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I love almost all fandoms except for twilight and superman. I LOVE BATMAN! Also I support gay rights and women rights. The only anime I watch is ouran high school host club but I'm hoping to watch more.

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Who's better? Mrs. Weasley or Ariel 4 years ago 123 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who's better? Batgirl (Barbera Gordon) or Daphne Blake 4 years ago 105 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who's better? Poison Ivy or Amy Pond 4 years ago 112 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who's better? Pike or Spike 4 years ago 62 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Who's better? Mary Jane Watson or Jean Grey 4 years ago 127 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who's better Starfire or Blossom 4 years ago 123 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Who's better Wendy (Gravity Falls) or Blossom (Powerpuff girls) 4 years ago 149 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Who's better Eep (The Croods) or Audrey (The Lorax) 4 years ago 104 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Who's Better Princess Fiona or Jean grey 4 years ago 99 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Who's better Wilma Flintstone or Candace Flynn 4 years ago 97 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Who's better Ariel or April O'neil 4 years ago 111 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Who's better Mrs. Weasley or Annie 4 years ago 86 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Who's better Starfire or Kim Possible 4 years ago 139 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Who's better Mary Jane Watson or Pepper Pots 4 years ago 186 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who's better Jessica Rabbit or Daphne Blake 4 years ago 93 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Who's better Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) or Princess Merida 4 years ago 91 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who's better Hawkgirl (Justice League) or Poison Ivy (Batman The Animated Series) 4 years ago 81 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Who do you like better Donna Noble or Amy Pond 4 years ago 76 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which relationship was better Willow and Oz or Willow and Tara 4 years ago 65 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Who's better River Tam or Kaylee Frye 4 years ago 70 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who's cuter together Robin and starfire or Robin and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) 4 years ago 118 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Who's better Robin or Cyborg 4 years ago 174 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Who's better Ace Justice League and Justice League Unlimited or Ace the bat hound Batman Beyond 4 years ago 70 votes 1 comment 0 likes
If your best friend accidentally threw her shoe into a penguin enclosure would you Jump over an employee rail (You wouldn't get wet) and get it or Not, it's her problem 4 years ago 77 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who's better Raven or Beastboy 4 years ago 178 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who's better Spike or Angel 4 years ago 99 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who's a better actor or just awesomer James marsters (spike from Buffy the vampire slayer) or John barroman (captain jack hardness from doctor who) 4 years ago 108 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which comic book writer is better Frank Miller or Scott Snyder 4 years ago 102 votes 4 comments 0 likes
You like a person and have asked them out but they said they aren't ready for a relationship but they like you as more than a friend now it has been some time and you are good friends with them but you still like them do you Ask them out they could accept or it could ruin your friendship or make you seem like a jerk or wait and see if they ask you out but remain good friends no matter what 4 years ago 109 votes 10 comments 0 likes

Fandomlover has posted the following comments:

both are lies 3 years ago  
