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I am a military and diesel truck kind of guy

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    That is why is I am going to the military  
    The Mercedes Benz amg g class 6x6  
    Both because Ihave both and I play both  
    If she comes with it the he!! Yeah  
    Donald trump  
    I love Russians considering I am part russian  
    Ii she is hot yes and I'm 17  
    Well I'm a guy so  
    I am 17  
    Neither neither neither neither neither neither neither neither neither neither neither +1
    How do you do that how does one look inside themselves  
    I play both so i think they both sound pretty  
    Mtn' dew  
    Nice picture and love the car in the background  
    Trust me Abbie I'm a guy and it life is a lot harder  
    My crush is sitting right next to me  
    Then what's the point of never dying  
    It is already out  
    War what is it good for absolutley  
    That is a lot of nopes  
    I also don't have a cell phone  
    Wrong one  
    Holy crap really! I didn't know  
    I already do this  
    It burns  
    Taylor swift ahhhh  
    Neither cause I am not a belieber aka a Justin believer fan  
    It doesn't say for a day or the rest of your life or on repeat  
    A halo skull  
    Good thing my dad does not know how to text yeaaaa  
    That is one long explanation and I too am not a Katy perry fan or as you call it katycat  
    Hll yeah my facorite  
    Agreed especially when they are right behind you and are loud as fck  
    Well then screw you then you don't get to enjoy the luxury of a upgraded and sick(nice /awesome) ride  
    Schoolgirl pornos can happen with and without school uniforms +1
    Who cares about pewdiepie living in Sweden the question is asking would you rather visit positano Italy or tanah lot in Bali not would you rather visit pewdiepie +1
    Positano looks crowded so no  
    I would not prefer to kill Stalin because he is a russian  
    Lesbians are fing cool bro gay guys are not  
    I don't want a speeding ticket yet because I am only eighteen and if I get a ticket now then i will lose my licsense  
    It doesn't say you can also be beutiful  
    Bullsh!t God does exsit  
    Bulls Have  
    Bulls Have  
    Already am a only child  
    Ford f-650 and mega ram from diesel brothers trucked out  
    Sh!t wrong one  
    Been there done that  
    Both are very annoying so neither  
    It doesn't say you can fix the car up so it drives really good and looks awsome  
    Both equally annoying but if I had to choose one I pick the first one  
    The second one is a lie every body says you are guaranteed not to die or this is guaranteed this will help you look young  
    SpongeBob island  
    They look the same  
    They are both pc's +1
    I bet you 1,000,000,000,000 dollars that I can get shot by that tank and get run over by a train and still live  
    Donald trump  
    Metroid has tits but you can't see them  
    Ben drowned  
    I'm a guy so I don't wear make up  
    I am not a belieber I am a deadpool beliver  
    You spell Obama's first name wrong it is spelled Barack obama  
    Good job on getting the symbols right on this one  
    Both please  
    Teleport because if your in a bad situation you can just teleport away  
    They would both hurt but the second one might kill you  
    On a motorcycle or without a motorcycle oh and it is called a giant metal ball death trap where if you stop moving you will fall and be crushed by your motorcycle  
    One does not simply jello  
    Can I have both?  
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