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    Uh, neither...  
    I think I already said neither...  
    I wanna fight a 'grolar' bear! +2
    The stairs look cool, but sorry... I'm not partial to inexplicable and unrealistic locations... +1
    Whaddya know. Overcrowding, solved...  
    My only regret in life, is that I'm dying...  
    I chose aids this time, because I already cured cancer on the last question...  
    Sorry, I picked the wrong one... Thought is said "India".  
    I love mazes, but why not make it a hedge maze, then we have a deal.  
    Have you ever seen Inception?  
    I know, it sucks.  
    Both are adorable!  
    A Cannibal is someone who eats his own species. I think you meant "carnivore"?  
    Excuse me, but no they don't  
    The Test. Depending on the kind...  
    Dear Esther...  
    Uh... No thanks...  
    I like you. You're not rude.  
    Being stupid is a disability...  
    War is necessary at times...  
    If he doesn't love me, then why are we dating!?  
    You wouldn't be wearing these you know. Human trials are only AFTER the product is proven to work.  
    50% of the Human population, or 100% of the human population (and possibly OTHER populations...)  
    Check your facts. The median IQ for girls under age 11 IS higher than boys at the same age. BUT this slowly switches until 16, when men have a higher IQ than women. Furthermore, this really doesn't prove much, as IQ is pretty loose, and doesn't truly determine how smart a person is, or could become, due to a few fatal flaws with the tests themselves. BUT, you could've known this if you had done some minor research into your topic. So, if I can ask you to do one thing, it would be to PLEASE be sure of what you say before you say it. Nonetheless, Thanks for the thought-provoking comment!  
    Do I really care?  
    Easy question this was... Stupid Vader does breathe. Annoying it would be. Hurt like hell my lungs would...  
    Prepare to be bored while I work on my book...  
    Both. My primary gaming platforms are PS3 and my PC. But, I know there a million of you out there who can yell at me about why I'm wrong until your face is blue, but I just enjoy the feel of these games more. On my PC I can download and play nearly any game. On my PS3, I can lay back on my couch, and play a game with legitimate story, not worry about who can pull a trigger faster on Xbox multiplayer.  
    Does a sweatshirt/jacket & jeans count as underdressed?  
    I'd start a religion with only one core belief. Acceptance. I'm tired of seeing people fight and criticize each other based on religion. So, why not start a religion that accepts EVERYONE regardless of creed, sex, background, financial income, or anything else. You could believe whatever you want, so long as you allow others to believe what they want. Why be at eachother's throats all the time? Perpetual fighting doesn't end suffering...  
    What IS America?  
    I wonder who won...  
    Well, this question does it's job. It brings the issue of gender inequality in Afghanistan to your attention...  
    Oh no, suddenly I'm stricken with a runny nose. Oh dear... whatever will I do?  
    Pirates are MURDERERS and RAPISTS! Doesn't anybody know that? Pirates are the "BAD GUYS"!!  
    Liszt & Beethoven > Skrillex & ... I dunno any other "composers" of electronic music...  
    I went outside once. The graphics were AMAZING, but the storyline and game mechanics weren't very good...  
    Guys, it says "Always know when someone is lying". Keyword: KNOW. You'd be able to tell, but it doesn't mean you could stop them from lying!  
    That kid is sooooo cute. Okay, seriously now, if my wife was a lesbian, that' be weird, and raise SO many awkward questions. But, if my son is gay, it's just like; "Oh, by the way dad, I'm attracted to men. Alright, I'm off to play outside." and I'd just respond with: "Oh, cool. Have fun, but be sure to bring your umbrella, it'll rain soon."  
    You can lose weight... So...  
    I'm sorry, but Cherry Pepsi all the way.  
    Snow looks pretty, but that's pretty much it. I'd rather not have to deal with the problems it causes. So, I'd go with rain...  
    I'm an only child. But, IF I had a sibling, I'd probably save them. (In an outstanding epic anime-esque final boss fight)  
    So long as I'm dead, I don't care...  
    A cow? NO!  
    My dad has little cars he plays with.  
    THAT FACE!  
    They'd be dead...  
    I'd eventually be doing dead people... And that's just... But children...  
    Right before the other person killed me...  
    I couldn't. Just. No.  
    SURGERY NOW!!!!!!!  
    Not all at once...  
    I'd just ruin everyone with my D'AAAAAWWWWW-ness.  
    Well, not all in one day. They'd go in my emergency apocalypse kit.  
    Citric Acid? Ya know, Lemons and Limes and Oranges? Hell, I'd take a bath in citric acid, I'd smell all fruity and get some well-deserved attention.  
    You can fix anorexia, and it has less repercussions than drugs and alcohol.  
    Really? Maybe you should check up on your history in the "Revolutionary war". Learn what REALLY happened.  