B isn't true 3 years ago  
depends 3 years ago  
depends on how old they are 3 years ago +2
also I like Hades from Percy Jackson 3 years ago  
Read the book thief 3 years ago  
also she's not David Tenants daughter she's just the doctors daughter in the episode 3 years ago  
And the doctors daughter/wife is also the daughter of one of the old doctors so she's also the doctors granddaughter. 3 years ago  
The first one was so bad it was good but I loved Annie and it's a classic 3 years ago  
honestly the first one would probably make me super depressed. 3 years ago +1
I think she would be a mediocre president, not good, not bad 3 years ago  
As long as they're following the laws and not hurting anyone then we can't ban it since it would be against free speech 3 years ago  
So what you're saying is men and women don't deserve equal rights since the women should be at home cooking for you... 3 years ago  
that's disgusting, sick, and illegal. 3 years ago +17
is after you, not are, 3 years ago +1
Even before World War 2 Jews were a minority and still are, also I'm Jewish 3 years ago  
Batmobile or the Deloris from back to the future or Ron's flying car. 3 years ago  
Serenity was a whole second season squashed into one movie. 3 years ago  
Both 3 years ago  
being really good at sneaking around 3 years ago  
I love Heath Ledger but I'll always go with the classics. 3 years ago  
You know there are asexual people in the world..... 3 years ago  
When I was a kid I was obsessed with Peter Pan 3 years ago  
stop being so Heteronormative 3 years ago +1
I'm a straight girl and would still rather make out with Keisha. 3 years ago  
Once me and my friend climbed into an old attic and then our friends took away the bunk bed we used to climb up to it and left us for 5 minutes, it was really fun. 3 years ago  
There are a ton of stories about people buying crocodiles illegally and then dumping them and effectively killing them because they can't take care of them. 3 years ago  
Mrs. Weasley was avery powerful witch you just never saw the extent of her power, also Beatrix was full of herself and thought she could win easy. 3 years ago  
i'm a big fan of deadpool but he isn't part of the x-men 4 years ago +27
We have no idea what would happen if we killed hitler, we could totally mess up time 4 years ago +3
And the joker could just gas green goblin 4 years ago  
He's got big sharp pointy teeth! 4 years ago  
When mommy and daddy love each other verrrrry much..... 4 years ago  
Hi, my name is bye. 4 years ago  
In nature not in humans 4 years ago  
SKY HIGH! 4 years ago  
I don't celebrate christmas 4 years ago  
If they're far enough away they could both have their wish since there's different weather in different parts of the world 4 years ago  
Thats what I was gonna say 4 years ago  
You can find interesting things to do if your interesting but even if your life is interesting doesn't mean you want to do the interesting things in A 4 years ago +1
both are pretty great 4 years ago  
The first series is better though 4 years ago  
well I'm a cool and a nerd so I don't much understand the point of this question. 4 years ago  
no but its a very cool quote. 4 years ago  
In the ned the whole world will be gone and there will be nothing left and there will nobody to remember us and preserve us and then we will all be nobody. 4 years ago  
People who say suicide is selfish are the people driving kids to commit suicide. 4 years ago +1
B would be the face of bo 4 years ago  
Hahahaha, you keep thinking that. 4 years ago  
We don't celebrate christmas.... 4 years ago  
neither are batgirls but the best Robin is Carrie Kelley and the best batgirl is Barbara Gordon 4 years ago  
I love superheros but the questions are always the same 4 years ago  
Fire, air, 4 years ago  
So? 4 years ago +2
I am a stegosaurus 4 years ago  
I already have red/orange hair 4 years ago  
HOW IS B LOSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago +1
B is kind of already me 4 years ago  
You're right, potato. 4 years ago  
Uglyness is simply the society and what we see as beautiful and there's nothing wrong with it. 4 years ago  
I would hate both but Taylor's a really nice person. 4 years ago  
Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide. IT'S A KILLER! 4 years ago +2
