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    ⭐️ 4 years ago  
    Didnt say it will sharpen your finger 4 years ago  
    Skip 4 years ago  
    Skip 4 years ago  
    Wish for more wishes, wish that you can wish for money 4 years ago  
    Skip 4 years ago  
    Easy 4 years ago +1
    Wrong one 4 years ago  
    Hate brain freezes 4 years ago  
    Scary 4 years ago  
    Big duck would be too 4 years ago  
    Non venomous, friendly snakes 4 years ago  
    Dog 4 years ago  
    Don't u get it? 4 years ago  
    Hold your nose 4 years ago  
    So hard to choose 4 years ago  
    Stupid question 4 years ago  
    1 second late 4 years ago  
    It didn't say they were good stupid 4 years ago  
    Sour skittles!!! 4 years ago  
    More compact 4 years ago  
    Spongebob!!!! 4 years ago  
    Both 4 years ago  
    Both 4 years ago  
    Parasol? 4 years ago  
    Love bacon 4 years ago  
    More entertaining 4 years ago  
    Imma girl soo.... 4 years ago  
    Being a kid sucks 4 years ago  
    Snow duhhh 4 years ago  
    Hmmm good question 4 years ago  

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