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Which laptop looks cooler? Dell XPS 15 9560 or 2017 Macbook Pro 1 year ago 58 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get a new Mouse or Keyboard 3 years ago 106 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a Private Yacht or Private Jet 3 years ago 115 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat Plain yogourt or Flavoured yogourt 4 years ago 158 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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no need to suffer 9 months ago  
your carry is here 9 months ago  
forrest gump is living proof that you can still live a good life 11 months ago +1
so much cooler 2 years ago  
razer arms? Count me in 2 years ago  
he doesn't even know how he killed other pokemon 2 years ago  
there are things in life more valuable than money 2 years ago  
what is orbit? 3 years ago  
Phoenix 3 years ago  
Then I don't watch it 3 years ago  
Who doesn't love warm weather? 3 years ago  
Both don't do you any good, as far as I can see 3 years ago +1
already do 3 years ago  
Hardest one yet 3 years ago  
Then you'll be able to talk to them 3 years ago +1
Hardest one yet 3 years ago  
Save them both. Problem solved 3 years ago  
I've only seen B once, but A dozens of times 3 years ago  
Best game ever 3 years ago  
"Now go fetch me some food" -me 4 years ago  
love this game 4 years ago +1
Depends on what Person A said to Person B 4 years ago  
cause he won't 4 years ago  
Basically the commander of the whole team 4 years ago +1
This is a really hard one 4 years ago  
Sometimes even a massage 4 years ago  
Isn't this the true story of Aron Ralston? Isn't this the scenario in the movie 127 Hours? 4 years ago  
Much faster 4 years ago  
He can summon things out of nowhere, like, how cool is that? 4 years ago  
Lex Luthor wouldn't even stand a chance 4 years ago  
Is this what the question on the homepage be like? It was homepaged 3 days after it was released, while the other good quality questions are years old. There are questions that are much better and could've been here 4 years ago  
Good question, sometimes I use both 4 years ago  
Maya 4 years ago +1
This is a hard one 4 years ago  
Water again, because it's good for you 4 years ago  
Water again, it's good for u 4 years ago  
Losing is better than winning by cheating 4 years ago  
Pinch people really hard with it. Show them that you're not the one to mess with 4 years ago  
Then find a way to stop it 4 years ago +1
Epic 4 years ago  
A would be awesome (if it didn't hurt you) B would be painful 4 years ago +1
Way more fun 4 years ago  
This is a hard one... 4 years ago +1
The answer is 12. Use PEMDAS or BEDMAS (order of operations) to solve. Solve the multiplication first and then solve the addition and subtraction from left to right 4 years ago  
Harder to earn 4 years ago +1
Duh 4 years ago  
Being the smart guy there 4 years ago  
Big head 4 years ago +1
You hit 50 votes, now reveal them and tell us what they are 4 years ago  
Unbreakable AND the power to summon weapons out of nowhere? AWESOME 4 years ago  
Definitely 4 years ago  
Creepy, and scare everyone who sees you 4 years ago  
It always depends on how fast you go and how much stamina you have 4 years ago  
Both are AWESOME 4 years ago  
Same thing 4 years ago  
More weapons and guns. Awesome 4 years ago  
And then you take a bath 4 years ago  
It would be so cool if Pokemon were real. If you choose option A everything turns square 4 years ago  
Teleport so fast that you're almost invisible 4 years ago  
They're actually pretty good 4 years ago  
Summon a beast that gives you the power to summon other beasts 4 years ago +1
It's gonna evolve into Charizard 4 years ago  
Enjoy the beauty of nature 4 years ago  
You earn more money 4 years ago  
Tough one 4 years ago  
