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    I like the beach.  
    I watch sports for the failures not the successes.  
    My current body is uglier than my current face.  
    I can buy whatever I wanted or who ever I wanted.  
    I would like to not be dependent on someone else.  
    I could reach the top shelf.  
    She got her act together.  
    I would accept him.  
    You never know what the future might hold so it is always good to have a good flow of money.  
    I rather never get hurt than to always be hurt.  
    I always had a fake tree or a tiny light up tree. So having one Christmas where it is real would be nice. +1
    I could maybe find a girlfriend.  
    It should but America would never allow it.  
    I don't know the difference.  
    The price is right will screw you over when you have to spin that 1 to 100 wheel.  
    It would mean that I am actually funny for once.  
    Angelina is too old for my taste.  
    I would use it against my mortal enemy, the Sun.  
    I like women with curves.  
    It would be cute and extreme confidence can get arrogance at times.  
    There are germs in your mouth and the lining of your stomach.  
    I assume it is the opposite sex of me.  
    More variety in the meat it produces.  
    I want to be the person who actually exists and not a figment of imagination.  
    I don't know what B is but I know what A is.  
    If they want another movie he will be in Limbo. If they don't than he is in reality.  
    Juicing is a healthy way of drinking only lifestyle.  
    It doesn't say I don't get some good attention once in a while.  
    Immortality is a curse of which I don't want to be apart of.  
    Money is very important plus it doesn't say I am not talented it just says I am micromanaged.  
    I dislike the cold.  
    Closer to home.  
    I like putting fries inside my hamburger.  
    Easier to manage.  
    I can fix a body but not a face. I mean you can but plastic surgery is like a 50% chance you come out uglier than you did walking in.  
    I like muscle cars.  
    My favorite is bubble gum and not that many people agree with me.  
    He has a good pitch range.  
    I would just require more money and retire at 65 without having to be worried about savings.  
    So I can get paid more.  
    Easier to defend myself against something that can be touched in the first place.  
    I believe it has gotten worse since 2008. It is currently 17 trillion.  
    It tastes better to me than white chocolate.  
    I would close my curtains.  
    My looks will carry me through life.  
    I would learn to use splash potions because real magic fights are boring in Harry Potter books.  
    It does say better. So it would improve instead of get worse.  
    Just so that I can get a raise or promotion.  
    I want to pick up a baby and recreate the scene out of lion king.  
    Can it be mini-golf? Because I don't want to throw my back out.  
    I can still find a loved one and live with them.  
    It is easy to navigate.  
    I liked the American version of the office more than the English version. But see as how I am from America, no one will see it as non-prejudice.  
    I don't like it when my tongue gets burned.  
    I think dads should be the ones who aren't fun and have a firm hand.  
    Tetris is fun but I never played Super Mario Land. So it is new to me.  
    I would just drink until I am dead.  
    I have short hair.  
    I would just pull out my Nintendo Ds and play Pokemon.  
    I only like oreo milkshakes.  
    A kiss on the cheek. :)  
    I would just hope that my head goes first into the pavement.  
    I am okay with being a coward because I never win 50-50s.  
    So I can understand what people mean when they tell me something. Like that lady's dress is purple.  
    I wear jeans for when I am working outside. I use slacks for important places or events.  
    I don't need friends when I have my other half.  
    I would say better view.  
    I am fat, I am working on it.  
    Less chance of getting shot or killed. If someone tries anything with me while dealing drugs I will just pull out the pin in the grenade and say,"You brought a gun to a bomb fight." or "You brought a knife to a bomb fight." Just keep the grenade near the drugs that way when they tell me to hand over the drugs I won't look suspicious.  
    I never win 50 -50s.  
    Usually the bad news will make the good news even better.  
    I won't have anyone to pass the medal onto.  
    I automatically assume they are just like the rest of us. Complete a$$holes...  
    I just rinse at night and take a long shower in the mornings.  
    I don't want to be in there too long.  
    I am sure he is a kind person.  
    Paint it chrome so it can be like gta 5.  
    I usually don't say please. But I do say thank you a lot. The reason I don't say please a lot is because I don't depend on others that much to get me something.  
    Wow, I didn't know Patrick Swayze died. I guess it goes to show how much I don't pay attention to celebrities.  
    I want to be bald.  
    I can't dance and I would end up stepping on their feet at some point.  
    I would just have fun and have no hard feelings towards them.  
