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    I love chicken liver 4 years ago  
    Yes I do but this doesn't say I win the lottery it says I earned it so I am going to get every penny that I earned. 4 years ago  
    500 million is way more than enough to last the rest of my life and help out my friends and family. 4 years ago +1
    I think you are a little confused on this. 4 years ago  
    Taeyeon 4 years ago  
    Marvel hasn't disappointed me with any movies yet sadly DC has multiple times so I'm going with the one I'm pretty sure I'm going to like. 4 years ago +1
    I like reading but only if i can't do anything else. So I can tell you I read a hell of a lot in school. 4 years ago  
    So pretty much be me right now but be famous. 4 years ago  
    Oh no this ones hard. 4 years ago  
    Cause im a freak freak. 4 years ago +1
    Ehh more money. 4 years ago  
    No they dont. 4 years ago +1
    He can freakin fly. 4 years ago  
    Lava Bender 4 years ago  
    Korra learned to do some pretty cool things. 4 years ago  
    I feel like if I had a dragon it would be easier to stop people from trying to kill it. 4 years ago  
    My hair is weird its naturally 3 different colors. 4 years ago  
    I might have chosen Andy if he got rid of all the make up and piercings 4 years ago +1
    Well Dobby dies and Bella becomes an immortal super being hmm really hard choice. 4 years ago  
    Please don't start this crap on here. 4 years ago +3
    If it were December I would pick the other one. 4 years ago  
    Well I cant give you an answer to that but I can make you even more jealous. I am close friends with an Italian family that owns their own restaurant and I get everything free there. So unlimited meat pizzas for me :) 4 years ago  
    It's delicious and usually has Pepperoni Sausage Bacon and Ham more or less. 4 years ago  
    That's what I was thinking. I remember just like 2 months ago people talking about the 2nd game and I thought it was going to take awhile but now third ones already about to come out. 4 years ago  
    Bye! 4 years ago  
    If i can have Batmans fortune my answer might be different. 4 years ago  
    Guild Wars! I do like both types of games tho. But if I could only ever play one again it would definitely be open world type games. 4 years ago  
    The boulder was a pushover. At least Haru has got looks on his side. 4 years ago +1
    But they are pretty much the same. I guess I'll go with Roku hoping that I get his dragon too. 4 years ago  
    Easy 4 years ago  
    Well im exactly 6ft so i guess im neither. 4 years ago +1
    Umm this is a 2 for 1. I get unlimited milkshakes and boys in my yard. 4 years ago  
    Hell yeah I wanna marry Thor. 4 years ago +2
    Well she kinda doesn't die so...yeah. 4 years ago  
    Friends with Benefits. 4 years ago +1
    Dang it wrong one. 4 years ago  
    Lucy is so annoying half the time. Chick can't defend herself at all. 4 years ago  
    IU! I freaking love her. 4 years ago  
    I've seen B and didn't think it was good so I just picked A but then it got me interested so I went and watched all of A and she is awesome. Too bad she had to be completely all about killing people. 4 years ago  
    I can't vote on this one. They both equally creep me out I can't even look at the pictures. 4 years ago +1
    I hate playing sports games. 4 years ago +2
    I'm not sure on this one. I haven't read any of the books for either of them but I did see both movies and I did like them. I might be leaning towards The Maze Runner though. 4 years ago  
    I have seen both. B definitely made it seem like if you didn't believe in god that you were in the wrong. Also in a way it did make Muslims look bad because SPOILER ALERT: A girl who's family was primarily muslim converted to christianity in secret and when her father found out her kicked her out of the house. 4 years ago +1
    He's a Youtuber. 4 years ago  
    If I never die then what's stopping me from going underwater or going into outer space. 4 years ago +2
    I only like playing Minecraft with other people. 4 years ago  
    Aion! Also this is easy mmo's are like huge other worlds with so much stuff to do. 4 years ago  
    Well I don't give 2nd chances I would just blow it up and move on to the next galaxy. 4 years ago  
    I could legit control the world. Give me what I want or i'll destory our solar system. 4 years ago  
    I only picked A cause of GG. 4 years ago  
    I assumed that's what you meant but it's the internet so can never be too sure of people. 4 years ago  
