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Would you rather have a Tail of your choosing (8 ft max length) or Pair of wings of your choosing (8 ft max wingspan) 2 years ago 71 votes 12 comments 0 likes

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Cant stand the smell of the stuff and it destroys brain cells. 2 years ago  
I'm paranoid so I'm always in the dark. 2 years ago  
Use the first wish to make all the others rule free.No rule against wishing for that. 2 years ago  
Riding a unicorn would be cool, not to sure about riding a mermaid... 2 years ago  
You can watch your own day dreams on tv...wow. 2 years ago  
Hey that's messed up I'm a dude.I just don't listen to music so I choose the free drinks for a year. 2 years ago  
No that means you get smarter and you never age.Though that would suck if you weren't fully grown. 2 years ago  
What if said zombie apocalypse was easy to cure then you could get over it fast. 2 years ago  
Get the one billion make more money then give the same amount to the poor African families.Then you still are rich and they have money to. 2 years ago  
If your the smartest person you could build a machine to make you the hottest person. 2 years ago  
Are crazy?Let's see live in a world full of magic, but monsters that could and would swallow you whole or be able to buy everything you could ever want and be able to live a relaxing and happy life. 2 years ago  
Ruling a world would probably be hard though wouldn't it. 2 years ago  
I like Pokemon so I would have to choose to get a Mew tail(Mew is my favorite Pokemon).It is so long and versatile and I'd be able to use any tail moves Mew can use. 2 years ago  
You know I meant like any tail or wings of your choosing.In other words if you wanted you could think of some crazy tail to give you special powers or something.The question really means which one do you think would look better on you. 2 years ago  

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