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    No-one may believe you though. You have no evidence to prove them you know.  
    Knowledge is intelligence...  
    Too lazy to restart my life again. I don't wanna do those school tests again!  
    Oops wrong choice  
    I would hate to be immortal.  
    I wouldn't want to sleep next to someone who kills people daily. Plus, I don't really believe in 'haunting' because I don't believe in ghosts or demons or whatever  
    Immortality is horrible. You have to watch your family and friends die before your eyes. Dying at 90 is amazing, better than average but not too old.  
    If I was a genius, people would see me as one of many intelligent geniuses, but if I am top of many records, then people would see me as amazing alone as I can beat so many things. But I guess geniuses are known longer and are more important...  
    Immortality would be horrible because everyone and everything you know would die... but if I was immortal, in the future they may know nothing about this century but I could give them information... Plus, I am in love at the moment and I need to know if my crush likes me back :3  
    I don't know why I chose this. I guess it is because I am already the other option.  
    Only if it tastes like normal meat...  
    I would rather feel sadness and depression then letting my spouse feel sadness and depression. I've been through depression twice, guess it's the third time.  
    I'd hate to be immortal. I've always been one to want to be normal. My family and friends are my only source of happiness.  
    As I will be hated, someone will make me become a meme and make people laugh... with hate and joy.  
    I've always been into confident people, so this is the closest I can get I guess...  
    Doesn't say I look ugly. I just look average!  
    Oops wrong one +1
    I am absolutely with you  
    My mum and I sometimes feel eachother's physical pain, but it's extremely rare.  
    I don't know either  
    Either way, don't you feel empty and worthless as you are in emotional pain? (I've been through depression, but I've never not experienced emotions). Emotions are life.  
    THIS IS SICK!!  
    My family would take SO LONG. I'd be quick  
    At the end of the day I would write what I did that day so then in the morning the next day I can read my diary/book and whatever.  
    I don't kmow who these people are  
    I love Deal Or No Deal!  
    Oops wrong one  
    My high school wears school uniforms, but I'd like to be a little more creative and see what others are into according to their clothes (not trying to be creepy)  
    Same lol  
    I really don't care. I'm not really the kinda of gamer to be into these games...  
    It's 2017 now  
    I'm 1/8 Jewish but I don't really care, plus no-one deserves to feel such pain they don’t deserve.  
    guest from California, United States LOL!  
    I'm more of a lazy person... and one to impress my lover (btw I'm a girl)  
    I mean, I would hate to be able to read people's thoughts because then there would be no ups and downs in life :(  
    I like to be quite normal because everything is more of a challenge; rather fun or terrible. Either way, I prefer to be normal and nor rich.  
    I really don't care. All I know is that I can't speak the language :(  
    I've seen neither  
    I mean, you're right, but scientifically It's a country in the continent 'Oceania'  
    We also have bacon  
    We also have bacon  
    It's hot in Western Australia. It's Not As Hot In Other States Like QLD (Queensland), NSW (New South Wales) or Vic (Victoria)!  
    WHAT!? REALLY!?!?  
    *facepalm* You Obviously Know Nothing About Australia... -_-  
    Not all Australians Are bad!! Americans Are Just As Bad Too!! OFFENSIVE!  
    Deady animals in australia is actually rare to come across and we also have bacon.  
    Australians are also nice  
    -_- Exaggeration much?  
    M'kay. I'm rotting in jail because I'm a sick nasty person. Love is love, just imagine if gay was normal and straight was like gay. Btw I'm straight.  
    We have bacon and ham  
    But you would rarely come across dangerous animals tho  
    You Are the First Person To Respect both Countries! THANKYOU!!!  
    We also have bacon -_-  
    Me too :(  
    Not everywhere.  
    Australia=ALSO DONUTS!!!!!!!!  
    I know right!  
    To guest from Illinois, United States,Excuse me? Are You Saying Us Australians Are Mean And We Don't Eat Bacon AND That Our Land Is Only Full Of Deadly Animals? Us Australians Are Nice And Polite And We Also Do Eat Bacon! Oh Yeah, Also I've Been To  
    Upside Down? What!? Our country is perfectly normal! Oh, and everyone thinks that there is deadly animals everywhere in Australia, NO! I have been to 3 of the 6 states and I've never seen an actual deadly animal excluding zoos. Australia is an isolated country which is very lucky and safe. Look, I'm sorry if I'm taking this too seriously, but I'm sick of these people who think Australia is absolutely stupid!  
    Both rubbish  
    I Don't like lollies/candy  
    I believe in SCIENCE. For me, I believe that God DIDN'T Create anything but is meant to be here to give us luck.  
    Dunno either  
    Don't they both suck?  
    I don't like lemonade but I answered anyway  
    Dunno either of these.  
    I like normal water, but I dunno what these are. LOL  
    Same here!  
    Jesus Christ, only 17% know they can have a happy life without love. Seriously?  
    I would hate to live for another 50 years. You die, and reincarnate.  
    Same here! :D  
    I first think "All That PRECIOUS MONEY!" then I think "Do I Really Need It As Much As Others Do?" Plus I like helping others ONLY if they thank me (LOL )  
    Whatever looks good with anything and whatever is most comfortable.  
    I'm not into these games...  
    Im a terrible person.  
    Not All. Most Are Good People, And They Are Better Than Some Americans. SOME.  
    I HATE The City! Yeah... I've Been Raised in a Town. (On An Island Specifically)  
    Doesn't Say How Much You Need To Change. I Can Change From Slightly Below Average To Beautiful!  
    Ive Never Tried Burger King. Have To Go With Delicious McDonalds (Ive Never Been A Fan Of Burgers)  
    Love Over Money And Fame. Love Can Make You Happy, But Money Can't Make You Happy.  
    Omfg I love the pics! Haha  
    I Already Have A Nice Body, But My Face Is Just Below Average! +1
    I Really Don't Care. I Mean, People Would Be On The Beach And I Like Being Alone So... FOREST!!  
    Merry Christmas XD It's Not Even Christmas.  
    I don't care about my phone nor computer... BUT IF YOU STEAL MY TABLET I WILL MURDER YOU!!!  
    I use Gmail  
    That Is Offensive! Oh, And Just So You Know, Australians Speak English! Seriously, Keep Your Opinions To Yourself!  
    I Absolutely Agree With You With Every Word!  
    What If You Are Having A Picnic On The Beach?  
    I would buy 10 because first, I don't want to stand out and plus I can sell the other cars!  
    Im already a creep who barely talks. #Foreveralone  
    I'm Partly Jewish and That Is Offensive! Not All Jews Believe in God and Satan. I Know I Don't!  
    I'm The youngest In The Family Cuz I Only Have An Older Brother. Yeah... I Get Away With Lying For When I Lie (Which Is Rare) XD But I Feel Bad For My Brother Cuz He Has Aspergers, Anxiety and OCD.  
    Chose wrong one. One of your dreams could be finding and falling in love with the person of your dreams.  
    I chose 'Go On A Date' because in real life I would never be able to go on a date because no one likes me :(  
    I would  
    I'm 1/8 Jewish Here. Plz No Hurt Me!  
    I would end sexism because I know males think they have ownership of us women and it's stupid! They abuse us and stuff! -_-  
    Brownie Batter! Surprised people chose the other choise  
    Im Aussie and people keep saying "Australia is dangerous" It's rare to actually come across something dangerous. Like, Australia is the same as the USA except (no offense) less offending and more adventuring! Like if you are from Australia too! +1
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