    It does sound bad but if what you mean to say is "I am not attracted to black women/men then it's ok. But if you don't like black women or men that I guess you wouldn't want to resond back to me. 4 years ago +2
    How is this losing? Do you not know what you could do or what you could explore if you were a deity? You could go anywhere you want in the galaxies and you literally have forever to do it. 4 years ago  
    i guess you could say he is sort of a pornstar. 4 years ago  
    I could just tell you but instead I'll redirect you to the website that is in the bottom corner of the picture. 4 years ago  
    So either get plenty of food and lots left to take home for later. Or always still be hungry. Hmmm hard to choose/ 4 years ago  
    Can't trace it back to me when I use it for my "activities" 4 years ago  
    I feel really bad for knowing who the guy is on the left. 4 years ago  
    Same. 4 years ago  
    Wrong one. 4 years ago  
    It doesn't really "mean" anything. Either way. Maybe people want private wedding doesn't mean people don't love them. Also if no ones at your funeral maybe that's how you want it set up. Some people don't like for others to be sad and even more so if the cause of the sadness is them. Only really thing it affects is yourself. I personally don't want to get married so if I did it would be something small and private so I would choose A. But also with B i'm dead. So I probably really don't care. All I am trying to say is maybe you shouldn't judge someones life based on a ceremony that anyone can change to be a certain way. 4 years ago  
    I can't stand it when shows show so many fillers. 4 years ago  
    All I can think of is the plane accidents that would happen with A. 4 years ago  
    Maybe people will learn next time not to play on the tracks not my fault they are stupid. 4 years ago  
    It's ok to love and be proud of the country you are from. It's not ok to make others seem like where they are from is not as good as yours. 4 years ago  
    We don't deserve B. We created this hell now we have to live in it. I want to believe the world could get better but by its people making it better not just me trying. 4 years ago +2
    Bullcrap they didnt dedicate tons of time and money to learn how to save your life just for the credit to go to someone else. 4 years ago  
    Simple reason its not at 100%. Batman fanboys. 4 years ago  
    Any bird you say? So pre-historic birds count. I could have some fun with this. 4 years ago +2
    I liked it but I didn't think it was so great that people needed to start claiming its the best Disney movie ever. 4 years ago +6
    No she's not. Don't lie to me. 4 years ago +1
    Wrong one. 4 years ago  
    My answer might be different if B was as long as A. 4 years ago  
    I hate that whole "real men never hit women" crap. If a woman comes running at me with a knife you can be sure im going to knock her the f**k out. I'm not trying to get myself killed. 4 years ago +4
    This was hard but imma have to go with Vixx. 4 years ago  
    Key! My babeh! 4 years ago +1
    Pfft already do. 4 years ago +1
    Crap I didnt read it. I just picked the picture of Dwayna. 4 years ago  
    As much as I would like to be able to fly I think it would cause more problems than anything else. 4 years ago  
    I'm more in the middle with this. I don't think his abilities as a super hero aren't good enough but I think the fans that make it seem like he's the god of all super heroes make him feel overrated. 4 years ago  
    Well this was easy. It doesnt say Hitler would regain all his followers that he once had. So pretty much we are just bringing back a guy that most of the world hates and would probably end of killing him. 4 years ago  
    He may be smart I will give you that but being smart doesn't make you resistant to what Superman can do. With how fast and strong Superman is if he were to not hold back all it would take is one punch to kill anyone. No matter how strong you are or how long you have trained your body no human can take a hit like that. People seem to also forget that Superman isn't just a dumb brute. He is insanely smart also. Superman's has few weakness most of which Batman does not have access to. Batman is no magician so we can rule out the use of magic. Also he can be beaten by force but only by someone who is equally strong as Superman or stronger (like Doomsday or Darkside) which we know Batman isn't so that only leaves Kryptonite. Batman would have to use that but seeing as Superman isn't dumb he would know Batman would use it. I'm not saying Batman has a 0% chance of ever winning a fight. I'm just saying it would take a lot of thinking and planning and a bit of luck to beat one of the most powerful Superheroes ever created. 4 years ago  