    I would hate to be immortal. I don't fear death. I just want to have fun while I can.  
    I think Gordan Ramsay can win by volume but Simon Cowell will win by snarkyness.  
    Makes it quicker so I can do other things afterwards.  
    He seems more manly.  
    I would have more fun at a small gathering just do to the fact people won't dance into me.  
    I would eat it since it is wrapped in seaweed and rice.  
    I don't like facebook so I wouldn't watch a movie about it. +1
    I hate the sun but it is easier to do work in the daytime.  
    Just become a hot lesbian. And make other boys jealous. +1
    People who knew me would help me remember.  
    I have a problem with it. When it is small cash I just rather get it out of my wallet. But if I had a large sum of money I would save it.  
    Hopefully I get to pick where, because I would just pick a really nice place.  
    Just because it is my first time does't mean it is theirs. Plus I am not religious so having sex before marriage isn't a big deal. +1
    Just once because the first time a person is strapped to you.  
    I would never bully someone. I would beat the sh*t out of a someone trying to bully me.  
    The person who actual exists.  
    Less chance of me murdering a child.  
    Avoid major natural disasters.  
    I like saying Bora Bora, plus it is warm there and they have beaches.  
    I would just get a hobby to balanced out the job. Like a normal adult.  
    I want to get achievements. Trophies are nice but I just like the points associated with it. Also I like Halo.  
    I don't hate kids, I just don't want to have kids of my own. I will gladly raise someone else's.  
    I love me some apples.  
    Everyone needs a break once in a while.  
    I don't want people in my business. +1
    I could have a sugar momma.  
    I will just say no.  
    I don't want dancer feet.  
    At least it is still human and I can feel its' warmth.  
    Public transportation.  
    I would pick a celebrity that is single. I don't have a favorite celebrity.  
    I consider immortality a curse.  
    As long as their is light so when I start drowning, someone can save me.  
    I think of all the sentence combinations I could use in a conversation with someone.  
    Trying to control human beings in general is a bad idea.  
    I don't want the lifestyle that is like a monk.  
    I don't want to die in the cold. I would probably warm up in a bath tub then lay on my stomach.  
    I prefer girly girls because they are the furthest thing from how guys usually act. +1
    I want to go where it has nice weather and have fun at beaches.  
    I would probably milk the green card for a while.  
    If you want to take illegal drugs or marijuana then by all means do. But don't blame drugs for your actions you are the one who decided to take them.  
    I would sell the soul of my next born. I don't want kids anyways.  
    I would just build a separate house in the back so that people can come over and I would still be living alone.  
    I don't want to be immortal.  
    I want to have an outside job because I don't want to be stuck inside all day.  
    I already have great memory as is. So I would be average.  
    If you are completely closed off you wouldn't be able to make friends or go on dates.  
    Being popular is overrated.  
    I don't want to be a geek. I want to be a nerd.  
    I would probably text or write what I had to say.  
    I would want to work on my hobbies.  
    It is kind of boring to find out by ultrasound.  
    I want the feeling of having a win once in a while, under my belt.  
    I don't like to be judged.  
    I don't have a favorite celebrity.  
    My parents won't outlive my siblings so when they are gone I can be comforted by my siblings.  
    I like the robot icon for android.  
    I am not one for legacies so I would just let someone else take credit.  
    The only thing I dislike about option A is that my face won't be covered by blankets while I sleep.  
    I already have B.  
    I hate off screen kills and the hunger games is full of them.  
    I would punch a little girl no problem.  
    I like it because you know when pranks are coming. I hate surprises.  
    I would go to the bigger one.  
    I would never mess with big historical events. I would however make a bank account and collect interest over time.  
    I would just hold onto the wheel but not steer it.  
    I never want children.  
    I don't know these people.  
    People think I am creepy anyways..  
    I don't like ants. And option A is how you get ants.  
    I don't want to be bipolar.  
    When it runs good enough then it is fine. But I do hate it when people say, "My car goes from 0 to 60 in 30 seconds."  
    Play hearthstone on Ipad.  
    If my loved one doesn't want me to then I wouldn't.  
    Nerds have book knowledge.  
    I am 5'6 so this is fine with me.  
    I don't drive that much.  
    A type of recycling.  
    I would survive maybe 10 days in prison. I would kill anyone who tried to rape me. And then their prison friends come after me.  
    I am a bad swimmer so trying to out swim crocodiles is impossible.  
