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I'm awesome. The only real thing I commented on is the Star Wars thing, the rest were accidental.

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    I'm nine years old.  
    My would I I'm 9!?  
    Again, I'm a loner.  
    Oh the awesomeness of this all.  
    Yup, that's me.  
    I do get it but I'm nine too.  
    Pokèmon rock!  
    Dad he's awesome!  
    I do have a sneaky reputation so some ppl don't like me .  
    Heehee, I already do.  
    Hehe... loner...  
    Oh, that is obvious.  
    Darth rocks!  
    Of course I want to be rich...  
    How come all the tears? I'm happy, happy, happy! Animals are more awesome.  
    True for me, very true.  
    I do not like annoying crushes...  
    Meh... idc...  
    I'm a loner. I wanna be rich rich rich!  
    Certainly a Galaxy...  
    I hate Facebook. +1
    Oh, certainly...  
    Anything for me...  
    3DS System, everyone knows that!  
    Windows!! U guys deaf??  
    Hotmail burns your fingers, duh!!  
    I virtually LIVE on Armor Games.  
    Oh windows rocks. Makes Apple look like a poophead. I tried both.  
    "Letza go!"  
    First thing, Pokèmon is awesome and red is my fave color.  
    Red is my fave color, duh.  
    Nintendo rocks, period.  
    I use calibri more.  
    Google rocks!  
    It really depends on what. Computers are supposed to be controlled by keys and mouse.  
    Windows is the best, period.  
    Well they're more popular so. Not to be a sheep or whatever, but I like the idea of it and besides most apps r for iPhone.  
    I like foxes but I cannot get on Firefoxie.  
    Ohh, Star Wars is good. I even know why Darth Vader is on the dark side.  
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