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Would you rather have a(n) Galaxy SIII or iPhone 4S 22,422 votes 282 comments 2 likes
Would you rather... Fight a huge venomous snake (size shown in picture) with a spoon or Fight a grolar bear with a spoon. 43,686 votes 662 comments 3 likes

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God damnit that was a misclick. Equal marriage FTW  
As soon as it becomes an actual baby and not just a clump of cells, it's immoral. But at first, no. +2
See, the thing here is that we won and you didn't. Therefor we get our way.  
Same thing.  
He is a 70 year old man.  
What if they're 90? +4
Anyone who posts questions like this is looked down on by me. Trying to be more known by getting on the biggest difference section. +1
These questions are only made for the author to get on the "biggest difference in votes" section and get awards. It's disgusting, really.  
You're joking, correct?  
Bad news for democrats. The heavily voting ages are 50+, and 98% of the people on this site are well below that age.  
If you think your life is more important than all of those millions of people combined, then there is something wrong with you.  
And Gods perfect plan was to horribly kill millions of people.  
Are you so stupid and racist as to care about nothing but the U.S.?  
So millions of people had to die for you to live?  
We have been up for years. 9-11 was horrible. But so was the atomic bombs we dropped on Japan. WE EVAPORATED KITTENS. That is about as bad as 9-11.  
Focus on the damn comment.  
Something does not magically appear out of nowhere. You are completely right. Wait a minute, then why do you believe in God?  
IT WASN'T A F*CKING EXPLOSION. How many times do I have to point this out?!  
I think you along with 287 people are completely retarded.  
I'm so sorry about my stupid country.  
It was just somehow so worthless I needed to point it out.  
I would be a master of karate, and the fastest person ever travelling at infinity miles per hour. +1
More like 1st grade...  
You there, go make all Christians like you.  
Creationists are people like you. Arrogant, stupid, and worthless to society.  
God does not exist, you are just ignorant....WHERE WOULD GOD COME FROM ANYWAY  
Christopher who? I think you mean Steven Hawking (atheist), Michio Kaku (atheist), or maybe Neil Degrasse Tyson (atheist)  
Or some dude was high and thought he could write a magic fairy tale book. That's a lot more likely.  
I'm sick of hearing that argument. It's wrong. God did not cause that.  
At first there was nothing, then a magic sky daddy made everything in seven days, and even though he is omnipotent, he took a rest, but he never takes rests. Seems legit.  
I honor you for making that comment.  
How did God get there?  
How do you find something this horrible comforting? How can you possibly be so sick and twisted as to not care that a man like Ghandi is being tortured horrible forever because of your God? Screw you man, screw you.  
Universes colliding. OK, your turn. Where did GOD come from?  
That was a horrible and worthless comment. +1
I see your point.  
Reddit is better...  
Nobody on Earth can handle infinite power.  
Sick can mean a cold. +1
You don't want Obama to win? Well f*ck you, he's going to and you can't do anything about it. DEMOCRATS FTW!  
Wow. That is a great try.  
Excuse me? I think you need to do some research. If we were scared we would be Christians. Hell? Yeah, we don't believe in that bullsh*t. And we can't reject something without the belief that it exists.  
Actually we're getting humanity further you useless piece of crap.  
He's a good president. Really. Please explain politics.  
You COULD care less? So you care a lot?  
Wouldn't want to date a 1 year old.  
24 pluses. There must be something I'm missing.  
What if there was a law that said you couldn't get married?!  
You don't deserve voting rights.  
You should burn in hell.  
Neither of these are possible. I'm happy because I'm rich.  
What RETARD would choose a cheap piece of crap that there is a chance that you can DIE in over a f*cking indoor hot tub?  
Stop one species from being abused or save the entire world for all of time. +1
Italy has pizza. Your argument is invalid.  
Cuter. I'm cynophobic so I'm terrified of big dogs.  
In class. "HEY TEACHER YOU'RE A BIG ********* **** ******* ************ *********** ************ ***"  
And break both your legs.  
I hate reading. That's for people who don't appreciate modern technology.  
Blackberries are prehistoric.  
Look at your keyboard. How does someone misspell "polar bear?" If you look at my other comments at least 99% of them have every single word spelled right.  
After seeing all of these comments, I love you all. I'm not the only one who hates thomas edison. +66
You make me afraid of muslims. And go die you racist f*ck.  
Well, you racist f*ck, to save millions of people saved from horrible torture leading to death.  
F*ck you. I'm jewish and I find that extremely racist you f*cktard.  
Save millions and millions of people, I would be remembered until the end of time.  
People want to save the ENTIRE population of blacks, Jews, and gays too moron.  
Aww, you're using my word!  
Yes you racist bastard.  
Is America all you care about? It was a genocide FFS. Do you think a genocide is the best way to help our country you prick?  
GTFO of this planet.  
REALLY? Go under it for one second then go out, gosh.  
No, Grolar Bear. It's a mix of polar bear and grizzly bear.  