    How was I wrong about the kryptonite. I literally said he gave it to Batman so that he would be able to stop Superman then you turn around and say he gave it to Batman so he could stop Superman if he went crazy how did that not make sense to you. Obviously no human human has mastered every single one. I said "humans" as in plural meaning collectively they have mastered almost all if not all forms of martial arts. You still have given no reason as to how Batman could beat him just arguing because I'm not a Batman like everyone else. They made Superman crazy powerful for a reason not just so some smart rich guy who can fight can take him down without a problem. Give me a good reason why Batman could even stand a small chance instead of just arguing and if you can't do that just stop replying. 4 years ago  
    There are humans that have mastered all type of martial arts there are humans with butlers that are billionaires doesnt mean they are capable of beating someone as powerful as Superman I mean his name isn't "Super"man for nothing. The only time Batman ever stood a chance was with Kryptonite but every ignores the fact that the reason he has it is because Superman gave it to him because Superman and Batman know that Batman can't stop Superman with just his own skills. 4 years ago  
    I always set my alarm to go off 3 hours before I need to be somewhere mainly just so I can have time to do whatever I want before I leave. So I could just go back to sleep for another 2 hours if I really needed it. 4 years ago +1
    I do think humans are naturally good I just think "good" means different to others. To some people killing someone to steal their money they may think its good for them. But honestly with the whole good and evil aspect I think its definitely varies from person to person. Some people may be mentally ill and to them hurting others is ok. Its hard to deem an entire species as something when they are all so very different. 4 years ago +1
    As long as you make them interesting or think of new or different powers im all for this series. These are my favorite type of questions. 4 years ago  
    They are both great superheroes but Batman fanboys just make him out to be way more than what he is. At the end of the day he is just a regular human like the rest of us. 4 years ago +3
    Haven't seen this one yet 4 years ago  
    Well never said whether I would be judge positively or negatively. 4 years ago  
    all it is is live in minecraft or skyrim 4 years ago  
    There is literally no competition. 4 years ago +1
    Doesn't necessarily mean he would win. He may be more powerful than Levi but Levi is incredibly fast and skilled at killing. 4 years ago +3
    The whole reason for the sites existence. Theres a million other sites to go on if I want to talk to people. 4 years ago  
    I feel like Shotguns are only useful in pvp. 4 years ago  
    The picture for Chris was kind of off putting but if you would have put a picture of him during Thor I would have picked a different one. 4 years ago  
    I feel like A isn't a good representation of how good looking he is. But I will admit I did vote just based on the picture. 4 years ago  
    Inuyasha's team is way more experienced and SAO team would only be good in a game. 4 years ago +1
    Well seeing as it didnt go into super detail about how ugly. Doesnt seem like it would be that bad and in the worst case I could just put a paper bag over his head. 4 years ago  
    I feel like B is only really good if you already make a lot of money at a job or you just dont want to work much in general. 4 years ago  
    A's story is way better. B is a good show to watch when your not looking for something serious. 4 years ago  
    Wow 4 years ago  
    They don't do nearly enough to deserve to make money off this. 4 years ago  
    Fun going on here every once and awhile but its not all that to not take $50,000 4 years ago +3
    This is too hard I love Young Justice and SNK. 4 years ago  
    Dafuq I need skills for if im rich? 4 years ago +1
    Well I dont know jadenl's situation but not everyone is lucky enough to have loving families. 4 years ago  
    I love Arrow. I've always tried to get into B since I see it everywhere but I can't get passed the first episode. 4 years ago  
    http://souleater.wikia.com/wiki/Blair This is her and this site has some pics of her. 4 years ago  
    Yeah I bet some of you guys would change your mind if you saw who that cat turns into. 4 years ago  
    Come at me bruh! 4 years ago  
    SnK is the sh*t! 4 years ago  
    I already gave up drinking it. 4 years ago +1