    More rewarding especially if I get more money.  
    I can't sleep on my side and it hurts my penis when I sleep on my stomach.  
    I would make things to make me happy.  
    I want to be bald.  
    More re-watchable.  
    Kissing is something so insignificant that you shouldn't regret it.  
    I would be susceptible to drugs and having sex with fans.  
    I know what is going on in American football.  
    I wouldn't mind because when I was younger I smoked when I was stressed out.  
    My mom already does this.  
    More places to land a jet than to tie off a yacht.  
    It is a good pick up line. I don't know what a good pick up line is because mine never work.  
    I would say Obama one because of his firm standings on his views.  
    I usually hate superman for obvious reasons. But what I hate more is when people replace the old heroes with new ones. And so far superman hasn't been replaced.  
    I am 20. That would be the most frustrating thing. Like you are almost there but not you can't do anything.  
    Harry gets his friends into trouble. Hermione gets you out of trouble.  
    I am use to it and have been programmed to like it.  
    I already have. I have burned it from my memory. I only remember this because I remember everything and I know when something is missing.  
    Every time I have owned a television someone has smashed it. I was being snarky at those times.  
    I don't like limiting my options.  
    I want to remain the youngest because you get more stuff.  
    I would hope someone who is 30 have their life together and know what they want in a relationship.  
    I would like to be loved by someone who isn't family. I don't have friends because I am weird.  
    Being blind is scary and boring at the same time.  
    I would wish for things to help the world.  
    I didn't get to do it much as a kid.  
    There is a picture of my penis hanging out somewhere on the internet already.  
    If it means doing things I don't like then probably not. But if it means doing something for the greater good then yes.  
    Video games are more expensive there which I don't prefer.  
    I would be afraid of it falling down unless it had minecraft physics.  
    I would say B is watching movies with family. They will laugh at nothing and eat food while watching movies. +1
    I would say not everyone gets remembered. Eventually time moves on and sweeps away our existence.  
    I would just look for a new job. I know it is hard in the market but it is harder to get back into a good college with a mark like that on your record.  
    I don't want them to be sad. Plus they would help me cut in line so I wouldn't have to wait longer.  
    Usually, it happens when the people involved aren't physically attracted to each other.  
    At least they would know what kind of massages you need. Usually when I go to a masseuse they aren't rough enough or too rough.  
    You can semi prepare for this. For instance you lost smelling for a week then you could be extra careful about smell. If you lost all 5 randomly then you could seriously hurt yourself and, or others.  
    I like the ocean more.  
    More personal than twitter. Usually people who get followers are people who are semi famous.  
    I would use this on a down payment for a house.  
    Hopefully they are unscented because I need a lot of light and it would be overwhelming.  
    I would try and make alternative drinks while still selling coca cola so the business doesn't collapse.  
    I would pretend to be a gladiator and make battle sounds. Then pretend the crowd is cheering.  
    It is a talent that not everyone has.  
    I want to build the best robotic prosthetic.  
    I want to be attractive to my loved one.  
    She doesn't do much and gets all the benefits.  
    More re-watchable in my opinion.  
    I don't do well in social events.  
    As long as it doesn't leave a huge mark.  
    I know what Anarchy means and the reason I choose B is because I like freedom.  
    I would go to Hong Kong.  
    It would be easier to do.  
    My ideal job is to share my stories and art with everyone.  
    I like him best because he invited youtubers to talk about health care which is a good strategy to get people informed. Maybe Bush would have done the same but we can't be 100% sure.  
    I picked this because I could choose which finger.  
    I could profit more off this. Because I could cure other diseases than just cancer.  
    I don't want to throw up my food.  
    World of Warcraft. It would be cool if it had solo play though.  
    I don't want someone to look up to me.  
    Only because people can emulate console games. People can't emulate some pc games because of the coding.  
    I would hate to make them feel bad.  
    It will keep me warmer.  
    I would work out our differences.  
    Too much responsibility for me in option A. I am not someone who forces his ideals on other people.  
    Thank you for your products so that you can use the money for charity.  
    Immortality is a curse.  
    It is an experience.  
    Less time spent on music. I am not a fan of music.  
    I feel like I never belonged in this time period.  
    Free money.  
    I would be bored in option A.  
    I can help them change.  
    I like the way I am.  
    Shall the blame because I do nothing right.  
    Immortality is a curse.  
    We could relate more.  
    It is their freedom and I like freedom.  
