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    didnt say anything about baths +5035
    period blood got flesh chunks in it  
    idk the cats you've had.. they do whatever they want.  
    i dont have a favorite sport  
    fake ones +1
    birth control, dont skank around, and get tested with your partner before you do it +1
    you forgot heart so you'd die  
    that would be hilarious.. XD  
    Whales are more majestic  
    the guy u picked.. Obama is just trying to fix his $hit +2
    gives ur house that fresh pine smell without the harsh effects of the chemicals in pinesol :3  
    who said u had to be a singer.. and technically its all talent due to the left brain and right brain effect some ppl are talented mathematicians some people are talented painters  
    old and bad or up to date and good  
    I play XBOX for multiplayer games and PS3 for solo games.. its called balance people, different games look better on different systems  
    already happened +1
    Get grounded or scarred for life? +1
    fake or genuine.. hmm  
    they look like they have more fun  
    The magic kingdom is in Disney World... the original theme park.. How can u ask where is it when theres a huge statue of Walt and Mickey standing in your face? Plus Disney Land is in CA while Disney World (Magic Kingdom) is in Florida so... +1
    sweet jesus thats a bad picture  
    like a mexican +1
    and i love mozart anyway  
    I'd be like scrooge except i dont believe in the afterlife  
    im an artist.. stupidity doesnt block imagination it might even enhance it  
    i watched a documentary on animal planet called mermaids: the body found and i hope its true cuz i love the idea of mermaids  
    theres not a both button  
    i couldnt live on to see everyone i love die.. then become a callous husk of a human being unable to feel emotions ever again because then i wouldnt be human at all.. just a former shell of myself +1
    i wonder if the same ppl who voted for this also voted to be loved but poor  
    i wont be a suicidal idiot like hitler tho +426
    family guy is so redundant and south park is disgusting... i really choose futurama +1
    who wants to peak in highschool +1
    if a croc attacks u.. you're going to die  
    i dont want blood on my hands or to resort to cannibalism... or be killed in my sleep  
    in a way.. they're both blind dates cuz ppl lie  
    i like the drums  
    i dont want to get my feelings hurt  
    I like intimacy  
    i got both but i would never change my face :P  
    not even a T-Rex could beat Chuck Norris +1
    i dont like the cold  
    thats me anyway.. im a jerk ._.  
    u know how long that money will last.. that will make my dreams come true +1
    Dont like my family  
    Microsoft gave us XBOX.. Apple gave us an iPod touch but bigger +2
    plus apple takes the same product over and over and make it bigger +1
    Microsoft gave us XBOX :D  
    that's all my relationships sooooo  
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