Thomas Edison was a bad guy.  
You hate jews therefor you are a racist bastard.  
... I think you mean the other way around.  
Ha, I wish.  
I'm 11 too, moron. But my IQ isn't 40.  
Are you retarded? You're not mean, but you're retarded. Please seek help.  
:( I'm so sorry for your loss.  
You're ten? Man, my generation is retarded.  
Yes, and the only was to control the population is to brutally murder jews and blacks and gays. Yeah, think before you post.  
I want you to be shot multiple times.  
Power is all you care about?  
You know what else if pretty damn funny? Someone coming to your house tomorrow and killing you and the newspaper has a pun about how funny your death was.  
And hate all of the other countries.  
I like jokes about slowly and painfully murdering you.  
No. I'll think about the the way my family was torn apart brutally and my great grandparents had to run for their lives every day. I'll think of it that way.  
*facepalm* OK, the holocaust was a tragic event that killed millions of blacks, gays, and jews in extremely cruel ways.  
I want you to have your skin slowly scraped off, and then have you whipped several times, and then put into a gas chamber and have people call it funny. I really do.  
Is all you care about THIS country? You think that it was necessary?! Go die in a hole. I mean that. Lots of my family members were brutally killed, and if you think that was necessary, you deserve the same.  
Anyone using a sword as badass as that can do anything they want to me. +2
I love them both sooooo much. I'm brobuscus. But if I HAVE to choose one, it will be PewDiePie. +1
... Are you f*cking kidding me? iPads are much funner to play games on, and also easier to type on, so there is less autocorrect going on, and apps are not crunched so you don't click the wrong one. +1
The world would be a better place in so many ways, wars will come to a stop, we would cure all diseases. What a wonderful world. +1
Biased. Yet true... +4
WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. Mindf*ck. +1
My grampa would be saved.  
Extremely shocking results!  
PC FTW. Not at all surprised by results. +420
Evolutionist Christian? Close enough.  
There is. We just don't know it yet.  
A hot retard.  
Somebody give this person a medal.  
Are you kidding me? Someone getting two of every existing animal onto a boat and managing to fit that in is more logical than evidence? +1
Except for the theory of universes clashing.  
I don't really follow politics, but after the revolutionary war, we made the constitution. And correct me if I'm wrong, but we have freedom of speech. And we tend to abuse it. If this was just settled in a nicer and calmer way with less flame wars and such, we'll be OK no matter what president we have, what I'm saying is that we as citizens are a part of this nation, have the right to say whatever we want, but we're just.. abusing it.  
And that is why I am deist.  
You make us look like a-holes.  
"We Japanese do not believe in God" That is because Asian's parents make them work really hard with academics, so they become smarter than any other race and understand what we do not.  
Indeed. +1
Nope, still a theory. An extremely likely theory, but a theory.  
Got it from reddit. +1
LOL h t t p:// +1
Soooo many loophles.  
THAT IS IT. Here is what we should do. Teach both creationism and evolution and let the kids decide. +1
That comment... It destroyed my faith in humanity. +1
Me too! Deist five! Silly Theists and Atheists not understanding.  
Well he's commenting therefor he is real. And you're saying someone else could have just made his account to say this? Now think of the bible.  
After reading the bible satan comes out as a pretty good guy.  
And because the church says so it's true. Wow, great arguement! +1
Holy crap, a theory is not a guess, it's a logical explanation. Humans are not limited. We continue to evolve and grow. And no, "everyone knows god exists" is not true. Some people THINK he does.  
Was NOT from nothing, moron. A theory is that two universes collided.  
Actually 12-. 13-17 is teen.  
Everybody, listen. This debate has been going on for millenniums and this argument is likely to put a stop to it. God controls all. He gave us free will. Therefor we control something he does not, therefor the bible lied about his all-powerfulness. Lying is a sin. God cannot sin. No way to explain that. God is not real. +1
God wouldn't send us to hell for having beliefs.  
Oh my god, I'm 11 and you have just risen the average for elementary school intelligence by about 50%.  
Wow, what a valid point! Retard.  
Holy sh*t, retard. Not from nothing, most likely from two universes colliding.  
I read the bible cover to cover, made no f*cking sense.  
You have four accounts?  
Steven Hawking.  
Look out your goddamn window. There. That's the Earth. Big Bang made it happen. It says so in science books.  
Thank you.  
And the proof is a 2000 year old book by people 2000 years less smart than us.  
We unfortunately don't learn evolution.  
That sounds even more retarded.  
*What* Good question, Mr. Christian. Universes colliding is a likely theory. Now you know. Thank you.  
So did the particle that created the big bang. Oh, you're saying that makes no sense? Yeah...  
Expansion, not explosion. Moron.  
But seriously, try to imagine eternity. It's a mystery not yet solved. And just because we don't know, we can't say God.  
No, it's just extremely likely.  
And I'm seeing an feeling gravity every day so...  
Umm, we actually WILL be able to explain this when we evolve more.  
Wow, such a valid point!  