    I'd do one thing no-one else ever did. Make anyone in the senate pay their own damn expenses, not just feed off of the government fund.  
    I typically enjoy solo-player more, but It's replay-ability is a lot lower than multi-player.  
    God, no. I have HORRIBLE HORRIBLE dreams and wishes at impulse. Geez, that would be terrifying.  
    The Authoritarian might be a bit more safe, (due to it's structured though strict rules and laws), but the Anarchy might be more fun...  
    Happy Ending? ;)  
    Wow, 50/50. I'd expect people to feel a little less insecure about their face.  
    Slightly increase? By 1%?  
    I'd become rich, just making EXTREMELY simple things. I'd just invent a light bulb, and a few other thousand modern devices.  
    This WOULD be my death.  
    I'll be riding a missile on my way down.  
    OH! I can't decide! Can I have both?  
    I'd take the Mercedes-Benz, drive it into a tree. Then I'd take the BMW and drive into a tree, and collect the insurance money to buy a GM.  
    Monty Python (Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, and eggs.)  
    How Giant, exactly?  
    I'd join ;]  
    Classy as Hell!  
    Nom Nom Nom.  
    So wrong... So VERY wrong.  
    Talent + Time & Application = Wealth  
    It costs over 2 million to have at least one child in and a moderate home.  
    I'd be a Fox.  
    Really? I'm disappointed in 17% of you.  
    With my clothes of course.  
    Keyword: "Most"  
    I don't think I care.  
    Sure, when I'm four, NO five months old.  
    Insurance Agent: "So what did you lose in the burglary?" Me: "I lost my computer." Insurance Agent: "Oh, really? What kind?" Me: "I just got the newest Alienware."  
    The world will be F*cked in the 2700's if we continue like we do today.  
    Can't wear either of those, I've got a thing... Called a penis.  
    I'd become Cole McGrath! HELL YEA!  
    A view of the city. Flooding.  
    Mario is a D*ck with a mustache  
    That's how most americans live NOW!  
    Sex slave ;]  
    The friend zone isn't real, only a cowardly cop-out to those who didn't ask someone out.  
    Neither. I dislike fast food.  
    Only because they can't use grammar correctly on the left.  
    Well, I'll probably die. But until then WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  
    This isn't funny.  
    I have a certain level of trust with my friends. My family... well...  
    No STD's.  
    His newest hair style has a bloodstain on it.  
    Both are terrible powers on their own.  
    So what? Since when do I have pesky things like morals?  
    This question sounds loaded.  
    I'm smart enough to know how to lose weight.  
    You can always put more layers on, you can only take so many off.  
    Everlasting peace, then focus the world to ending disease.  
    Doesn't EVERYTHING include love?  
    I'd choose the skull, and then go hamlet on that b*tch.  
    Dog ears would be a weird addition though... (JK)  
    I know people who do both, with varying levels of success  
    Who want's to watch a show that poorly written.  
    I'm guaranteed not to get STD's  
    Chess is a sport. DONE  
    Took me two seconds...  
    Well, I'm not a Theist, sooooooo  
    If you couldn't share it, you couldn't give it to someone to buy something.  
    Quantum Physics for the WIN!  
    I got stuck in a Chicago airport overnight because of this and because I can't rent a hotel room.  
    I'd just grab a book, and read until someone let me out.  
    I'm not THAT ugly, but I don't count as sexy, so all I need is the money.  
    I prefer Orchestral music, but you'll never catch me dead listening to rap.  
    Well, since both go against my "religion" and the scientologists have a concentration camp, I'd rather go Mormon.  
    Most of CBS's shows are just other TV shows for dumb people.  
    I don't like basketball, so I just did a quick google search.  
    I'm a guy, I never wear makeup anyways...  
    Took me sec to figure this out.  
    I'd be in ENGLAND and RICH. Where's the downside?  
    I sure don't  
    Well, that would cause Wold War Three, -SCREW IT LET'S KILL STALIN!  
    I can punch Paul McCartney  
    It's a professional meeting, I'm unfazed by such things.  
    Wash off the butter. (Duh)  
    I am an only child! +1
    I listen to orchestral. Sooo, no lyrics please...  
    This is my life already!  
    I could be a one-man orchestra. +1
    Never HAVE to work again. I could still strive towards my dream.  
    Both! It's more fun that way!  
    There's something enjoyable about holding an actual book.  
    I'd become a clairvoyant!  
    Ask a random person on the street. They won't know who "plato" is...  
    Brazil, because. Brazil.  
    At least he's literate  
    Less open showers and naked people (in general). +1
    Only in GTA/ other sandbox games. (To make things interesting)  
    i've a rather small, clean, and orderly home.  
    I can't drink.  
    I'd live exactly like I do now, only have a headstart on the next 15 years.  