    Guess how I feel about it. Shes my freakin profile picture :( 4 years ago +2
    You could control the world. 4 years ago +1
    This was way too easy. 5 years ago +2
    Never played A. 5 years ago +1
    omg Rain! 5 years ago  
    I love these question but I hate myself for always thinking overboard about it. 5 years ago  
    I honestly would only pick A if I was the only one who could have the that's personal. Unless its set up like a system of transportation and not just everyone can have one and go anywhere whenever. 5 years ago +1
    This was easy. 5 years ago  
    That's Kralkatorrik. 5 years ago  
    Now hat I think of it I'd rather pick A cause then I can live on Olympus and watch all the little humans fight each other. With B I feel like it would be like every movie with an Alien where they try and attack me and tbh I wouldnt be as nice as Superman. 5 years ago  
    Well seeing as unless I'm a major God like Zeus Poseidon Hades my powers are going to be kinda lame. Yeah I'd be immortal but I'd rather be immortal with kick ass super powers. 5 years ago  
    Nobunaga! 5 years ago +2
    A is gonna be like kinky porn with story. 5 years ago +1
    I havent even seen the first one of either of these. 5 years ago  
    I agree somewhat I feel like the only way it could possible be good is if they get a huge budget and follow story line well then it could have a chance. But I just have no hopes whatsoever after The Last Airbender fail. 5 years ago  
    I never really read the comics but for me I love Marvel movies but don't really care for any shows/cartoons they have but love DC shows/cartoons but don't really like their movies. 5 years ago  
    Triple Berry Brownie without Chocolate Chunks is my fav. 5 years ago +1
    My dad owns a DQ so I am kind of biased. 5 years ago  
    Hate sex is best sex. 5 years ago +1
    Never been to Universal Studios but I've gone to Disney like every year for 10 years startin to kinda get old. 5 years ago +2
    Its preference simple as that. Also just because you like games doesnt mean you have no life. No need to be a douche hat over a question. 5 years ago  
    This is all I have ever wanted with the celebrities I like they seem like really cool people and I would love to be friends with them. Now I mean if they wanted some of this I wouldnt say no but thats a different story. 5 years ago +1
    I would rather not know. Because if it were to get out to the population I feel like a lot of people would be very unhappy with either outcome. 5 years ago  
    I don't mind just sleeping. 5 years ago +2
    If you are immortal you literally have the rest of eternity to make as much money as you want. I mean open a bank account with interest and in 1000 years bam you got some money. Unless something incredibly bad happens. 5 years ago +1
    Stormtroopers are kinda terrible 5 years ago  
    Hehe I'm to old for The Hunger Games so good luck suckas. 5 years ago +1
    I'll do it for the vine. 5 years ago  
    Well if its just for sex then I dont care if they are funny or not. Its just sex not a relationship. 5 years ago +1
    Well that is true for the Earth's "surface". I picked water because I'd like it more but you gotta remember what all that water is sitting on. 5 years ago  
    I hate mmo's with guns. Also why SAOII makes me super sad. 5 years ago  
    Honestly with money you can pretty much do B. 5 years ago +2
    Have fun getting up there and not freezing. 5 years ago  
    I feel like after being on the internet everyone seems to only have bad experiences with ex's. I am still good friends with all my ex's. 5 years ago +1
    This was easy 5 years ago  
    One of the few times where that comment actually fits. 5 years ago  
    You have officially killed me with this comment. 5 years ago  
    Noo y u do dis? 5 years ago  
    I get what your saying by this. But my thing is I looked it up and you can only get payed that much if your job allows tips. So how I see it is these jobs don't have to pay their workers a full wage so they use tips as the reason. I mean I have no problem tipping someone if they had good service but when I plan on going somewhere say an expensive restaurant. Its already bad enough I gotta pay a good amount of money for the food then throw on top that I have to help pay for the workers also. 5 years ago  
    I never understood why waiters think they deserve to get the money they get paid from working then on top of that wanting me to give more money just to them. 5 years ago +1
    Least I could say I died because I was so hot. 5 years ago +1
    Locked in for like a day or what and also can we take whatever we want or not? 5 years ago +1
