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I need B 2 years ago  
slowly? 2 years ago  
in a lighted area 2 years ago +12
Having fun 2 years ago +4
is it possible to actually escape that situation? 2 years ago +9
A mouse trap can actually break your finger 2 years ago  
Chevies are crapboxes 2 years ago +1
hmm jelly... 2 years ago  
Slapping b¡tches since 1993 2 years ago  
Electricity would be cut off instantly, not sure it would in the toaster 2 years ago  
Lead them to kill JB 2 years ago  
If it's mine.... 2 years ago +1
You don't know what being impaled means 2 years ago  
Boooooom 2 years ago  
I'd make Justin eat all that ice cream at once 2 years ago  
is this even a question 2 years ago  
Both have both 2 years ago +2
Sex with muffins lmao 2 years ago  
I'm deciding anyway 2 years ago  
long life 2 years ago  
So dive or die 2 years ago  
I hate both, but black are dirty as F* 2 years ago  
Epic 2 years ago  
He would get smacked instantly, then I'd laugh my arse off 2 years ago  
I did it when I was 4 2 years ago  
a bite on your neck till you black out or a bite that rips half of your body while you try to float and breathe? 2 years ago +2
If I'm not released... 2 years ago  
I'm dead anyway 2 years ago  
B would be too hard to explain 2 years ago  
Thot's roight 2 years ago +2
I live in Spain 2 years ago  
Poop is a pleasure, sleep is a waste of time 2 years ago  
Sh*t this was hard 2 years ago  
I'd die either way 2 years ago  
nose? 2 years ago  
YOLO 2 years ago  
Philosophy b¡tches 2 years ago  
What's TV? 2 years ago  
I'm already the smartest and it sucks, surrounded of apes all the time 2 years ago  
Anything over Islam 2 years ago +1
That's not even a religion, fortunately 2 years ago  
Demons creep the hell out of me 2 years ago  
B then A 2 years ago  
epic! 2 years ago  
Use parfume 2 years ago  
What an amazing question this is! LIKE! 2 years ago  
give them the chance to choose 2 years ago  
power is nothing without knowledge! 2 years ago  
I used sing! It started raining.... 2 years ago  
Slap that hoe 2 years ago +1
amaaaaaaaaazing!! 2 years ago  
Hamtaro all the way b¡tches 2 years ago  
The radiation would kill me anyway. All of you who picked A are reckless kids who play fallout 2 years ago  
Alcohol has greater consequences in people under 18, the younger the worse 2 years ago  
I see you didn't read the description 2 years ago  
Then stop being a pussy 2 years ago  
Do you have any personal war against me or something? 2 years ago  
For killing or hurting my loved ones. I'd suicide after years of (in the end, deadly) torture 2 years ago +4
B is just too fat 2 years ago  
Biggest slap I've ever given to my own forehead 2 years ago  
B means not to start a chocolate factory or not to do the tickets, tours and heir things? 2 years ago  
All the way up to your mother's v...ok B is just better 2 years ago  
B would die after finishing 2 years ago  
Dinosaurs eat tanks for breakfast 2 years ago  
I'm a guy, where's that hungry little ass? 2 years ago  
No idea of what A or B are 2 years ago  
Funnier 2 years ago  
Apple sucks, there's no argument in there 2 years ago  
If he can do tricks... 2 years ago  
Red, with a core, plain and thin skin, no portions 2 years ago  
North Korea. It will be a short war, with the whole world against you 2 years ago  
And my gf 2 years ago +3
Boom sprite, in yo face! 2 years ago  
Shitty, but thanks for asking 2 years ago  
What's up with vampires and werewolves? 2 years ago  
I liked Borat a lot. Zohan was also good though 2 years ago  
I don't care about Halo 2 years ago  
Free stuff to burn next winter 2 years ago  
6x+5 2 years ago  
Just lock him inside any room without food or water and wait in the kitchen 2 years ago  
Be able to crush anyone or anyone be able to crush you? 2 years ago +2
May the heavy rain/snow start before I fall asleep and end after I get up! What a difficult question, I love it 2 years ago  
A then B 2 years ago  
