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Fnaf or mlp? Five nights at freddy's or My little pony 3 years ago 1,168 votes 56 comments 0 likes

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no more "your going to burn in hell" by some guy who has a very immature username. 3 years ago  
Its raining tacos 3 years ago  
i dont expect to get internet in jail 3 years ago  
What friends and/or girl/boyfriends? 3 years ago  
When i was a kid: I have nothing to do, i want a brother. Now: Brother, im trying to play on the computer, you got one too, play on it. 3 years ago  
the only reason i know my brothers birthday is because its 2 days after 4th of July 3 years ago  
Which would you rather have go away forever? 3 years ago  
Meatballs and sauce, nothing else. 3 years ago  
lol in newest above this one XD (Which would you rather have go away forever?: Back people vs white people questions or random justin bieber insult questions) 3 years ago  
Free speech, thats my answer. 3 years ago  
micecraft, thats why 3 years ago +1
i thought it said who would you rather fight 3 years ago  
the pictures are hard to add, the limit always stops me even when it fits. 3 years ago +1
my name is spelled in many ways XD and everyone gets my name wrong so... i will spell my name wrong and its not spelling my name 3 years ago  
wow these annnoying left clickers 3 years ago  
i voted wrong oops D: 3 years ago  
you cant have imagination without knowledge nor have knowledge without imagination 3 years ago  
LOL time to move to ponyville and never come back, except for internet, might want to come back every day for that. 3 years ago  
Jesus? Walk on water? i can do that! BOW TO ME!! 3 years ago +1
mlp cast will help me do whatever a task force dose 3 years ago  
diarrhea 3 years ago  
i only have friends on the internet so.... A 3 years ago  
lol whos need more then one outfit when my favorite TV shows are on the line 3 years ago  
with every leader being male, i have to say my country is male, very greedy dose not treat its insides good and has lots a dept, and is not letting others have his food. 3 years ago  
My little pony :3 3 years ago  
everyone has a chance to have something bad to happen to them, no matter what they do. 3 years ago +1
keep getting close friends that are very young, live forever. 3 years ago  
i dont want to risk std XD 3 years ago  
pretty lights 3 years ago  
I would sing "peanut butter jelly time" 3 years ago  
What did we ever do? 3 years ago  
XD what friends? 3 years ago  
im a atheist, so i pick other guy 3 years ago  
idk who jar jar is but it has to be better then hearing justins speeches 3 years ago  
*NOM NOM NOM* 3 years ago  
nothing says i cant improve it 3 years ago  
just to be sure (im atheist btw) 3 years ago  
Religion will die on its own 3 years ago +1
There are places with no religion (thank NO god) too bad there communists 3 years ago  
I like tf2 3 years ago  
Obama is president right? the 44th. did i miss something? 3 years ago  
my dream job includes coding so... A 3 years ago  
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