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I'm awesome. The only real thing I commented on is the Star Wars thing, the rest were accidental.

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Would you rather Live in Animal Jam? or Live in Minecraft? 4 years ago 1,137 votes 23 comments 0 likes

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Forkies! 4 years ago  
I'm nine years old. 4 years ago  
My would I I'm 9!? 4 years ago  
I already am popular and awesome. 4 years ago  
TIGURS! 4 years ago  
Both r cute! 4 years ago +1
Again, I'm a loner. 4 years ago  
It's ok with me, I guess. 4 years ago  
Fire is awesome, video games r awesome, and animals awesome. 4 years ago  
Bbbbbbbbbbb. 4 years ago  
Oh the awesomeness of this all. 4 years ago  
Yup, that's me. 4 years ago  
Obviously... 4 years ago  
I do get it but I'm nine too. 4 years ago  
Pokèmon rock! 4 years ago  
Dad he's awesome! 4 years ago  
R U KIDDING ME!? HORSES ROCK! 4 years ago  
I do have a sneaky reputation so some ppl don't like me . 4 years ago  
Heehee, I already do. 4 years ago  
Hehe... loner... 4 years ago  
Oh, that is obvious. 4 years ago  
Darth rocks! 4 years ago  
Puppies are more awesome, period... 4 years ago  
Of course I want to be rich... 4 years ago  
How come all the tears? I'm happy, happy, happy! Animals are more awesome. 4 years ago  
True for me, very true. 4 years ago  
I do not like annoying crushes... 4 years ago  
Meh... idc... 4 years ago  
I'm a loner. I wanna be rich rich rich! 4 years ago  
Ommnommz chocolate mousse! No nuts, gross veggies grounded in, peanuts, or feverish ppl next to me, thank you! 4 years ago  
Certainly a Galaxy... 4 years ago  
I don't care, anything that has to do with portals. 4 years ago  
I hate Facebook. 4 years ago +1
Oh, certainly... 4 years ago  
Anything for me... 4 years ago  
3DS System, everyone knows that! 4 years ago  
Windows!! U guys deaf?? 4 years ago  
Hotmail burns your fingers, duh!! 4 years ago  
I virtually LIVE on Armor Games. 4 years ago  
Foxxy. Like a boss... 4 years ago  
Oh windows rocks. Makes Apple look like a poophead. I tried both. 4 years ago  
"Letza go!" 4 years ago  
First thing, Pokèmon is awesome and red is my fave color. 4 years ago  
Red is my fave color, duh. 4 years ago  
Nintendo rocks, period. 4 years ago  
Google! 4 years ago  
I use calibri more. 4 years ago  
Google rocks! 4 years ago  
It really depends on what. Computers are supposed to be controlled by keys and mouse. 4 years ago  
Windows is the best, period. 4 years ago  
Well they're more popular so. Not to be a sheep or whatever, but I like the idea of it and besides most apps r for iPhone. 4 years ago  
I like foxes but I cannot get on Firefoxie. 4 years ago  
Ohh, Star Wars is good. I even know why Darth Vader is on the dark side. 4 years ago  

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