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    I wouldn't want to be God  
    Maybe I can stop the way I am going to die  
    He was right  
    I meant the other one  
    I am going to be an immortal anyway when I go to heaven  
    Did not read the right one all the way  
    I have a chance to stop him  
    I am a girl and the boy is probably going to be older than me so yeah  
    I am not going to fu*kin' murder animal so just I could eat them  
    I love sports so yeah +3
    Well this is why god is going to end this world because of the 51%  
    It is not that bad if u think about it  
    Haha do not have a daughter  
    I really don't care  
    They took cigerates out of there stock so yeah  
    This is are minds today that people are looking at sox and think it said sex really Is there a baseball team name sex no so wtf  
    I'm a tomb girl and I will still pick this just because I an a girl  
    Both are easy tbh  
    The younger the better  
    I meant book  
    Of course the price is right model!!!  
    Damn it I ment to choose the other one  
    Nvm I choose the other one because i would hate to just shout  
    Need to see both!!!!  
    I am like in the middle  
    TBH I really don't care  
    There would need to be a damn chicken first to make the egg dumb a**es  
    I go to far places so yeah  
    I really do not give a f**k  
    I would want this to be honest  
    I love to sing so yeah  
    I will just break up with them  
    Rap queen= Nickii Minaj  
    I am both already  
    I do not think they are true  
    I ment the other one Lil'Wayne only talks about drugs and sex in all his songs Eminem has true meaning of rap +1
    Making some nice a** food yassss!!!  
    PMC all the way!!!  
    I am a girl and Nicki is my favorite girl Rapper  
    I ment the other one  
    Verizon is good but it is way to much money  
    They beat them really bad once, and they can do it again  
    More woman like white wine more than red wine, and more more men like red wine more than white wine. I am a girl and I never had wine but I bet u I will like white wine on the future!!! :D  
    Never saw Prison Break so yeah  
    I would be rich anyway if i am famous  
    More instruments  
    Credit=Money +1
    I never watch Modern Family  
    More people more fun!!!! You will never get borad than  
    Why would I forget my own damn self?? Come on now!!!  
    I ment the other one  
    Family Guy sucks  
    Why would I even gave sex if I am not suppost to have a kid that is what God made sex for guys not for pleasure  
    I actully ment the other one but if this game is better than I will stick to this  
    Both are really go. One is a great swimmer and the other one is a awesome runner!!! :D  
    Y'all are liers  
    It won't effect me I am a girl +1
    Because he can, plus I do not care and I stilled pick so shut up  
    Ment the other one  
    I ment the other one  
    Swiss chocolate!!!!  
    F**k I ment the other one  
    I ment the other one  
    It does no mean that u will get the money all the tIme just because u are the best gambler in the world  
    I am mostly both, it depends  
    I hate Family Guy  
    Mine Craft sucked but now that update tho is sick!!!!  
    I wear glasses so yeah  
    I have nothing to give even if I wanted to. If I give up half of me I will give up all of me because I am only half right now, but if I wasn't I would choose the other one no doubt  
    More are better than one, plus when u need help with something and she is busy and can not help me  
    If I see a ghost and go insance, I would recover real fast  
    Burger King boyy!!!  
    Really a damn penny, he'll nah!!!  
    Really ni**a  
    They said bitten not eaten up  
    I love the city  
    I ment the other one on the left  
    It is just sad to lose both  
    Who wants to have poop on their a** as soon as u sit down  
    I ment the other one but It would be nice u know to have both ;) lol!!!  
    I never really saw Minute To Win It so yeah....  
    We all need privacy +1
    I am a girl so yeah  
    I will not be immature  
    I actully ment the other one  
    To all the singers out there: yassss!! But to all the actors out there: I love y'all guys to so much wish I could do both which i can but I will be hard  
    Wish I could have both  
    This answer is no question ask  
    I like this one the best  
    Sports for life!!! :D  
    How about if she is married  
    I really don't care  
    She was way better as Hannah Montana. I actully miss her because she change and not a good way a bad way and just imagine how her dad feels I mean man I would be heart broken  
    She is a slut now  
    Ment the food one  
    F**k I press the wrong one I ment the other one  
    Bros before hoes  
    I don't want no creepy neighbors  
    I would love to because it would be different and I would get a lot of money but u will be doing alot of work but I guess that's when the quote comes in: work hard, play hard  
    I'm sorry I just love this car so much  
    I ment the other one  
    I ment to choose the other one  
    I will be alrady used to it at birth  
    I really do not mind, there both food right and they both taste good to me so why does it matter for me  
    I ment to press the other one  
    I am a woman but If I was a guy this is what I would choose  
    58% people probably never tried Apple  
    Nobody is ugly tho  
    Medicine are durgs duh, lol  
    Idk why did I pick this  
    There are alot of people that do not say Thank you  
    Ethier way I am going to die  
    I do both but let me be honest I do better with dead silence  
    Step up all the way!!!!  
    If I am really tired I do this. If not I just do showers  
    Never saw neither  
    54% people are really sad because that is bad that u just can not wait and have to have sex before u get marriage like come on that he can just do u and leave you right after that  
    This is me most of the time  
    No worry I am black I will get them stratight  
    57% people do not know what they are talking about  
    I am a girl so I am fine with that  
    I have not seen this movie... So yeah  
    I really love both  
    I like this show  
    They are both hot  
    This is how I am now jk idk  
    I am going to see anyway when I give birth  
    I would probably survive that than the other one  
    I love to sleep  
    I would never f**king trust satan  
    I don't really care because I do not do marijuana anyway  
    They didn't say all of them are fake plus I can deal with the fake friends after school if u know what I mean  
    Lol both are romantic!!!  
