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    I need B  
    Electricity would be cut off instantly, not sure it would in the toaster  
    Lead them to kill JB  
    I'd make Justin eat all that ice cream at once  
    I'm deciding anyway  
    So dive or die  
    I hate both, but black are dirty as F*  
    He would get smacked instantly, then I'd laugh my arse off  
    I did it when I was 4  
    a bite on your neck till you black out or a bite that rips half of your body while you try to float and breathe? +2
    If I'm not released...  
    I'm dead anyway  
    B would be too hard to explain  
    Thot's roight +2
    I live in Spain  
    Sh*t this was hard  
    I'd die either way  
    Philosophy b¡tches  
    What's TV?  
    I'm already the smartest and it sucks, surrounded of apes all the time  
    Alcohol has greater consequences in people under 18, the younger the worse  
    Both are hella disgusting  
    Hypocrisy... You could actually DO the A option, what are you people waiting for?  
    I can get back to a healthy weight and wouldn't need surgery for the excess of skin  
    I have a penis  
    I prefer God to stay just the bad joke it already is +1
    I sing terrible so it would be hella funny  
    I don't want to be famous +1
    I'd rather be someone in life  
    I don't think that would happen, and we would be whiped out before we start  
    The gummy worms kids GTFO of here  
    Drink milk or lose your penis? This was hella easy  
    They're usually quite clean  
    My gf's one  
    If he doesn't enjoy that I'll probably get over the nightmares after some decades  
    I thought it was cat poop  
    Start searching for ways to avoid the obvious pain!  
    I can buy another one  
    Was dat sh*t. I just chose?  
    It's fictional  
    Like my grandgrandgrandparents  
    Shit over sperm all the way  
    Let me grab some popcorn  
    Deadly poison or lose my penis? I prefer to live  
    Can be fixed  
    Evolution is a fact and it's known how the earth was created  
    Ok I prefer immortality now I know I can die  
    Your life could end the 1st night  
    Anything but insidious, that movie was my biggest trauma  
    Worst thing imaginable  
    I have already climbed a high mountain  
    My legs open from 0:00 to 23:59  
    Consequences might be infinitely worse  
    Immortal means billions of years hanging around in the universe when earth is destroyed, no thanks  
    I rule  
    Guilt is the worst possible feeling  
    Accidents? Terrorism? I prefer it to be random just like now  
    Let's go kill some porks  
    Such a great change in history may drive to even worse consequences. The thing is, if something bad happens, you always learn a lesson. If we hadn't learnt that one we could have much greater problems with nowadays technology  
    I would bring Hitler back and throw him to the jews  
    Would be an actual reason to be proud of  
    Why has there to be SOMEONE to create everything, you brickhead?  
    50/50? I can't believe it, his world is screwed  
    No spoilers, let's have a good time crying  
    Idk what those things mean  
    Be alive  
    How lazy can people get to be, this would be exciting!  
    I already know her  
    I could use that against them  
    Hi, Chinese translator  
    Easier to correct and educate  
    5 stars/4 atars  
    Performance over looks aaaaaall the way  
    I like challenges  
    As always, Americans choose big junk  
    Work those abs from now! Besides I hate beer  
    Are you a rational being or a baboon?  
    He f*cks  
    No homework, money every month  
    Like a fictional British lord  
    A nice Italian restaurant  
    I wouldn't feel guilty for using people  
    When I get a job I'll only have two weeks of holidays in summer, better start preparing for that  
    And ripped  
    Ice hell or surf and pokemons all around? +1
    The skinny one is not human  
    I would lick the floor  
    I'm an only child, if I had 8 siblings we would be poor as F*  
    Seven days huh? And your computer works because of magic, as well as your car  
    Chickens appeared after millions of years of evolution but eggs have existed since way before  
    I'm 22 and my gf is 25, so let's just keep it  
    I'm funny enough  
    Don't wanna be a rich, mentally perturbed genius  
    Don't wanna have 2 truck driver women raise me  
    I've already watched friends  
    Wtf is that water? Looks like some illegal stuff  
    A ripped bald nigg  
    Money for nothing like in Jersey shore  
    Can't a republic be democratic? American political parties make no sense  
    My gf already has the hottest body on earth  
    I wouldn't have enough talent for neither  
    What's a 419 scammer?  
    Idk what this os  
    I'd prefer heaven to exist, would be a reason to take life with calm  
    Minecraft is full of trolling ratkids  
    Stock please  
    No lottery winner will ever donate it all to the poor wtf is this hypocrisy +12
    This is possible  
    It's not my fault, I'm struggling enough already!  
    It's easier to gain weight and your skin doesn't result totally deformed  
    Penis is such a better body design  
    If it's not the sea. Wet, salty wind is annoying and screws everything (starting with the car)  
    Money loses value over the years, but now that I think, I would spend all that money on gold, so it would always keep its value and maybe increase it.  
    Sonic is way harder in I Wanna Be The Boshy  
    I'm a guy so high hot heels, YOLO  
    I'm Spanish  
    Don't wanna be a worm  
    Diarrhea will certainly kill you, you can live with AIDS  
    Americans love deforestation, right? The world is screwed with them  
    Home means someone to love you, homeless equals alone  
    You'd die in 3 days as a centipede +1
    Among its infinite flavours there are endless varieties of chocolate  
    I could eat nothing but white chocolate for the rest of my life and be the happiest whale in the sea  
    Why that pussy?  
    Golf means I'm rich, basket means I'm in the ghetto  
    I prefer baths, but Earth would be disappointed  
    I love to give people the creeps  
    I'm a guy, the blond one looks more girly  
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