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    Masks! Kinky weird masks!  
    Not choosing...  
    I don't want a bugatti cause every time everyone would sing that STUPID ANNOYING SHTTY AZZ SONG!  
    It says you STOP the restart of the world Alicorn  
    I'm a girl soooooo.... No hotdogs c;  
    Dude Hogwarts is the best!!!  
    Chocolate icecream?  
    Don't drink coffee, but I  
    Sashimi is a type of sushi diptard.  
    then go find someone.  
    No more painful murdering periods  
    I'd saw pwease. *Dying and murderer is standing over me* PWWWEEEASE MISTER PWEASE! DON'T KILL ME! *Murderer dies cause he's just stabbed a young girl with a lisp.*  
    I'd land on some jerk face.  
    Start anew!  
    I take two showers a day I just clicked on one xD  
    Spit on their grave.  
    What the hell is a Pruises? I know what a Prius is but...  
    4 years ago I would.  
    I. Love. Food.  
    Depends on the amount of money  
    Take bae with me  
    Only if they wanted kids.  
    Don't know either, like that hair though  
    At least friends ;-;  
    They'll be with me longer  
    Surprise surprise! +1
    I'm 12 sooooo  
    Chris Pratt is awesome  
    It says not NEED to, but I still can >:D  
    Just some guy named Satan...  
    JONI THE COMPANIONS! Skyrim? no one? Okay... +1
    Already am >:D!  
    Can't dance ._.  
    Not confident!  
    Aaronj, oghm how.  
    Piranhas only like dead things or bloody things  
    I'd be EVERYWHERE!  
    I read that wrong! I meant to say NO! +1
    Can't do the guilt...  
    Daniel Radcliff is hawt...  
    Haven't had one yet so I wouldn't know >.>  
    Doesn't say a lot, plus people thought I was a lesbian for a while :L  
    Avatar sucks and it isn't nearly as awesome as one minute in Star Wars.  
    Damnit didn't think of shaving...  
    I'm young, that relationship would end soon anyways.  
    Can't deal with little kids :/  
    Damn that picture looks cool...  
    Have the fun!  
    My family is extremely racist -.-  
    Always been into older guys c;  
    If I listened to my favorite song that much I'd end up hating it :(  
    Does a jet have a giant ass pool? I think not.  
    Already have >.>  
    I meant to click no TV Dx  
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