I shall call her hair lady  
    That would be awesome  
    No depression  
    More to watch  
    The thought that counts  
    With Nutella  
    Summer is my birthday yay  
    Citric acid  
    You could pay to get taught  
    You can be found easier  
    Dis is a hard choice  
    You can get cash for gifts  
    I'm gonna find u  
    So much easier  
    I'm eleven  
    Not yellow  
    You dont talk in the movies  
    Ugh I do not like football  
    How would you be a bum wouldn't people let you stay in there houses  
    I wanna look like them  
    A nice buffet  
    Then I would start a family  
    So many people I mean Hehehehe  
    You can gloat  
    I'm a girl who chose games  
    I'm eleven  
    I want to be an actress  
    It makes me so sad  
    Umm duh  
    You can use the computer  
    You can live your dreams  
    I wouldn't want to see him  
    You can buy time  
    What's the point of having money and being in jail cause there you can't spend it  
    Umm duh  
    It looks fun  
    You see them less  
    Less pain  
    #pirate ninja  
    I'm only seventy pounds and tiny  
    You can't ride a mermaid  
    So much FLUFFY  
    You could really freak people try to pick up a thousand pound feather  
    Flute is already down for me and you can speak in music  
    Um eww  
    Wizard ninja #loophole  
    Than you can listen to it to right ?  
    People would probably have me rule anyway  
    Umm duh  
    A zombie apocalypse would be a world war three  
    Keep a dog alive and have it give birth to one hundred other cute puppie  
    Good food  
    I'm to young  
    Who is the other guy  
    Set records  
    You get to rule forever  
    I can be rich and immortal  
    I could wish for someone who has money  
    I'm a girl  
    Both are poison  
    Is that Taylor lautners real hair  
    Betting money  
    Do computer at friends houses and watch them do it  
    I like it so much better  
    You can't buy money but you can buy clothes  
    Looks more sleek  
    Who are these people  
    You can call someone to find your keys  
    They taste better  
    Sell car buy new car  
    You can watch tv on computer  
    Dream pet  
    Duh and you get one thousand dollars  
    Doesn't say only candle wax and it doesn't say how much  
    Garbeg +1
    Convert money  
    None no cant do it  
    My grandpa  
    So sad  
    Take back mistakes  
    I'd be better  
    You don't have to wear earings on them  
    You know them atleast  
    It will seem like a long life  
    Sorry faster  
    Only seen This one  
    I know right  
    Omg my fave  
    I've always wanted to be an actor  
    Looks better  
    Neither were is that button when you need it  
    This is my dad so you know  
    What are these  
    Dr pepper should be on the list  
    Pepsi is sweeter  
    Fame com with wealth or I'd marry wealthy  
    I do this anyway  
    A leader could invent loophole  
    Takes so much shorter and you can do it with friends  
    Me right now and I like clothes and stuff so  
    My spouse is rich  
    All my family is there for Christmas  
    Polar bears are my fave  
    Your significant other is your friend  
    So much more time  
    I can't stand snow  
    I hate heights  
    I'm a girl  
    Live forever is watching your family die  
    More Inconsideret but whatevs  
    Marry a rich guy  
    No debt  
    I feel you guest I feel you  
    Scary things in hps world  
    Epic stuif  
    Wrong vote  
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