May my monsters do magic (and all the world) for me 2 years ago  
Sh*t 2 years ago  
Who's that slut 2 years ago  
I love B but A is really a better movie with a better story 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago +1
Ali G!!! 2 years ago  
Both are hella disgusting 2 years ago  
Hypocrisy... You could actually DO the A option, what are you people waiting for? 2 years ago  
I can get back to a healthy weight and wouldn't need surgery for the excess of skin 2 years ago  
It's funny how you chose the one you americans don't know how to use 2 years ago  
I have a penis 2 years ago  
I prefer God to stay just the bad joke it already is 2 years ago +1
I sing terrible so it would be hella funny 2 years ago  
I don't want to be famous 2 years ago +1
You'd die either way 2 years ago  
Fly and kamehameha 2 years ago  
The biggest trauma in my life, watched it in the cinema with nobody I knew 2 years ago  
Variety 2 years ago  
I'm a guy so Tampax 2 years ago  
I laughed so hard at the kids thing 2 years ago  
Seagal has never acted 2 years ago  
I've got her in my bed 2 years ago  
Do you know how that car sounds??? 2 years ago  
If I'm warranteed not to fall, it would be an extreme experience 2 years ago  
Kpop 2 years ago  
Sandshrew is cooler but larvitar's evolutions will pay off 2 years ago  
First 3 generations are the only good ones! Pokémon suck since the 4th one 2 years ago  
Summer is coming 2 years ago  
Being hated by my family means they would also be alive, so fūck them 2 years ago  
Jolteon 2 years ago  
I'd be a Persian but I'd watch it from far 2 years ago  
Wow that was hard! 2 years ago  
I already know many fun facts 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago  
If you think that would make the world a better place, then you should better swim among sharpeedos 2 years ago  
Gran Turismo 2 years ago  
He squeezed it 2 years ago  
I'd rather be someone in life 2 years ago  
Gaara is evil and creepy, and way more powerful 2 years ago  
I'm straight but if I was gay I wouldn't hide it 2 years ago +1
All of us are more or less bisexual 2 years ago +1
50/50 Please JEESUS CHRIST! 2 years ago +2
Anything but project cars. Good cars and graphics but terrible physics 2 years ago  
How's this close to 50/50... You guys are making me lose my faith in humanity 2 years ago  
D*ck lmao 2 years ago  
God sucks, but I don't wanna be a criminal 2 years ago  
Religion and homophobia, so deeply rooted in America 2 years ago  
I'm rich, f*ck games 2 years ago +1
Wtf you genocide ratkids are you f*cking crazy or what! 2 years ago  
I would not compete 2 years ago  
Pato (duck in Spanish) 2 years ago  
Wtf I thought society was a lot more advanced nowadays 2 years ago  
10th 2 years ago  
B could mean a poor country in war 2 years ago  
Les Photoshop needed 2 years ago  
Fjords and the best politics and culture in the world! 2 years ago  
Always attack from far 2 years ago  
The men one is hella true 2 years ago  
Read the description, you would die either way! 2 years ago  
Always in danger means always alive 2 years ago +2
Don't give a f*ism 2 years ago  
Control my body like Jake the Dog 2 years ago  
What's the question? 2 years ago  
Rice cakes taste like nothing 2 years ago +1
American culture is so wrong 2 years ago  
Would wipe the floor with Natsu 2 years ago  
Thailand 2 years ago  
Katy needs so much help with that 2 years ago  
She sucks 2 years ago  
I'd live in an airport! 2 years ago +1
Let's fill the world with plants! 2 years ago +1
It's not written that I can't be happy 2 years ago  
More handsome, taller, not a ridiculous name, dark hair and a bigger d!ck for suuuuuure 2 years ago  
No f*cks given for neither option 2 years ago  
All the way! 2 years ago  
I'll change my mind when I go bald 2 years ago +1
Gay dance show for silly kids 2 years ago +1
It's funny how you call football a sport that consists of tackling each other until brains become milkshakes 2 years ago  