NEITHER 4 years ago  
Hahaha, I'm already in 7th grade 4 years ago  
I love how A hates twilight more than anyone else 4 years ago  
Because then you can be turned into a slave and end up totally in debt and when I say slave I mean actual slave and that's what the law is trying to stop. 4 years ago  
I'm pretty sure my sister might end up marrying my best friends boyfriend so..... 4 years ago  
She helped slaves escape 4 years ago  
The Batmobile 4 years ago  
I know I'm saying I love B but if I picked A I could be Etrigan 4 years ago  
that is true 4 years ago +1
Carlos 4 years ago  
I like how A is from the little mermaid and B is from TMNT 4 years ago +3
It's true but she's also not a redhead 4 years ago  
I say two beavers are better than one. 4 years ago  
Gorillas are really dangerous, like probably as much as an adult tiger 4 years ago  
Slender man would forget seeing the silence and then they'd just electrocute him 4 years ago  
BATMAN! Deadpool for marvel 4 years ago  
in batman the animated series not in batman and robin 4 years ago  
That's cool 4 years ago  
Actually in the last book we have the famous not my daughter scene in which she kills bellatrix 4 years ago  
On a scale of 1-america how free are you 4 years ago +3
Didn't hulk actually manage to lift thors hammer at one point in comics/tv 4 years ago +1
I would shoot then in the leg or somewhere non deadly, I don't think I could live with myself if I killed somebody 4 years ago  
Heath ledger! 4 years ago +1
But, its not the original, it's the second of a trilogy.... 4 years ago  
I kind of think it's part of the whole college experience 4 years ago  
I don't want to be immortal 4 years ago +1
I would be the music at the end of the giver 4 years ago  
I'd be totally fine doing A 4 years ago  
Ironman already told everyone who he was so batman would have no problem finding him and attacking him during the night while he's defenseless 4 years ago  
I love how I met your mother but I already finished it and Gotham is still going on 4 years ago  
You can stay a due with a knife and it's quite 4 years ago  
Actual mythology....... 4 years ago  
Hearts as strong as horses 4 years ago  
Actually B is pretty good 4 years ago  
I'm already A since I take speech and drama and my mom is a storyteller and I don't want to be good at B 4 years ago  
I already do 4 years ago  
Who wouldn't want A 4 years ago  
My hat, also my trenchcoat is both 4 years ago  
B makes me think of black widow 4 years ago  
Did you know that while you're under age everything you own is legally owned by your parents 4 years ago +2
I feel like it would end up promoting sexism 4 years ago  
I just got one 4 years ago  
Minus the influencing 4 years ago  
Elsa's stronger and more independent 4 years ago  
A sonic screwdriver 4 years ago  
I'm a girl (since many don't believe it), I like horse back riding, I like twilight 4 years ago +1
Grab my cats and gecko 4 years ago  
Do not enter the dog park. 4 years ago  
Either a comic book writer or work in a zoo or a museum with animals 4 years ago  
Not all cactus's are spiky, you do know that right? 4 years ago  
At least for B you can control your self to an extent 4 years ago +2
I have to admit the power's gone out on me while I was alone in the house with my 5 year old brother and it's really scary if you don't know what's going on 4 years ago  
Actually River destroyed a whole room of cannabilistic monsters with an axe and is a psychic assassin 4 years ago  
It was an accident that it fell in the penguin tank 4 years ago  
I like both but in B they like each other when they're in costumes and out of costumes 4 years ago  
B would fit me more though because we have a giant family of redheads 4 years ago  
Just saw it, really great 4 years ago  
I wish I wasn't so stubborn 4 years ago  
Well they should slap back or some other equel punishment 4 years ago +2
I think the phrase is originally from Mean Girls 4 years ago  
Allons-y! 4 years ago  
Batman The Animated Series or Justice League 4 years ago +1
I mean I'm not a fan but they seem like nice people so there's no reason not to like them 4 years ago  
the shining, also did you know the line "Here's Jonny!" Was improvised 4 years ago  