    I personally would rather be able to do A but I'm a bit of a realist and I can only see way more problems with A than good things. 5 years ago +3
    Haven't seen B but as long as it doesn't go down the path of disappointment like SAO did it has my vote. 5 years ago  
    I freaking love Bangtan Boys they crack me up. 5 years ago  
    He may be an idiot but at least I know he always has my back. 5 years ago +6
    We could go out and do evil things together. 5 years ago  
    Well guess ima have to have a side chick. 5 years ago  
    I don't plan on getting married. 5 years ago  
    Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel 5 years ago +1
    GG all the way! Sorry Psy also I might be a little biased here but I don't care. 5 years ago +1
    Honestly I don't see how people don't think option A is worse. In B it only says Superman not every DC hero or villain JUST Superman. So only thing I see is a guy saving people from natural disasters. With A people arent going to just act like in the show they are going to be using them for personal gain. Now wars are going to include Pokemon and will now be a race to see which side can get the most legendary of them all. Sorry can't help that when I read questions I always see it from a realistic standpoint and not an idealistic one. 5 years ago  
    Having a nice car would be awesome but its pretty much just to show off to others. 5 years ago  
    Go big or go home. 5 years ago  
    I love long movies usually feel like they have better stories. 5 years ago +4
    Good place to practice my bend and snap. 5 years ago +5
    I like to think of it as professional assassin. Serial killer sounds so trivial. 5 years ago  
    Well if they actually listened and didnt try to fight everyone they would be unstoppable. 5 years ago +2
    This is hard. I personally love movies more because thats just who I am but I like how the books for me anyways take longer and I feel like im into it more. I will say I think the first book was better than the movie. 5 years ago  
    Hunger Games wasnt bad but Catching Fire was way better. there was alot less if any moments where I would say thats different than the book. 5 years ago  
    B seems like it is going to be really cheesy. 5 years ago +1
    Sell it. 5 years ago  
    Never been to Disney Land but i've been to Disney World so many times kinda starting to get old. 5 years ago  
    Dang it i didn't read before I picked. I just saw Baekhyun and picked B. I'd rather go with A, sasaengs be crazy. 5 years ago +2
    Well I've seen both so I will just choose the one I liked the most. Also B for being a Godzilla movie needed a lil more Godzilla in it for me. 5 years ago  
    Bragging rights. I'd be dead but who else could say that got ate by a dinosaur. 5 years ago  
    Jay z has his charms. 5 years ago  
    Don't want to get beat up. 5 years ago +3
    Yes it is. 5 years ago  
    My grandpa is there right now and im so jealous. 5 years ago  
    Katniss gets injured a lot in the books. And im not going to say much more as to avoid spoilers. 5 years ago +1
    Well in A never said you wouldn't like it you just enjoy it all. Means more likely to get laid just sayin. 5 years ago  
    I completely forgot about that XD But now that I read my comment now it's gotten me all sad since I mentioned Kris :( 5 years ago  
    I just thought that would probably hurt. 5 years ago  
    Fight Club era Brad Pitt. 5 years ago +4
    Everyone has its price. and if I could guarantee tons of people to be well financed for the rest of their lives and get their country out of debt you tell me who would turn that down. 5 years ago  
    I never scream but at least would I would never have a problem going to sleep. 5 years ago +3
    A little hairy aint that bad. Better than a half robot. 5 years ago  
    With that much money I could just buy any country I would want. 5 years ago +3
    I don't see why people don't do it. Its not like you need them after you're dead. 5 years ago  
    Nope I cant go without my action movies. 5 years ago  
    If all my friends play it I wont care about being a pro I will focus on havin' fun. 5 years ago +1
    I love Miranda. 5 years ago  
    I am an adult. If my teacher is on top of me my parents can't do sh*t. 5 years ago +1
    Can't play MMO's with only 4 people. 5 years ago  
    Frozen was good but come on now Lion King still one of the best if not the best Disney Movie of all time. 5 years ago  
    Fiery all the way. 5 years ago +2
    Well with B can I magically breather underwater? 5 years ago +1
    Well since it says like the ones in Twilight then no it won't be a disaster. 5 years ago  