A is pretty cute. B is weird. 4 years ago  
Take a cough pill or a minty candy. 4 years ago +1
More fun. Ride on a dolphin, let it help you stand in the air with it's nose, etc. So many things you can do and play with it. 4 years ago  
Movie series 4 years ago  
Never heard of B 4 years ago  
Looks more awesome 4 years ago  
Friendship > Smartness. You can ask one of your smart friends knowledge based questions anyday 4 years ago +2
Wow people are really getting wrong these days 4 years ago +1
About to become a doctor bro 4 years ago  
Always DA BEST with Sub Zero 4 years ago  
Is mario the cake? If so then OH YEAH 4 years ago  
Both make you a superhero. A makes you like the Flash. B makes you like Aquaman 4 years ago  
The most OP power ever 4 years ago  
Scare the .... out of people 4 years ago +2
They last so much longer in my mouth 4 years ago  
I'll borrow someone else's charger. 4 years ago +1
Way more useful 4 years ago  
Protect me from bad doggies 4 years ago  
April fools is over, at noon. 4 years ago  
My nose is sensitive. It will bleed 4 years ago +1
Nyan Cat for the win! 4 years ago  
Haven't tried either 4 years ago  
I would just learn the language. It's easy to pick up a language if you use it daily all the time. 4 years ago  
Slow and steady wins the race 4 years ago  
Looks more awesome 4 years ago  
More awesome 4 years ago  
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 4 years ago  
Looks more awesome 4 years ago +2
Both are awesome 4 years ago  
Just buy a new one 4 years ago  
What kind of questions are these? 4 years ago  
Triple Terror all confused mixed up trio team! 4 years ago  
LOL XD 4 years ago +1
If she's a genius 4 years ago  
Good thing he's gone. He posted so many offensive comments 4 years ago +1
This is the hardest question by far 4 years ago  
Better 4 years ago  
Looking at A made me pick B 4 years ago  
Endurance and more exercise 4 years ago  
If you're far enough, range is better than melee 4 years ago  
March break bro! 4 years ago  
Both are awesome 4 years ago  
Emperor of the best alien species 4 years ago  
So much better 4 years ago  
Go big or go home. 4 years ago  
You can't cut me down bro 4 years ago +1
Just wear more coats 4 years ago  
These pranks are funny. And nobody even thinks that you made them do it. 4 years ago +1
More of an accomplishment 4 years ago  
Way to OP. Legendary pokemon vs random pokemon 4 years ago  
Crying powers 4 years ago  
Bigger. Stronger. Better 4 years ago +2
His Manmade Warsuit is cool 4 years ago  
Less poisonous animals 4 years ago  
Definitely 4 years ago  
B is too dangerous 4 years ago  
Overpriced is okay if it's good. 4 years ago  
Either way if I win. 4 years ago  
Meet him myself. Perhaps he'll give me a pair of Jordans. Done. Win Win solution 4 years ago +1
It's dong zhuo, not dong zhou 4 years ago  
Then why are you using a computer when you're 1? 4 years ago  
Excellent Graphics 4 years ago +1
Sure you can say that 4 years ago  
Someone else please do the math for me 4 years ago  
this is too easy 4 years ago  
I don't know. Just picked a random name I made up. 4 years ago  
Sounds cooler 4 years ago +1
I don't own any 4 years ago  
My dream life 4 years ago  
I will pass one exam per every breath I take 4 years ago +3
I'll have them teach me the insturments. Solved 4 years ago  
Skiing is easier. Snowboarding is real skill 4 years ago  
Being popular I guess? 4 years ago  
I don't remember 4 years ago  
Luckily 4 years ago  
I'm a candy now 4 years ago  
Let the sun Shine EVERYDAY. Yay 4 years ago +1
Let there be LIGHT!!! 4 years ago  
Flying in Slow Motion..... 4 years ago  
Make more questions 4 years ago  
Who are you? 4 years ago  
Chess is a game for intelligent people 4 years ago  
Civil war vs Bloody war 4 years ago  
I wanna do that 4 years ago  
This is too easy 4 years ago +1