Ha ha, I did A so much when I was a kid 4 years ago  
A would be like that supernatural episode where Dean keeps dying 4 years ago  
wrong one, people always say girls are whores when they wear low cut or short clothes or when they have lots of sex but remember that they're usually having sex with guys who are also having lots of sex and not being punished for it or may be called players, also it's their decision to do that stuff but being a douche often affects other people 4 years ago  
depends how old the children are and what they did 4 years ago  
I'm in between but usually a realist 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
The incredibles is pixar 4 years ago  
Percy Jackson 4 years ago  
SO HARD! 4 years ago  
It has to be syndrome who loves me, was that to hard? 4 years ago  
I love walle and to buy my favorite animated movie is spirit which is old DreamWorks 4 years ago  
B would have really bad special effects, also there's a new Israeli Wonder woman who's gonna show up in some other movies who should get her own movie 4 years ago  
Not true 4 years ago +1
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
I've never actually heard of B but there are never any girl ice villains/heirs until now so she's a lot cooler 4 years ago  
Most actual fairytales original takes had take and a lot lot lot lot lot of for and death, also you can't just make up fairytale s 4 years ago  
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! LOVE BOTH 4 years ago  
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, llLOVE BOTH 4 years ago  
I just hate the fact that they made A 4 years ago +1
People know that deadpools powers are literally ten times wolverines powers right? 4 years ago  
I would normally pick B but at the moment I haven't seen A yet and want to see it a lot 4 years ago  
Police are already shooting people and getting away with it where I live 4 years ago  
This is one of the saddest things I have ever seen 4 years ago +2
You know that A is called a higher class british accent right? 4 years ago  
Mad eye moody 4 years ago  
A looks really young 4 years ago  
I love ferrets but they have to be played with constantly and steal you stuff 4 years ago  
B makes me think of a supernatural episode 4 years ago  
I know I'm a girl but I hate both except high heels hurt A LOT more 4 years ago  
BOTH! 4 years ago  
This reminds me of a batman the animated series episode based off an earlier comic 4 years ago  
I don't know him but if I did I'm sure I'd be sad 4 years ago  
Well since I don't have a girlfriend and I'm a straight girl.... 4 years ago  
B is so cliche but for A you should add that before he got shrunk he killed a ton of bugs 4 years ago  
B was exactly the plot of the incredible 4 years ago  
I love the giver 4 years ago  
Movie for B was so much better 4 years ago  
You could throw stones in the opposite direction and escape 4 years ago  
I could have a purple night vale eye 4 years ago  
And here we go...... 4 years ago  
I save them and bring then outside 4 years ago  
The joker would let himself be caught because that's part of the game, he leads batman on a chase leading with a trail of death and then he let's batman catch up to him 4 years ago  
Holes! 4 years ago  
I guess I understand to save lives but for things like makeup it's just horrible 4 years ago  
For A you can walk on rocks barefoot because you're used to it 4 years ago  
B is amazingly beautiful 4 years ago  
Snowball fights with my class are the best especially when someone yells "spy moves" and throws themselves down a hill to be pelted with snowballs 4 years ago  
It's a good thing I don't have a dog 4 years ago  
You feel alone even if you have people around you if you don't like them 4 years ago  
I like the fact that you said cute not hot 4 years ago +1
The lion looks pretty chill 4 years ago +1
I'm E Nigma 4 years ago +1
Emma blackery 4 years ago  
Trench coats 4 years ago  
I could save so many people 4 years ago  
I'm 12 4 years ago +1
I don't eat bacon, I'm Jewish 4 years ago  
Only for cosplays which is like twice a year 4 years ago  
Just let me rest in peace! 4 years ago  
I could be like Question from Justice League 4 years ago  
I fence which is different but A sounds fun 4 years ago  
Batman the animated series 4 years ago  