    Sadness/emotional pain is more prevalent in everyday life, so I'd rather go with the most infrequent.  
    Words can haunt you, but silence can be filled with thousands of words that were never said.  
    I'd have no motivation in life. So i'd rather keep something...  
    I would shoot myself before either of these happen...  
    It's not "The Big Bang" It's known as the Theory of Inflation. And besides neither really explain the beginning, they only argue over how. Where did God come from? Where did the singularity come from? No-one knows, and I'm fine with that. +1
    How would I find out?  
    Assuming I didn't have super strength or something else, I'd probably just die on my first landing.  
    Payday loans will be the end of us all.  
    I could BUILD hogwarts. Twice.  
    I'd go into the future, steal something, and then I'd have a headstart on the next 200 years of science. And if you're worried about a paradox, look up the Many Worlds Interpretation.  
    I'd reverse engineer it, and then start a company which sells them. And we'll donate 10% of our profits to starving children.  
    That, Is not possible. Even in the Bible it states that EVERYTHING has a Beginning and an End. Or, Is God exempt from the Bible? Or, the more likely solution, and the most believable, God does not exist, and some wanna-be famous primitive human wrote the bible. Read the Bible, If God is All Knowing, and All Seeing then how come he advocates slavery? How come he favors man over woman? Why didn't he just create Man and Women at the same time? He must've known that both are needed and required to create another human being. So why does this all powerful and divine "creator" have only the smallest grasp on how the world really works? Or what the world turned into?  
    Immortality increases your chances of getting perpetually stuck by 100%  
    Last name?  
    I'm not religious!  
    What if the guy is gay?  
    It's Cobb Btw  
    So, Now?  
    It says the "rest of your life" meaning that he could still kill you, as if he did, your life would be over, and that WAS the REST of it...  
    Just watch that number climb...  
    No, it means NEVER do ANYTHING...  
    Didn't say how long...  
    Sure, for about a second...  
    It didn't say "fall to the bottom" I could just, trip on the staircase on the top, and NOT plunge to my death...  
    Go,, BIG or go home...  
    I could lose weight, If I'm so smart I'll find a way...  
    So basically, normal life...  
    It never said sex!  
    Why is Justin on there?  
    58% of you have never played on a Ps3 +1
    I liked red more but, as you can see, blue is still in Japanese form, I could easily use the glitches I wanted to try out!  
    Who the heck is Ms. Sirois? +1
    Who the F  
    Dude, I watch mlp. That sounds SOOOOOOOOO dirty...  
    Timelord b*tches!  
    I hate both equally but I use Google more...  
    I clicked the wrong one. I'd rather have dinner with David Tennant or Morgan Freeman...  
    Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect. Jedi respect all life, in any form. Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy. There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force. +1
    But, you picked the dal with Satan...  
    well, aren't you selfish?  
    I would not interfere  
    Toothless shark...  
    Already happens  
    A Jedi Knight, It's in the Name!  
    More powerful than Obama? Not much is it?  
    Satan, is not real  
    I would suffocate,  
    They would all be horror movies...  
    What's Disneyland?  
    I'd buy it sell it, and buy a PC  
    I'm not Christain  
    This is sick, even for me... +1
    Hell is not real  
    No regrets!  
    Just once?  
    Use the other side of the sandpaper!  
    It didn't say HOW FAR  
    I'd get more nutrients than if I ate poop...  
    I don't have much hair...  
    All my friends are weak!  
    I could kiss them on the cheek! +1
    Well, if it's my own...  
    Don't even have to be naked!  
    I can hold tweezers with my mouth, and at a safe distance.  
    At least one's a girl...  
    Yes they did...  
    Take the easy way out...  
    It didn't say you COULDN'T talk!  
    Screw that, get 10 lottery tickets, I'll win the Jackpot twice!  
    Geeks have a pursuit of a "socially unacceptable" hobby (i.e. watching and discussing Doctor Who frequently) and are overly smart, While Nerds are just overly smart and gifted in a specific field of study...  
    Is Both an option?  
    Read the author's comment...  
    does it matter anyway?  
    Piranhas won't attack humans. At all. Period. Look it up...  
    The other option is when YOU do something wrong, and your friend takes the blame FOR you  
    For what, Popping a ballon?  
    Vampires suck...Get It?  
    How do I make a rolling my eyes emoticon?  
    I'm an only child  
    Spidey is cool,  
    Europe Rules!  
    Already am!  
    Can the jet be turned into an Airship?  
    Doing what?  
    Can't go on without Art  
    10 years younger than me NOW is 4 years old...  
    What about my side?  
    Does it have to be "rock"?  
    what does that have to do with the question?  
    My hometown would lose it's touch named after me...  
    Who cares?  
    What if I was abducted by The Doctor? +2
    It also means you should learn how to put a condom on...  
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