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    That girl is in my dreams  
    Respect is more of a power +4
    All I said when it happened last was "So?"  
    You are my online best friend now That is exactly my first thought  
    Already happened My friend, his gf, and I were in the rain, and had to change. I turn around her pants are around her ankles. Winning  
    Change America  
    Fake as hell I just voted, because I am not even looking anymore  
    It is actually 'futbol'  
    European football is "Futbol", and it is just soccer  
    Kill the children >:D  
    My friends have beats, and say they suck  
    Who the hell wanna live in haiti?  
    F#%* a shark attack  
    Already do that soo yeah +11
    We don't need internet communication, but we still have online everything else :D woo  
    Never heard of wordpress...  
    Ruined that 50/50  
    Welcome to the world of today, how was your cave?  
    The question says what would you rather live without -_-  
    Never heard "That country is killing the people who are greedy" Nope it is usually "They don't believe in the leaders faith, so die mofo"  
    It is actually just 'Pokemon' not 'Pokemon Red'  
    I would need a new frisbee  
    Better story in CoD  
    or "Lets Bing it"  
    With little to no money you won't live a day in your life -_-  
    If you live forever a true love would die  
    Love is real sir... People are happier with love then with money  
    Maybe the girl is a gold digger since you are rich  
    I do love spongebob though,,, but hear the story of red mist on youtube...  
    Only show about a black guy who isn't a criminal, and teaches kids awesome things +77
    Won't kill my grandma... she awesome  
    No need to go out like Paul Walker... Too soon?  
    I am without cable  
    That applies to objects at rest... For objects in motion the equation is... Esqr = (MCsqr)sqr+(PC)sqr  
    I burn my shirts that I don't wear  
    Grolar bear? Really?  
    Exactly, and we would leave in cuffs :D  
    Agreed, but I love all nighters  
    Until you hit a plane  
    It is basically the same -_-  
    I am good with no flooding  
    Girls Locker room here I come :D  
    Picnic can be anywhere, and no sand gets anywhere unwanted lol think about it ;D +2
    10% of the time you go to a buffet you eat more then you would at home, or a restaurant. About 25-35% of the time you go to a restaurant you eat more then at home, or at a buffet  
    Why go party, and get all screwed up? That is stupid  
    It could turn into a dance  
    Man ef that question  
    Question though... Just since I am smart does that not mean I can still be hot?  
    Who needs to know every instrument? A true musical instrument (that doesn't fall into that right category) is one's voice  
    As long as I can off myself at any time :P  
    We live with like a 10% chance of death everyday  
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