Boobs, even small ones are REALLY uncomfortable 4 years ago  
I have no great achievements 4 years ago  
Shirley temples 4 years ago  
I'm in between I'm not totally against the idea I just don't really believe it 4 years ago  
If you have a License I doubt it's illegal 4 years ago  
How is this even a question 4 years ago +2
My sisters initials are MLK 4 years ago  
That's funny because I actually saw it as Doomsday>Superman and Wonder woman>Superman 4 years ago  
Both really good 4 years ago  
Wow, this is sad 4 years ago  
Lots of things my biggest being comics 4 years ago  
I haven't gone on a date but when I do I do intend to pay for everything 4 years ago  
It had to be reasonable suspicion and they have to have evidence about why they pulled you over 4 years ago  
4,692 4 years ago  
Makin' bacon pankakes 4 years ago  
I was about to comment that 4 years ago  
Has anyone ever read Tuck Everlasting, living forever is a curse 4 years ago  
If I'm say the slayer I would have Special Powers or at least I could be say willow and have witch powers 4 years ago  
You could drown while you sleep for B 4 years ago  
Harry potter was one of my first fandoms 4 years ago  
I am castiel, an angel of the lord 4 years ago  
Care bears are creepy 4 years ago  
Cantthinkofawittyone 4 years ago  
Wicked! 4 years ago  
In really good at hiding 4 years ago  
I could spend it all all on hot topic 4 years ago  
Good question 4 years ago  
B is tan 4 years ago  
How? 4 years ago  
I'm Jewish and A isn't that cool 4 years ago  
Belle is nerdy, likes to read a lot and looks past physicality, she's amazing 4 years ago +1
Apples are rubbish 4 years ago  
For the comic book store, I can buy issue two of no man's land with 25 dollars 4 years ago  
Not all slave owners were bad 4 years ago  
Amazing show, I'm just not even gonna talk about how bad teen titans go was 4 years ago +2
I would rather not have a penis because I'm a girl 4 years ago +1
Alfred is super badass 4 years ago +2
"Hey, is it your time of the month again?" He asked. "Yes" she said as the full moon rose up in the sky then she devoured him 4 years ago  
HOW IS WALL-E LOSING! 4 years ago  
Bob barker is my father! 4 years ago  
great show 4 years ago  
I don't want to live forever 4 years ago  
So hard 4 years ago  
I am a whovian 4 years ago  
You can fight being a dalek 4 years ago  
The doctor 4 years ago +1
Fezzes are cool 4 years ago  
I just want to know his name 4 years ago +1
The doctor 4 years ago +1
The doctor has an awful lot of running to do. 4 years ago  
Allonsey! 4 years ago +2
My friends once stood in front of JP Licks begging for money and they made like 15 dollars 4 years ago  
Neither, I think "good for you" 4 years ago  
Suit up! 4 years ago +1
The girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making! 4 years ago  
I'm assuming it takes a lot more energy to create than to bend so there's a lot more water on earth than fire 4 years ago  
He looks less trusting 4 years ago  
Depends 4 years ago  
Whoops wrong one, I live in Boston 4 years ago  
I don't want to live forever so for A I can just kill myself 4 years ago  
She's Charlie in supernatural she's also in the last season of Buffy and she's penny in doctor horribles sing along blog 4 years ago  
OMG someone else has seen it! 4 years ago  
I would rather be a hero and not get recognizition for it 4 years ago  
I have one enemy who isn't really a real enemy anyway 4 years ago  
It's hazelnuts 4 years ago  
Pretty much all things that don't have added sugar have natural sugar so you'd literally starve to death 4 years ago  
I don't have a penis 4 years ago  
B is Archie comics 4 years ago  
I don't have a mother in law 4 years ago  
Wow, just wow 4 years ago  
I only have one rule..... 4 years ago  
Nutella is made out of hazelnuts 4 years ago  
When people ignore facts 4 years ago  
Calvin and hobbes just have such an amazing philosophical view of life 4 years ago +4
Yes, a few women who CALL themselves feminist think they're better then men but what feminism really is is equality 4 years ago +2
Have you seen the joker fight in the comics? He's almost as good at fighting as batman who could easily beat the green goblin. 4 years ago  
Triple fudge banana scrumptiliumpsois cake 4 years ago  