    Both were awesome but can't hate an anime with a lot of action and Code Geass had a ton in it. 5 years ago  
    Well if I gotta go through life again might as well see it from the rich pov. 5 years ago  
    Hello! Also you're killing me with that picture of Kai. I need to go laugh at some of the faces Kris makes to calm me down. 5 years ago  
    Noo two huge parts of my life and I can only pick one. Hardest question. 5 years ago +3
    Kai!!! *dead* 5 years ago +1
    So I can do whatever I want and never get in trouble because no one will recognize me. 5 years ago +2
    We could have a fight.... In bed. ;) 5 years ago +3
    Or thats how their life is right now meaning nothing will change picking A. 5 years ago  
    I'm not seeing the downside to this. 5 years ago  
    Ok and Batman is a human that could easily die by slipping in the bathtub. He might be awesome but a super rare rock vs everything in the world = rock wins. 5 years ago  
    OMG YES AND MY PROFILE PIC IS IN B!!!! Kind of. 5 years ago  
    Maybe it will end up like Skyrim and a dragon will come and kill everyone saving me in the process. 5 years ago  
    Love the Aion picture in B. 5 years ago  
    Do it. DO IT! 5 years ago  
    Easy. 5 years ago  
    Google can be your best friend. 5 years ago  
    I would rather wait for the finished project because some games can change for better or for worse in a years time. 5 years ago +1
    Age of Empires was like the first game I played on the computer. Will always be my favorite. 5 years ago  
    Some of the people in B may be annoying but they don't really ruin peoples lives. 5 years ago +2
    I've had both type of nightmares. 5 years ago  
    I think you should take the "cooler/scarier" part out and just leave one of them. Because IMO I think a phoenix is cooler but would think a hydra is scarier. 5 years ago +1
    That doesn't really mean they aren't famous just because you haven't heard of them. I have literally met a person that had no idea who Beyonce was. That doesn't make her any less a celebrity. 5 years ago +1
    Pretty sure the question means just currency wise not trading items for items. 5 years ago  
    Me too me and my lil brother loved playing this game. 5 years ago +1
    All B would do is just get myself arrested. 5 years ago +4
    Is this hinted at the whole Trayvon Martin issue? 5 years ago  
    I may really dislike him but his actions really have no affect on me. So I see it as continue with normal life or have freakin Pokemon running around everywhere. I don't see how this question is so close. 5 years ago +2
    Miranda is so bootiful her lisstick always perfect. Colleen is a hater and is porn. 5 years ago +4
    I don't think they would kill off Daryl but then you never know. I just pick Carl because he likes to make me like him one season then completely make me hate him next season. 5 years ago  
    Umm Juvia obviously because when Grey is involved no one can stop her. 5 years ago  
    Some people say take the high road I say scare the crap out of my enemies to make sure they never mess with me again. 5 years ago +1
    Do i get the 8 tails also? 5 years ago  
    Hell Yeah Soshi all the way! 5 years ago  
    I listen to stuff that people around me think is weird but I love it and don't care so I don't feel guilty about liking it at all. 5 years ago  
    Never played either. I'm more of a Smite fan. 5 years ago  
    I really liked B. But kind of makes me feel bad because back in high school had this very innocent English teacher and we were reading The Scarlet Letter so I told her to go see this move because it was like a modern version only problem was I had not seen the movie yet so after I saw it I couldn't believe I told her to go see it. 5 years ago +1
    Yes I know that seeing as I just said it I was clearly saying the only reason Batman can win is because Superman would let him win. 5 years ago  
    Before everyone starts a war let me just say this Batman has krpytonite because Superman himself gave it to Batman BECAUSE he wanted Batman to have it in case he ever last control so the only reason Batman accepted it was because he knew he would not be able to stop Superman without it. Case Closed. They are both amazing super heroes but he isn't one of the most famous super heroes of all time for no reason. 5 years ago +2
    Only time I eat B is at my local theater where they have all kinds of flavored popcorn. 5 years ago +1
    No idea how to drive/pilot either of them so less likely to crash and die in B. 5 years ago  
    Will try to if I remember to turn the tv on when its time. 5 years ago  
    Already work hard now might as well have a hot bod to go with it. 5 years ago +1