    I love being warm  
    This was hard for me because I honestly do both  
    Most people who answer this do not even no what is Magic Kingdom  
    Really do not care  
    I don't care as long as I get that MONEY!!!!  
    Both are scary  
    I would be cool if somebody had my name as their home town :D  
    Nobody wants to go to jail  
    I am a girl and I pick Harry because guys are way cooler to hang out with than girls just saying  
    I am a girl but I am tall so that is why I pick that one  
    Never had my first kiss so yeah  
    No Star wars please thx  
    I am only 14 so yeah  
    I actully like being the youngest  
    Cancer is just bad plain bad  
    I ment Family  
    It would be lind of werid to date a man ten years younger than me just saying  
    I just think it would be cool to have this, but then again both are really awesome  
    I ment to press ignorant  
    I would not care but I hate pain so yes I would have to choose this  
    I would have a guy to do this~if you know what I mean ;D  
    Eat meat everyday can get you sick, but not eating meat at all can't  
    I will have free Starbucks free if I own it!!!! :D  
    I am so sorry but come on now!!!!! Music is freaking life!!!!  
    The love of my life may come true  
    I hate pain all together  
    I will just break up with the dumba** anyway  
    I don't really care  
    I really do not care, but they are both funny!  
    I don't even no what is the Triwizard Tournament  
    If it was not for Steve Jobs we would have I nothing. Mean no iPhone no iPods no iMac no I nothing  
    Again I hate pain so yeah  
    I ment to put would not steal the money because I would have to live with that the rest of my life and would have to think that I would be in jail right now if I got caught  
    If u did not want a baby then don't have sex at all God made those kids and God also made sex and that is what is sex for to bring new born kids to life +1
    You can hear when fake people are talking about u from a far distance  
    Let's be closer to my generation please  
    If I have fame I will already be wealthy  
    Why u might, well because I can keep on working on the thing I am bad at and become good at it ;)  
    Even tho it is a really good movie.... I can not be on my butt for that long lol!!!! :D  
    I pick McDonald's because I think it is but, the fact which I know is that Subway gets more money than McDonald's  
    I am so humble to choose that answer  
    Bruhhh!!!! You guys u got Paris France, COME ON NOW!  
    It is like changing who u are  
    Being rich will make me happy because right now i am kind of poor and I am not happy  
    I really do not even care  
    Both are good!!!  
    Damn it I should of choose the other one because if Golden Coral  
    I am a girl and I think the R8 will look good for a car like me  
    I want to go to space but everytime I think about doing that something is tell me not to go  
    I sometimes need help with my hair so yeah this will work when I do my hair and I can not reach the back  
    It is all ways a good tine with friends  
    I ment to press the first one because I am a girl  
    Talking about the best teacher ever!!!!  
    I can do this to the people I hate in class ;)  
    I ment to press the short life one  
    Your diing slowly inhaling that stuff  
    When I had out with my friends and we get board I am all ways the one to come up with something that everybody loves doing  
    If y'all were in the same state I was right now ( and no I am not talking county state, I am talking about the state I am) y'all would want to use call right now  
    Make memorable things happen!!  
    Just picked one  
    TBH I just picked one I do not care what group I am in as long as I got true as friends  
    I'm a gamer but I got to go with this  
    Come on now guys let's all face it, It comes down to this!!!  
    I like gifts because it is a surprise  
    People tell me I have a great voice but he'll to the no if I am doing that in front of everybody :D  
    U only have true love very rarely  
    God loves us all and to see his own childern that he made to be with woman and men is a blessing because that is how he wanted us to be and God made sure there is a men for u women and a women for the mens but to see them with the same gender is just a sin right in front of your fathers/creator face  
    I am not doing it for the drugs but just to see your own son not have money and might be on the streets, come on now u got to help him he is your son  
    Sorry this Is just over the top cool!!!!  
    We need Divorcement so we can have a choice ig we are not happy with are love life  
    I have no idea so yeah whatever  
    It will just break my heart if i just saw him doing it with another girl  
    i need my ears to hear music duh  
    Kind of agree with y'all but you know to late now  
    Time to party lol  
    Tattoos.... umm i just do not care for them  
    I am tall and i am glad to be tall so yeah no  
    Date of your death is just scary  
    Being a kid again would be cool. Less drama, less work to do. Like that is the life!!!!  
    Bruhh chocolate is like the bomb!!!!  
    Maggots because I could go to the hospital and get them out  
    Would never let a cow blow me  
    More of something with no weight  
    Thief is a worst thing to do because u would be spending your whole life or have of your life in jail  
    Both would make u go crazy  
    Star Trek all the way sorry  
    My family is having money problem so yeah  
    Less to do in one day tho  
    Sorry but I have a small dog right now so yeah  
    Music is life that would be the day  
    Hair and only my hair  
    Instead of being there and just hearing things u could say something and do something about it  
    Y'all have no idea  
    Mermaids because if they are real u can have your chance of being one  
    Both are really cute, it was hard chosing one  
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