Batman 4 years ago  
I'd be the flash 4 years ago  
Love the book and the movie 4 years ago  
MY DREAM! 4 years ago  
I love that episode 4 years ago  
Only because I haven't seen the original yet 4 years ago  
Can't you hear the drums? 4 years ago  
Neither, animals have their own lives and aren't just for protecting our being used by humans 4 years ago +3
So uncomfortable 4 years ago  
Supernatural is great 4 years ago  
Both 4 years ago +1
If it's porn it's porn brony or not 4 years ago  
Robin was the original 4 years ago  
I'm 12 4 years ago  
Your definition of a sociopath is wrong 4 years ago  
I love the spirit soundtrack 4 years ago  
Both are gonna suck, A should just stay with comics and specials and B should have just stopped with a great first movie 4 years ago  
Batman the animated series and teen titans but I still like some new cartoons, also adventure time is good 4 years ago  
Tayler swift is a really nice person 4 years ago +1
SUPERMAN SUCKS! 4 years ago  
I think it brings more of B but when A happens it outshines B 4 years ago  
I'm princess Luna 4 years ago +1
It's orca whales. Do we call ourselves killer homo-sapiens because we kill animals to survive? 4 years ago  
OMG, someone has read warriors besides me! 4 years ago  
That's horrible, you should never beat kids or anyone in less its in self defense 4 years ago +1
Does it matter if they're bi or gay? 4 years ago +1
B would make it so you'd never learn from your mistakes 4 years ago  
About to do that for a fast 4 years ago  
Both really good, I love tim Burton movies 4 years ago +1
Yes, I thought I was the only one who saw it 4 years ago  
I happen to know B is a lot scarier and I don't like horror 4 years ago  
I'm a girl 4 years ago  
A is kind of what every brony goes through anyway 4 years ago  
I WANT B 4 years ago  
Dean, angels are watching over you 4 years ago  
I miss 1967 impalas 4 years ago  
Ash is literally pitting animals against each other he's pretty much a poaching dogfighter 4 years ago  
Sadness is part of life and you can't have real happiness without it 4 years ago  
I don't want the lion to get blamed for my death 4 years ago  
Awwwwwww, both so cute 4 years ago +1
I love ferngully I hate how epic is just a bad ripoff 4 years ago  
Martin Luther King Junior, Nelson Mandela 4 years ago  
I never play video games 4 years ago  
Oh, I thought it meant me vaccinating myself not getting vaccinated in general, wrong one 4 years ago  
This is Halloween, this is Halloween, pumpkins scream in the dead of night! 4 years ago  
These are great don't listen to the other people 4 years ago  
LOVE BOTH 4 years ago  
Deadpool has 10 times wolverines healing powers and is just awesomer 4 years ago  
You can say i don't believe in something but not that the person is wrong 4 years ago  
Actually they smell most of the day, females do the hunting and the fighting, look it up 4 years ago  
Perfect wouldn't be me 4 years ago  
Tayler swift is one of the nicest person ever 4 years ago  
He trained for more than 10 years learning every fighting style there is 4 years ago  
One of My dreams 4 years ago  
Yeah, I'm surrrrre someone who trains in martial arts for more then 10 years can't beat a teenager with newly acquired powers 4 years ago  
My dream 4 years ago  
I kind of already do that, I also make large exaggerated gasping sounds 4 years ago +1
The dark Knight, also my favorite book is about world war two 4 years ago  
If it was a female lion it would be a fair fight male lions are super duper lazy 4 years ago  
I like practical costumes if you work in the dark you should wear a dark costume 4 years ago  
Sure..... 4 years ago  
Love both also Hal Jordon isn't the only green lantern its a whole organization 4 years ago  
He was shot for jaywalking not robbing the store the police man didn't know he robbed a store until after he shot an unarmed man 4 years ago  
Goosebumps terrified me as a kid 4 years ago +2
Love him in JL and JLU 4 years ago  
Love the pics 4 years ago  
He's the original powerless superhero before that all the superheros were super OP they were all like superman 4 years ago  
The corn husk is very artistic 4 years ago  
Well that's how we feel about anime 4 years ago +1
You know what else like to rape people, people 4 years ago  