Albert Einstein did not believe that God created the world, he just believed of an omnipotent being.  
*facepalm* Proof? Bible you say? Prove that's God's word. Faith? Well I have faith that didn't happen. You think that's a stupid reason to believe in something? Exactly.  
Are you retarded? "magic?" God is "magic." Science is fact. It saddens me that your comment was successful.  
I wish God was real. That would be badass. +9
Sports are kind of gay. And I mean that literally. For example, football. Lots of guys touching each other. +2
Double post! BOO! +1
My little sister is beyond what any of you consider horrible. Indescribable.  
If I had the choice "let sibling live" or "let sibling die" I would choose the second one. I have had it. Annoying is annoying, but my sibling is racist, sexist, a retard, abuses my other siblings, is a horrible role model, and I don't want them in my life. And I'm not kidding. My siblings is that bad.  
Lady Gaga looks like an insane serial killer. +2
Cows are supposed to make cheese for our pizza. Chickens' brains are so small to the point where they're not sure if they're dead or not. Cows have the same level as humans. They have mortal fear. Chickens have the same fear of death than we do of getting hit by a baseball when running through a baseball field. +48
"eternity is forever" You don't say? +2
Homophobia is uncontrollable.  
Whoa, guys! HEY!  
Go sit in a corner and think about what you just said. +1
133 thumbs up would be really helpful if you had an account XD  
Didn't he take down Osama Bin Laden? +1
Hey retards, we know it's 50/50. Literally every comment is about that. +115
Technically, what we call football is actually soccer.  
The CIA is good, right?  
Guys, remember how we felt about Obama, and now we're mad? This is exactly what will happen again, only all the idiots here can't see that. Bush made these problems which are now attacking Obama. He is fixing it. Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. +9
Silver medal and star? Ehh...  
Faster, more efficient, better quality, more professional, I can go on for hours but I want to play video games. +3
Yes it is. +4
Well, then you would suffer for eternity from dehydration and hunger.  
I don't like the reading part... +2
Even being an atheist, I wish I could thumb that up more than once. +1
Honestly, us atheists don't have much, but more than christians. +2
No, but he could trigger what caused the big bang.  
I don't see the problem with these people. They both just wanted to make this world a better place and we're hating on them for it. Justin Bieber is actually a very charitable guy, and Rebecca Black I think is pretty badass to deal with all the haters like how she does. Justin Bieber was only unpopular because of his first few songs, so he changed them, and we're still hating. Same with Rebecca Black. We hated Friday, so she made My Moment, which was actually very courageous. So next time you think of hating on them, consider this. +4
He means they would break it to the point of it falling down.  
You8 have wi-fi.  
No you're not. It says "but very ignorant."  
If you think a lie is the truth, it can sometimes be better. Like, you can have a dead relative and happily think they're still alive.  
This comment is clearly worthy of getting likes for all it's wisdom: PIGGIE WIGGIE CUTESY WOOSIE SO CUTEEEEEEEEEE YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1
Thanks for the lol. :D  
Reading minds would help you in life, like playing battleship, chess, and it could even save your life. And you could also know exactly what people think of you, without them saying it.  
You just disproved yourself.  
Hvem, mig? Kto, ja? Kush, mua? Who, me?  
lol no just more active  
I'm Jewish and I really can't forgive that. My family members were killed. Sorry, Germany, but I can't ever forgive you.  
I'd have it bite one of my hairs off. +413
Oh Romania...  
69%... Oh the irony. +2
Barak Obama is facing the challenges bush brought onto us and we're blaming him for not achieving the impossible. This man knows what he's doing and should be re-elected.  
Tell random1234 to please be quiet and let the intelligent Christians like you do the talking and then you might even convert some of us.  
^^^This guy proves my point.  
OK, then the particle that made the big bang has always existed.  
*facepalm* *starts crying about humanity*  
You. College. Now.  
America was founded by christians, and we are bankrupt, one of the stupidest countries out there, and are also the most racist. And if someone claims that they got the Bible from god, they would be known as a holy person and most likely make money off of that. And christianity brought us back by thousands of years of technology. Thanks to the idiots spending billions on churches, we would probably have managed to gain a lot more technology and intelligence. So there you go.  
We don't know, but we can't make assumptions.  
Yeah, you're an idiot. I don't know if this is just by chance but atheists are a lot more successful in life.  
Prove the Bible is the word of God and not some people who want to be famous.  
Wisest thing I ever heard a Canadian say. And also the first. You sir, bring pride to your country.  
God would tell you to be respectful to nonbelievers.  
You make atheists look bad. We really don't want you on our team.  
And... There goes the rest of my hope for my generation. +2
I'm guessing they're about my age. (11)  
Well actually, you can write a book and say it's from God when it isn't. "I have faith." Well we have faith in scientists for being good people.  
Good to know there are Christians you aren't assholes :)  
In Soviet Russia overused memes use you. +3
I've been in one. They are not. Not at all. And this wasn't a small one. +3
Well, read books.  
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