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Would you rather play Black Ops or Cry Of Fear 6 years ago 246 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which HL2 Mod Is Better? Cry Of Fear or Nightmare House 2 6 years ago 242 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which HL2 Mod Is Better? Cry Of Fear or Nightmare House 2 6 years ago 131 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Which Is Scarier? Slender Man (Slender) or Sawer (Cry Of Fear) 6 years ago 299 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Bungee Jump or Sky Dive 6 years ago 250 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather Be in 110 degree temperature or Be in -10 degree temperature 6 years ago 302 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Who would you perfer? Selena Gomez or Emma Watson 6 years ago 1,455 votes 19 comments 0 likes

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Action Or Horror? 6 years ago  
That be a story to tell 6 years ago +3
Eminem Rocks 6 years ago +1
i get to be around Emma Watson. :o 6 years ago  
The mind of a 7 year old... 6 years ago  
Look It up 6 years ago +1
It would be akward as f*** 6 years ago  
Thank god for the skip button 6 years ago +4
No, Space... space is cool 6 years ago +5
Forever alone 6 years ago  
On google, look up, 'Slender game' 6 years ago  
Only fat people chose Holiday World 6 years ago  
Slender is freaky 6 years ago  
Slnder man is freaky as hell 6 years ago +2
Skydiving, Free falling will be such a blast 6 years ago  
White Rap FTW 6 years ago  
Freak b*tchez out 6 years ago  
Good breath 6 years ago  
More BadAss 6 years ago  
Forever alone 6 years ago  
Umbralla is bad luck 6 years ago  
sith looks badass 6 years ago  
No brainer 6 years ago  
Space, nuff said 6 years ago  
62% of voters are 9 year olds 6 years ago  
Night terror. :/ 6 years ago  
Barney is a pedophille 6 years ago  
37% of people are creepy 6 years ago  
D: 6 years ago  
I can run, cant swim 6 years ago  
Im a guy, so i would enjoy it 6 years ago  
Mens best friend 6 years ago  
SKIP 6 years ago  
Im lazy 6 years ago  
Worst enemy - Gives my 2 reasons to kick his ass 6 years ago  
I need ma ballz 6 years ago  
I get a tennis racket... should be fun 6 years ago  
Forever alone... I feel ya 6 years ago  
Im more used to a console, its awkward to me playing on a computer 6 years ago  
I really like the skip button. 6 years ago  
Im clastrophobic 6 years ago  
Is this even a question?? 6 years ago  
Google is a bigger company. 6 years ago  
I live in oklahoma, we hardly get snow, but always rain 6 years ago  
Mermaids are hot, always in bikinis and always wet 6 years ago  
Are blackberrys still around? 6 years ago  
Nice question, but you can always wake up. 6 years ago  
I rather be known then not acknowladge 6 years ago  
I love music 6 years ago  
50/50 :/ 6 years ago  
HELL YEAH 6 years ago  
The justin bieber % bar size the size of his dick. True Story 6 years ago  
If my son was gay, he might get teased. 6 years ago  
Im used to firefox :/ 6 years ago  
Hey! its mom! 6 years ago  
Look at that monkey and tell me you do not wanna talk to him 6 years ago  
Your gay. 6 years ago  
I can buy true love with 10 million 6 years ago  
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