    Dang didn't read the description until after I chose. If I can't be a jedi then I guess I will just live a peaceful life on earth in B. Until some alien guy shows up to kill people but what are the chances of that ever happening. 5 years ago  
    I love Psy so I don't mind. 5 years ago  
    For answering just Yes or No I would pick No but as for the description afterwards I would pick Yes. 5 years ago +2
    Well my birthday is today and its also Martin Luther King Jr. Day and also the first black president was inaugurated on my birthday so a couple things happened. 5 years ago  
    omg Jaejoong and Yunho! 5 years ago  
    Can't twerk to A. 5 years ago  
    If I had to choose only one to use for the rest of my life I would choose PC but I love playing on both. 5 years ago  
    I know they are different but I still call comforters blankets. 5 years ago +2
    I don't really watch either of them nothing against them just not my cup of tea. 5 years ago  
    I recently started watching Arrow. I am completely caught up now and it is a really good show but I love The Walking Dead. Been watching since the first day it came on. 5 years ago  
    The zombies would see her and run away because Erza is scary when she is angry and on top of that the zombies would probably destroy all the shops in an apocalypse. Which means no more cake. Erza might destroy the planet if that happens. Maybe I should have picked A. 5 years ago +1
    So yeah I had no idea who A was and just did what everyone does when you don't know something. I Googled it. Yeah wasn't expecting so many naked pictures of people. 5 years ago  
    Neither of them honestly. 5 years ago +2
    What else am I going to use to bring the boys to my yard. 5 years ago +4
    I feel stupid for not realizing this sooner. 5 years ago +2
    I love Red Lobster. Their biscuits are amazing. 5 years ago +5
    With A would you be able to move at regular speed? 5 years ago  
    Can it be one of those prisons for rich people that are really nice? 5 years ago  
    After I read the question I went and voted on a question to have infinite money then I came back and answered this one. Mwahahaha! 5 years ago  
    GET IN MY BELLY! 5 years ago +2
    Nope I saw the movie Sanctum and I will never go do A. 5 years ago  
    IMO it wasn't that sad until close to the end when everything starts making sense but before then its a ton of awesomeness. 5 years ago  
    I'm pretty sure if we have flying cities we can have a way to heat them. 5 years ago +5
    His movies are the best. 5 years ago  
    Was just in A earlier today and spent new years there in a beach house. 5 years ago  
    Well I'm 19 so doesn't really affect me. 5 years ago  
    Free trip to Japan hell yeah. 5 years ago  
    Your not born racist it's about how you are raised. 5 years ago +1
    Only really picked A. cause Dodger was in it Pewds is ok but Dodger is awesome. 5 years ago +1
    Pocket Squirrel! 5 years ago  
    I really like these questions. 5 years ago +6
    Make christmas cookies with Jakobb. 5 years ago  
    In my opinion the only reason I really think prostitution is illegal is because the governments not getting money from it. If it was somehow taxable bet it would be legal. 5 years ago +1
    I may have voted men but counting everything I can think of I think society's views screw us all over equally. 5 years ago  
    A MgRonald hat and thx Radiant I really like that anime! 5 years ago  
    1 intro paragraph 3 body paragraphs and 1 conclusion paragraph 5 years ago  
    We'll be neighbors then because i'm going to S. Korea. 5 years ago  
    This movie scarred me for life. 5 years ago  
    I'm coming for you Bill Gates. 5 years ago +7
    Sometime. Depends on how mother nature feels that year. 5 years ago  
    South Korea here I come! 5 years ago  
    I know how you feel. I leave for Florida 2 days after Christmas. 5 years ago +1
    Well this is a win win for me because I prefer cold temps over hot. 5 years ago +3
    Thanks already seen FMA and Gurren Lagann but just looked up The Devil is a Part Timer and it looks really good. 5 years ago  
    I need a really good one to watch. Any suggestions besides SNK already watched them all. 5 years ago  
    Love Dynasty Warriors so I think I will like this. 5 years ago  
    I know that was my exact thought. I loved the show since im a big mmo player myself but after haflway it just didn't have the intense moments that made me love it. And like that thing that happens at the end with the bad guy and Asuna was just a little too much. 5 years ago  
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