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Wish for all the gold on earth and sell it. you'll have more money than you know what to do with 7 years ago  
I can climb a tree 7 years ago +2
shove it into your urethra, you won't feel a thing 7 years ago +2
you can get eyelids reattached, you can't get teeth put back in 7 years ago  
Better to get some on your face once, than to get A LOT in your rear for five years 7 years ago +3
If it's a chick I'd rather give head, but given the ambiguity of the question, I'm playing it safe 7 years ago +1
WTF? saw you have a chance 7 years ago +3
If i'm gonna learn stick, I'd rather not crash a new porsche doing it 7 years ago +2
if it's a one night stand, there's no point being subtle 7 years ago +1
I couldn't live without music 7 years ago +2
I'm 6'4 so ha 7 years ago  
I'd rather kiss a woman, not a little girl 7 years ago +2
I'd rather be spanked, proving that spanking is ineffective 7 years ago +4
Lol falling off a building is scary for 7 seconds; drowning is painful and horrifying for 9 minutes 7 years ago +2
real friends don't get in the way 7 years ago +6
lol I think you have them mixed up 7 years ago +5
Hair on the head grows back. teen wolf syndrome is for life 7 years ago  
Random is guilt free, and I don't love anyone 'close' to me more than anyone else 7 years ago +1
whether it starts well or not, humans will muck it up 7 years ago +119
use a prepaid phone and a voicechanger 7 years ago +1
racism or not, at least i'd be able to leave the house when i want 7 years ago +1
would you rather be male or female that 's the real question 7 years ago +3
that's cause it is 7 years ago +3
WTF? owls can fly anywhere, and wolves are universally hated 7 years ago  
Animal abuse is abhorrent, but pollution is a much bigger threat 7 years ago +5
If it were a choice, who would choose to be ostracized? 7 years ago  
neither lol there were others that were far better 7 years ago  
sh*t internet=more money=i can spend more on gas 7 years ago +1
You can crawl out of a ski lift if your legs are broken 7 years ago  
you can screw in a ski lift too, it's just a bazillion more dangerous and frowned upon 7 years ago  
Devin Hester: awesome return specialist. Denzel Washington: syndicated badass with a penchant for being cool 7 years ago  
this degrades showering to a purely arbitrary gesture 7 years ago  
time is irrelevant, and only inconvenient. If I have 39 kilos of cocaine *hypothetically* in my luggage, the choice is only clearer 7 years ago  
you look like a chode either way 7 years ago +5
money can buy all the physical intercourse you want. Being a pornstar might get you laid for free, but try explaining your newfound profession to your mother 7 years ago +1
You can't get brutally disemboweled or raped underwater by a clown 7 years ago  
It would be nice to know the circumstances of my death, but if I die tomorrow, I want to be able to do everything I can in the time given 7 years ago +1
In times of great adversity, humans put aside trivial national and ethnic differences to ensure our survival as a species. 7 years ago +2
It depends how old you are, and what your spouse wants to do. If I'm 85, and my wife is say 83 well we've lived long, presumably happy lives so save the kid. But If you're both in your mid 20s and you can have more kids, save the spouse 7 years ago +7
I'd RATHER make a phone call, but everything is done via text, so screw it 7 years ago  
I wouldn't want my spouse to feel lonely, especially if the death was super untimely, and then my kids would have to meet a new dad. Even if he was a nice guy, I would rather do it this way 7 years ago  
Who's to say that my family/friends wouldn't be among the 10,000? even if they weren't, I'd need more prozac than money could buy to be able to live with myself 7 years ago  
Nothing says I have to have sex with the gay men, so the choice is obvious 7 years ago  
South Park is good, but family guy is funnier, plus it has more production value/subtle humor 7 years ago +1
There are more console gamers, because console gaming is better... 7 years ago  
Rebecca black is effectively gone, so get rid of bieber 7 years ago  
Without everyone I know and love; without the world itself really, what's the point? You'd be fighting for your life every second of every day 7 years ago  
Even if a polar bear can grow up to be a man-killer, there are altogether too many cats around 7 years ago  
I value a baby's life more, but having to kill a puppy 100 times or a baby once, I think the choice in overall trauma is obvious 7 years ago +1
Matter can't be created or destroyed: elementary law of the universe. The matter from the Big Bang had to come from somewhere. I can't say from what, but it didn't just spontaneously decide to exist. 7 years ago +2
If the holocaust was stopped then there would've been no need to establish israel, thus there would be a far less likely chance of extremist islam coming to power 7 years ago  

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