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    Masks! Kinky weird masks! 3 years ago  
    Not choosing... 3 years ago  
    It's Futball... 3 years ago  
    I don't want a bugatti cause every time everyone would sing that STUPID ANNOYING SHTTY AZZ SONG! 3 years ago  
    It says you STOP the restart of the world Alicorn 3 years ago  
    I'm a girl soooooo.... No hotdogs c; 3 years ago  
    Dude Hogwarts is the best!!! 3 years ago  
    Chocolate icecream? 3 years ago  
    Don't drink coffee, but I 3 years ago  
    Sashimi is a type of sushi diptard. 3 years ago  
    then go find someone. 3 years ago  
    No more painful murdering periods 3 years ago  
    I'd saw pwease. *Dying and murderer is standing over me* PWWWEEEASE MISTER PWEASE! DON'T KILL ME! *Murderer dies cause he's just stabbed a young girl with a lisp.* 3 years ago  
    I'd land on some jerk face. 3 years ago  
    Start anew! 3 years ago  
    I take two showers a day I just clicked on one xD 3 years ago  
    I'd stop dealing drugs... 3 years ago  
    Spit on their grave. 3 years ago  
    Euthanizing is when you kill it slowly but painlessly. 3 years ago  
    What the hell is a Pruises? I know what a Prius is but... 3 years ago  
    4 years ago I would. 3 years ago  
    BLEEEEACH 3 years ago  
    Didn't say how long you had to. 3 years ago  
    I. Love. Food. 3 years ago  
    Depends on the amount of money 3 years ago  
    Take bae with me 3 years ago  
    Only if they wanted kids. 3 years ago  
    Bikes! 3 years ago  
    Don't know either, like that hair though 3 years ago  
    At least friends ;-; 3 years ago  
    Money can buy sex. 3 years ago  
    They'll be with me longer 3 years ago  
    Surprise surprise! 3 years ago +1
    I'm 12 sooooo 3 years ago  
    Chris Pratt is awesome 3 years ago  
    It says not NEED to, but I still can >:D 3 years ago  
    Just some guy named Satan... 3 years ago  
    JONI THE COMPANIONS! Skyrim? no one? Okay... 3 years ago +1
    Already am >:D! 3 years ago  
    Can't dance ._. 3 years ago  
    Not confident! 3 years ago  
    Aaronj, oghm how. 3 years ago  
    Piranhas only like dead things or bloody things 3 years ago  
    I'd be EVERYWHERE! 3 years ago  
    I read that wrong! I meant to say NO! 3 years ago +1
    Can't do the guilt... 3 years ago  
    Daniel Radcliff is hawt... 3 years ago  
    Haven't had one yet so I wouldn't know >.> 3 years ago  
    Doesn't say a lot, plus people thought I was a lesbian for a while :L 3 years ago  
    Avatar sucks and it isn't nearly as awesome as one minute in Star Wars. 3 years ago  
    Damnit didn't think of shaving... 3 years ago  
    I'm young, that relationship would end soon anyways. 3 years ago  
    Can't deal with little kids :/ 3 years ago  
    Damn that picture looks cool... 3 years ago  
    Have the fun! 3 years ago  
    My family is extremely racist -.- 3 years ago  
    Always been into older guys c; 3 years ago  
    If I listened to my favorite song that much I'd end up hating it :( 3 years ago  
    Does a jet have a giant ass pool? I think not. 3 years ago  
    Everyone struggles 3 years ago  
    Already have >.> 3 years ago  
    I meant to click no TV Dx 3 years ago  

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