Bingo 4 years ago  
What is wrong with your picture selection??? 4 years ago +1
Teach it to talk 4 years ago  
BANG! (Summons a broomstick) 4 years ago +1
Why do you need to know? 4 years ago +1
What's the purpose of money if you're dead? 4 years ago  
Natural, please. I'd like to stay natural 4 years ago  
Looks way better 4 years ago  
Stop messing with society 4 years ago  
It's either pegasus or unicorn. 4 years ago  
They have both xbox one and PS4 now 4 years ago  
Played them both. Happy wheels is better 4 years ago  
Just use my friends computer 4 years ago  
Luxury 5 star hotel watching over the seaside. 4 years ago  
Both 4 years ago  
Grapefruits are too sour 4 years ago +1
No seeds 4 years ago  
B looks like a 2 year old made it 4 years ago +2
disguised lightsaber 4 years ago  
I eat the whole thing 4 years ago +1
Hard to choose... 4 years ago  
Depends on which one you like using better 4 years ago  
Cards have so many games 4 years ago  
Funny 4 years ago  
Isn't this cards against humanity 4 years ago  
Multiplayer so I can cooperate with expert gamers 4 years ago  
I'll evolve into Charizard. Meanwhile if I choose Pikachu I will only evolve into Raichu. 4 years ago  
Sunny day, everyday. 4 years ago +1
It's easy to play with fire. No one is like Elsa and can control ice. 4 years ago  
Good 4 years ago  
More realistic 4 years ago  
Archer 4 years ago  
You can't wipe out all the animals... 4 years ago  
Where did you get that picture? 4 years ago  
Buy another mouse 4 years ago +1
I'd take both 4 years ago  
Time Machine. Then I'd travel to DA FUTURE. 4 years ago +1
This is hard... 4 years ago  
Pizza is good, but not cooked like a pita. 4 years ago  
Better chance of scoring 4 years ago  
The little guy would just get cut off. 4 years ago  
They're nice 4 years ago  
Just Looking at Picture B made me choose choice A 4 years ago  
My BFFS 4 years ago  
No one could mess with Lu Bu 4 years ago  
Just scrape the sauce off. Easy 4 years ago  
B makes us live in chaos with superheroes fighting each other everyday on the streets. 4 years ago  
Saves more endangered animals 4 years ago +2
I'm nice 4 years ago  
Gonna use the soft side 4 years ago  
Protect me from danger 4 years ago  
Gonna try BOTH OF THEM 4 years ago +1
I dont know who you are 4 years ago  
Touch a book and all the characters come out 4 years ago  
Turn everything into life!!!! 4 years ago  
INSECTS, ATTACK! 4 years ago +1
Where did you get picture B??? 4 years ago +1
Tried both of them. 4 years ago  
And what's right is not always popular. 4 years ago  
What's popular is not always right. 4 years ago  
I'll eat them soaked in water. 4 years ago  
Which rubix cube are you talking about? There are many different variations of the cube, you know. 4 years ago  
Mix them together and KABOOM!!! 4 years ago +1
Now there's Xbox one to replace Xbox 360 4 years ago  
Both too old for now. 4 years ago  
Which one provides more workout??? 4 years ago  
Bigger and more worth for the money. 4 years ago  
Way more variety in skittles. 4 years ago  
Marvel superheroes outnumber them by a lot. 4 years ago  
Whichever one is better and more durable. 4 years ago  
More juiciness... 4 years ago  
Grolar bears are probably not big and mean. 4 years ago  
You grow taller in basketball. 4 years ago +1
Exactly how many friends? 4 years ago  
U get to choose what you want in your sub, but you don't get to choose what you want in McD. 4 years ago  
Too many characters to choose from in Super smash Broz. 4 years ago  
Then I could what I wanted to buy, unless I didn't get enough. 4 years ago  
School will be cancelled, so gonna stay indoors and watch tv. 4 years ago  
It all depends on what you like to watch better. 4 years ago  
I should carry my car on my back now. 4 years ago  
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