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    bed 8 months ago  
    köttbullaaaaar 8 months ago  
    uk 8 months ago  
    köttbullaaaar 9 months ago  
    köttbullaaaar 9 months ago  
    It's my real name, but without a h. 9 months ago  
    what's wrong with people 9 months ago  
    missclicked 9 months ago  
    Vive la France! 9 months ago  
    körv 9 months ago  
    I don't wear jeans 9 months ago  
    surströmming 9 months ago  
    VAtTs VråNG vITt pIPel. 9 months ago  
    missclicked 9 months ago  
    Use Celsius 9 months ago  
    Jas 39 Gripen 11 months ago  
    UK is less retarded. 11 months ago  
    SPQR 11 months ago  
    svenska 11 months ago  
    I'm evil 11 months ago  
    What's the difference? 11 months ago +1
    missclicked 11 months ago  
    His name was Julius Gajus Caesar not Augustus Caesar 11 months ago  
    Sweden and Finland 1 year ago  
    Stefan Löfven 1 year ago  
    wut 1 year ago  
    manly 1 year ago  
    Who cares about being famous? 1 year ago  
    That's our king! Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden 1 year ago  
    It depends 1 year ago  
    It depends 1 year ago  
    I've eaten ants 1 year ago +1
    Who is A? 1 year ago  
    A is basically USSR 1 year ago  
    What's the difference? 1 year ago  
    Badminton is easier 1 year ago  
    Remove Kebab 1 year ago  
    Spurs all the way, Arsenal sucks 1 year ago  
    Get a brain 1 year ago  
    SPQR 1 year ago  
    Manly 1 year ago  
    missclicked 1 year ago  
    Women are socialists 1 year ago  
    Imagine seing dead people everytime you're in the forest. 1 year ago  
    Sweden is colder than Canada 1 year ago  
    missclicked 1 year ago  
    I though A said "communist" 1 year ago  
    Red is communism 1 year ago  
    SPQR 1 year ago  
    You can't consentrate when you are hungry, eat snickers 1 year ago  
    Fanta is too much sugar 1 year ago  
    Vikings discovered America in the 1000's 1 year ago  
    Cat 1 year ago  
    Earth's Other 1 year ago  
    Wanderer Heart 1 year ago  

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