None 2 years ago  
I'm 22 so I'd shake any of them up 2 years ago  
ALL THE WAY 2 years ago  
What's wrong with that city? 2 years ago  
Creepy as hell 2 years ago  
Always 2 years ago +2
I should have read before I answer 2 years ago  
Real fights or a dance show? 2 years ago  
Water beats earth, but tyranitar is hella a monster 2 years ago  
Bratty will be screwed in life, good ones will triumph 2 years ago  
My good dreams can't compensate my worst nightmares 2 years ago +1
Cinnamon cereals? Wtf! 2 years ago  
Subaru over Mitsubishi all the way 2 years ago  
Extinction? That's for elephants 2 years ago +1
I don't like big boobs and butt, but I dislike penises more 2 years ago +1
Life over money all the way, wtf is wrong with you American people! 2 years ago  
I'm a Psychologist, so yeah 2 years ago  
Water 2 years ago +1
Islands don't have such a thing, much less being that small 2 years ago  
I don't think that would happen, and we would be whiped out before we start 2 years ago  
No friends, no family, no love or know everybody? Please 2 years ago +1
I wouldn't be able to maintain this car, but it would be an unforgettable month of my life 2 years ago  
I'd choose the baby if the dog was crying too 2 years ago  
IDK him but adam levine sounds like a boiling teapot 2 years ago  
Farewell Religion 2 years ago +1
I want a Ferrari 2 years ago  
She can still be hot and turn me on 2 years ago +1
An earthworm 2 years ago  
The world is more important than me, and I couldn't enjoy that love while causing the death of millions of people 2 years ago  
I'd go over that level after a while so it wouldn't be a problem 2 years ago  
Great question, I'd rather die knowing 2 years ago  
I'll make it become a democracy again and stay rich 2 years ago  
I'm awesome 2 years ago  
Happiness is what we all live for. Money is nothing without happiness 2 years ago  
save it for a better real car 2 years ago  
MY BRAIN IS SACRED 2 years ago  
if i was free, i'd rape her in the middle of the street. If i'm with my gf (actual case) I'd just decline and tell my gf about what happened 2 years ago  
you said my words 2 years ago +3
terrorists and worlds biggers polluters 2 years ago  
slap that b*tch so hard she violently falls to the floor 2 years ago +1
10 years are ok, i don't want to be a murderer 2 years ago  
my girlfriend is my best friend ever, that was easy 2 years ago  
I'm already a feminist (not feminazi, which is bullsh*t) 2 years ago +1
ppl don't understand what being on the run for life means 2 years ago  
having super saijan powers or money? plz btch 2 years ago  
13% frustrated losers 2 years ago  
Noisy and stinky, if she doesn't accept me she can go to hell 2 years ago  
The gummy worms kids GTFO of here 2 years ago  
Drink milk or lose your penis? This was hella easy 2 years ago  
Both 2 years ago  
They're usually quite clean 2 years ago  
Sex with dad once a year 2 years ago  
My gf cums earlier than that 2 years ago  
Easier 2 years ago  
My gf's one 2 years ago  
If he doesn't enjoy that I'll probably get over the nightmares after some decades 2 years ago  
Both 2 years ago  
I thought it was cat poop 2 years ago  
Please 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago  
Start searching for ways to avoid the obvious pain! 2 years ago  
I can buy another one 2 years ago  
Both 2 years ago  
Both 2 years ago  
Both 2 years ago  
Both 2 years ago  
Was dat sh*t. I just chose? 2 years ago  
Both 2 years ago  
Both 2 years ago  
It's fictional 2 years ago  
Like my grandgrandgrandparents 2 years ago  
Shit over sperm all the way 2 years ago  
Let me grab some popcorn 2 years ago  
Deadly poison or lose my penis? I prefer to live 2 years ago  
Nice slim ass warrants a hot body, don't matter how small tits are. Big boobs normally involve an excess of fat in general 2 years ago  
Hello world, here comes my PENIS! 2 years ago  
Can be fixed 2 years ago  
Evolution is a fact and it's known how the earth was created 2 years ago  