That's not how it works all people have around 98% identical DNA 4 years ago  
I don't wanna be immortal it would suck 4 years ago  
Love both but I'm not a fan of creep and A was creepier my favorite Neil giamen book was good omens also by terry pratchet 4 years ago  
2 face! 4 years ago  
The earth would die if either happened 4 years ago  
Lawyers save innocent people 4 years ago  
The doctor 4 years ago  
Good thing I have no balls 4 years ago  
Communism was an amazing idea people just can't do it because we're greedy and horrible 4 years ago +1
I love the pic for A because it's so true 4 years ago  
I already do A 4 years ago  
I can actually do B 4 years ago +2
If only I knew your address, then I would come over there, punch you and leave 4 years ago  
A just looks super stupid like all werewolf things ever I wish they'd just make it look like a wolf 4 years ago  
The dark Knight is the best movie ever also it's not asking about marvel versus DC it's just asking which movie is better. if it said batman and Robin or avengers of course I'd pick avengers it doesn't mean I like marvel better 4 years ago  
Both 4 years ago  
B you'd probably end up betraying your country anyway at least in A you don't have as much blood on Your hands 4 years ago  
Bush 4 years ago  
Where the red ferns grow was originally a book 4 years ago  
I can't believe people are talking about rape, half this site is either going to get arrested and are just really sick twisted people 4 years ago  
Going by supernatural metatron is a douche and Lucifer is awesome 4 years ago +1
Don't have a dog 4 years ago  
My Little Pony 4 years ago  
I'm exactly like Anna from frozen except for the whole getting married right away thing, I even look like her 4 years ago  
I've eaten raw cookie dough my whole life and I've never gotten sick because of it B would kill you 4 years ago  
Everything but porn 4 years ago +2
I'm american and tea should never be microwaved 4 years ago  
You might also get raped and I think I'd rather die 4 years ago  
B is literally my dream 4 years ago  
12 4 years ago  
Wow, some people are so sick 4 years ago +1
I kind of hate both 4 years ago  
Batman 4 years ago  
Well these are pretty racist especially A 4 years ago  
I was planning on getting a pet corn Snake, they're adorable 4 years ago  
A you didn't say what kind of shark, B you didn't say the shark has to be in the tank, C sharks only kill people if they think you're a seal 4 years ago  
Me too 4 years ago  
I already fence 4 years ago  
There are a whole lot more insects in the world than rodents 4 years ago +1
I have no job I'm a kid 4 years ago +1
Such a great book 4 years ago +1
Hello, I think.... 4 years ago  
At least I won't be hurting other people 4 years ago  
30% of you are sick 4 years ago  
Laugh too much and it doesn't really mean anything anymore there no emotion like if your always happy then your not really happy 4 years ago  
David Tennant 4 years ago  
It's not OK for a man to hit a woman or a woman to hit a man if your talking about abuse if your talking about an actual fistfight then yes it's OK 4 years ago +1
Gotham 4 years ago  
I could end up as like a mercenary for B 4 years ago  
It's saying you have one year not that you're one 4 years ago  
Spiders save us from bugs that cause diseases without spiders we would literally all die 4 years ago +1
Great memory's are forever 4 years ago  
Harry Potter! 4 years ago  
NOT HARLEY! 4 years ago  
Black 4 years ago  
It was created by H.P. Lovecraft I think, he's a horror writer 4 years ago  
I love snakes 4 years ago +1
I don't really know A but I HATE superman 4 years ago  
Fandom clothes or cosplays 4 years ago  
I clicked the wrong one 4 years ago  
I love munchkin 4 years ago  
I would rather they get married if they want to just like straight people 4 years ago  
I'll wait forever 4 years ago  
Or her.... 4 years ago  
Don't want to kill either 4 years ago  
Are people mostly good or evil 4 years ago  
I feel bad when people get hurt nomatter what 4 years ago  
The kid could get raped or something 4 years ago +1
Both are horrible and unnatural 4 years ago  
You could be a really nice awesome hated celebrity like tayler swift 4 years ago  
Kill people 4 years ago  