For stupid girls//For urban visionaries 2 years ago  
Sex with a dog is the key 2 years ago  
Stupidest question ever posted 2 years ago  
I wouldn't five a F* 2 years ago  
Fck the kitten 2 years ago  
Fck you spongebob 2 years ago  
Who's that cat 2 years ago  
Demons are my biggest fear, besides I prefer to be good, it's the only way to be happy 2 years ago  
Being smarter than Hawking would make me miserable as there would be hardly no one who i could keep agood conversation with, like everyone else was retarded 2 years ago +2
On my back while wearing a bulletproof vest 2 years ago  
A life devoid of chocolate is a life devoid of life 2 years ago +1
Why this obsession with her!!?? 2 years ago  
More pleasure for both 2 years ago  
What's the matter with it? 2 years ago  
Pokémon, surf, not 4 of each 3 people are stupid and obese and it's near Asia! 2 years ago +1
I'm a guy, so it's easy as fck 2 years ago  
If the island is too small to getenough food I'd pick the food 2 years ago  
I love liver 2 years ago  
Don't know what the other one is 2 years ago  
I would still be rich but I'd stop being a moron 2 years ago +2
In which universe a Jaguar limousine is an average car? 2 years ago +3
I hope it's not that clown from the 19th century 2 years ago +1
Richest or 3rd world? 2 years ago  
They're overrated and soulless 2 years ago  
I don't want to be floating in space for infinity 2 years ago  
Certainly a lot more unfair but I'd feel less guilty 2 years ago  
I would have to be blind. I've got laid with her hundreds of times 2 years ago  
Happiness is what we all live for 2 years ago  
Ok I prefer immortality now I know I can die 2 years ago  
Whoever hasn't done this yet will do it eventually 2 years ago  
I'm 22 e.e 2 years ago  
My mom is dangerously crazy 2 years ago  
I'm 22 2 years ago  
Your life could end the 1st night 2 years ago  
Anything but insidious, that movie was my biggest trauma 2 years ago  
Neither, I would screw my gf to death 2 years ago  
I'll have it when I'm 90 2 years ago  
Worst thing imaginable 2 years ago  
I have already climbed a high mountain 2 years ago  
My legs open from 0:00 to 23:59 2 years ago  
Consequences might be infinitely worse 2 years ago  
Stone to my head better 2 years ago  
Short bad time and eternity like a boss 2 years ago  
Immortal means billions of years hanging around in the universe when earth is destroyed, no thanks 2 years ago  
People are crazy or they're just ratkids 2 years ago  
The fck is this question 2 years ago  
I rule 2 years ago  
Guilt is the worst possible feeling 2 years ago  
Accidents? Terrorism? I prefer it to be random just like now 2 years ago  
It was with a slut who knew nothing so... 2 years ago  
The point is that you must die 2 years ago  
Let's go kill some porks 2 years ago  
Such a great change in history may drive to even worse consequences. The thing is, if something bad happens, you always learn a lesson. If we hadn't learnt that one we could have much greater problems with nowadays technology 2 years ago  
I would bring Hitler back and throw him to the jews 2 years ago  
Always better a guilty one to be free than an innocent condemned, what the hell is wrong with you, you freaking criminals! 2 years ago  
Too many overrated kittens on this world 2 years ago  
Not that sh*t again 2 years ago +1
Would be an actual reason to be proud of 2 years ago  
Why has there to be SOMEONE to create everything, you brickhead? 2 years ago  
50/50? I can't believe it, his world is screwed 2 years ago  
Sleepers are great 2 years ago  
No spoilers, let's have a good time crying 2 years ago  
Legs 2 years ago  
Idk what those things mean 2 years ago  
Be alive 2 years ago  
How lazy can people get to be, this would be exciting! 2 years ago  
I already know her 2 years ago  
I could use that against them 2 years ago  
Orgies 2 years ago  
I prefer cars but Hummers are sh*tty stupid useless poluting elephants 2 years ago  
Hi, Chinese translator 2 years ago  
Easier to correct and educate 2 years ago  
5 stars/4 atars 2 years ago  
Performance over looks aaaaaall the way 2 years ago  
I like challenges 2 years ago  
As always, Americans choose big junk 2 years ago  
Work those abs from now! Besides I hate beer 2 years ago  
Are you a rational being or a baboon? 2 years ago  
He f*cks 2 years ago  
No homework, money every month 2 years ago  
Like a fictional British lord 2 years ago  
A nice Italian restaurant 2 years ago  
I wouldn't feel guilty for using people 2 years ago  
I'm working on this 2 years ago  
When I get a job I'll only have two weeks of holidays in summer, better start preparing for that 2 years ago  
And ripped 2 years ago  
Ice hell or surf and pokemons all around? 2 years ago +1
The skinny one is not human 2 years ago  
Wtf!!??? Americans, go F*ck your fat ass selves !!!! 2 years ago  
I would lick the floor 2 years ago  
I'm an only child, if I had 8 siblings we would be poor as F* 2 years ago  
Seven days huh? And your computer works because of magic, as well as your car 2 years ago  
Chickens appeared after millions of years of evolution but eggs have existed since way before 2 years ago  
It must be a really primitive country wherever it's illegal 2 years ago  
I'm 22 and my gf is 25, so let's just keep it 2 years ago  
I'm funny enough 2 years ago  
Don't wanna be a rich, mentally perturbed genius 2 years ago  
Don't wanna have 2 truck driver women raise me 2 years ago  
I've already watched friends 2 years ago  
Wtf is that water? Looks like some illegal stuff 2 years ago  
I'd watch his head explode like a little watermelon 2 years ago  
A ripped bald nigg 2 years ago  
I prefer not to be the target of their guns 2 years ago  
I'd rather not get AIDS, let's my daughter do what she wants 2 years ago  
Money for nothing like in Jersey shore 2 years ago  
Can't a republic be democratic? American political parties make no sense 2 years ago  
My gf already has the hottest body on earth 2 years ago  
I wouldn't have enough talent for neither 2 years ago  
What's a 419 scammer? 2 years ago  
Idk what this os 2 years ago  
I'd prefer heaven to exist, would be a reason to take life with calm 2 years ago  
Minecraft is full of trolling ratkids 2 years ago  
Stock please 2 years ago  
No lottery winner will ever donate it all to the poor wtf is this hypocrisy 2 years ago +12
This is possible 2 years ago  
It's not my fault, I'm struggling enough already! 2 years ago  
It's easier to gain weight and your skin doesn't result totally deformed 2 years ago  
Penis is such a better body design 2 years ago  
If it's not the sea. Wet, salty wind is annoying and screws everything (starting with the car) 2 years ago  
Money loses value over the years, but now that I think, I would spend all that money on gold, so it would always keep its value and maybe increase it. 2 years ago  
Sonic is way harder in I Wanna Be The Boshy 2 years ago  
I'm a guy so high hot heels, YOLO 2 years ago  
I'm Spanish 2 years ago  
Don't wanna be a worm 2 years ago  
Diarrhea will certainly kill you, you can live with AIDS 2 years ago  
Americans love deforestation, right? The world is screwed with them 2 years ago  
Home means someone to love you, homeless equals alone 2 years ago  
You'd die in 3 days as a centipede 2 years ago +1
Among its infinite flavours there are endless varieties of chocolate 2 years ago  
I could eat nothing but white chocolate for the rest of my life and be the happiest whale in the sea 2 years ago  
Why that pussy? 2 years ago  
Euthanasia means killing them 2 years ago  
Golf means I'm rich, basket means I'm in the ghetto 2 years ago  
You get aids 100%, you can't avoid it in any way 2 years ago  
I prefer baths, but Earth would be disappointed 2 years ago  
I love to give people the creeps 2 years ago  
I'm a guy, the blond one looks more girly 2 years ago  
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