My dream 4 years ago  
I don't play video games 4 years ago +1
Both actually cool 4 years ago  
Harry Potter world 4 years ago  
I have two cats its great 4 years ago  
Only because they'd ruin A 4 years ago  
Already do 4 years ago  
For how long? 4 years ago +1
Iron man is batman, captain America was superman, 4 years ago  
B would be like princess mononoke 4 years ago  
You forgot nightmare before Christmas! 4 years ago  
It's stupid to count it as a novel though 4 years ago  
Both kind of sucked 4 years ago  
B WOULD BE HORRIBLE! 4 years ago  
Well you know, if I celebrated Christmas... 4 years ago  
A was my childhood 4 years ago  
I believe it's edible if you boil it 4 years ago +1
I believe that somewhere out there living organisms exist but they probably wouldn't even be sentiant and able to communicate let Alone abduct people 4 years ago +1
I'm a girl 4 years ago +1
I love two face but it says you die 4 years ago  
That picture highly offends me that movie sucked the books were so much better 4 years ago  
Actually they think you are seals also more people die in there bathtub then great white shark attacks 4 years ago  
Last night I cried for more than 2 hours straight 4 years ago  
Well A sucks and B copied the plot of the incredible 4 years ago  
Poor dog 4 years ago +1
It's so sad that people would rather just kill millions of people then lose there electronics 4 years ago  
Love the pictures 4 years ago  
I love B as an actor river is amazing 4 years ago  
B all your fingers would snap or then your leg your skin would turn black and you'd end up totally traumatized before you die 4 years ago  
TARDIS 4 years ago  
A is changing 4 years ago  
I haven't seen the movie but the book made me cry 4 years ago  
B would be kiki's delivery service 4 years ago  
A book in which people with different colored eyes have like powers 4 years ago  
Already told them 4 years ago  
Suit up 4 years ago  
Read tuck everlasting 4 years ago +3
I'm a graceling 4 years ago  
No contest 4 years ago +1
She hulk should be exactly the same as hulk but with more hair the muscles grow so big she wouldn't even have boobs and it annoys me 4 years ago +1
I told a great friend I liked them and were still great friends 4 years ago  
B looks really young 4 years ago  
HISHE 4 years ago  
Who is black cat? 4 years ago  
Poor cat 4 years ago  
Spike literally tortures himself to get a soul so Buffy would love him 4 years ago  
Whatever they want it's not my decision 4 years ago +1
Batman 4 years ago +1
Swellegant 4 years ago  
Fandom day 4 years ago  
Actually windmills have no problems with planes but they do kill birds including endangered birds 4 years ago +2
Sounds like the first supernatural episode 4 years ago  
It didn't say only 4 years ago +1
Actually originally from the Torah 4 years ago  
Easier to pull out 4 years ago  
I realized for A im missing lion king and B in missing Peter pan so now I can't choose 4 years ago  
I love the night 4 years ago  
I LOVE EVENSCENCE my favorites are hello and imaginary 4 years ago  
It would make them happy 4 years ago  
My ringtone is the doctor who and Sherlock theme song combined so I'm not complaining 4 years ago  
Lions are as easily killed as sharks 4 years ago  
Yay for friends boo everything else 4 years ago +1
Nightmare before Christmas 4 years ago  
I go to a private school and it's amazing 4 years ago  
I'd make them something 4 years ago  
Harry Potter world 4 years ago  
i just like cookies, also you still haven't responded to things like the women who helped win the war 4 years ago  
I'd rather have her good acting skills in a movie 4 years ago  
like ace (in JLA) 4 years ago  
nite owl just looks like batman 4 years ago +1
A are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen 4 years ago +1
You'd die of starvation in A if you can't move the bed or get out 4 years ago  
MLK 4 years ago  
morgan's a better actor plus seeing him in the best batman movies versus seeing A in literally the worst 4 years ago  
it doesn't matter if you love someone you should say it boy or girl 4 years ago +1
Why so serious? 4 years ago +1
The original 4 years ago  
stop deforistation by growing more trees 4 years ago  
the accents 4 years ago  
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