    Less worry and responsibility.  
    It is good to be well informed.  
    I am not a good swimmer.  
    Less pressure than option B.  
    I am not one to travel.  
    That way I know who is judging me.  
    I found out recently that I am part Italian.  
    I am nearsighted. So this works out.  
    I like summer sports more.  
    At least I am happy and I could improve. Being bad at something is subjective.  
    I would say even though it is a slim chance I think you would have a higher chance of coming back from option A.  
    It is nice not having to worry about money issues.  
    I would accept him.  
    It tastes better, to me.  
    I could pay people to do thinking for me.  
    I like watching movies in general.  
    I could call my cellphone.  
    More variety in sounds it can make.  
    I could stand at attention so that I don't disrespect.  
    Regardless of which people, I don't like drinking. But if I had to pick I would people close to me because I wouldn't want to go to Germany just to drink.  
    Diversity is a good thing.  
    I would have to pee and knowing my luck I would miss the best scene.  
    It is better than nothing.  
    I like football for the turn around.  
    Pretend to look for them and go somewhere else so they wait there for hours.  
    A lot of nopes in option B.  
    They have daily specials now. So it is cheaper than it use to be.  
    I would be all alone in option A.  
    Camping is nice but I want to relax. I usually don't relax when I am camping.  
    I like peanut butter cereals.  
    Being carefree.  
    It is more personal, dump via text just says they didn't care about you at all.  
    People with drug addiction usually sell their bodies for drugs. And I don't want her to sell her body.  
    A chrome lambo like gta 5.  
    I would try and work things out.  
    I suck at swimming.  
    Saves money.  
    I can be the one who makes the money. As long as they try and make money that is all that matters to me.  
    I would get depressed with B.  
    I don't trust bungees.  
    It is easier on the wrists.  
    It is usually cheaper.  
    Your Princess is in another castle.  
    Doesn't say ineffective.  
    I wear glasses I rather lose them.  
    I would want to be a space bounty hunter.  
    I can eat and provide for my family.  
    I don't use a cell phone anyways.  
    It takes up less of my time.  
    I could enjoy the ride more. I usually think about all the ways I could die while on a plane.  
    I have bad genetics.  
    Even if you stop war there will be another one right after it. Because people profit from it.  
    Lose my right leg because of my hip disease.  
    That way I don't have to work hard in school and enjoy my high school days.  
    I don't like driving.  
    I can still have a fulfilled life without love.  
    It is a huge issue that will effect the future generation.  
    I still get money and the honor of being a President.  
    People usually ignore phone calls now. Which is lame to me.  
    I don't celebrate my Birthday.  
    I want them to be hot to me. I could care less about what other people say.  
    It worked out for Walter White. It can work out for me.  
    I like my freedom of speech.  
    I can learn on my own because I am capable.  
    I don't want to wait. But I do get out when I have to pee in the shower.  
    My wallet says option B. Plus I am not that spiteful.  
    They are expanding a lot and monopolizing pretty efficiently.  
    I can still travel to other places. Just because I live somewhere doesn't mean I can't visit other places.  
    Just change my name. And most people won't remember me.  
    I think he is doing an average job as president.  
    I would just buy a new one because I don't know anything about computers.  
    1 million is a lot already. Plus I never get the right 50-50.  
    The turn on Harlem Shake is funny.  
    Less embarrassing when I have to get my penis checked out during a physical.  
    Keep each other warm.  
    Oreo milkshakes are my favorite.  
    Suits are always in style.  
    This is when I know I have made it in life. When I can play any game I want.  
    The reason I don't like Katniss is because she feels like Bella from Twilight.  
    I don't want kids.  
    I could replay Super Smash Bros. by playing other characters. With Mario Kart, to me they all feel the same. So it doesn't matter who you pick to drive with.  
    I would study the clip.  
    A video game company.  
    I want to have stability before getting married.  
    My wallet says option A. So I follow him.  
    I buy things online all the time.  
    I am already mentally weird. For some reason I like you guys.  
    I want everyone to be equal and free.  
    Would make me go outside for once.  
    The kids who play card games.  
    No more laughing out loud in a theater to ruin my experience.  
    Work out our differences.  
    I already am.  
    I was disabled for a year when I was 5. It was a nightmare and I never want to go back to it.  
    I want people to find a way to make things work out.  
    That way if they break up I can laugh at them.  
    I don't have friends to begin with. And if I lose friends because of a computer then they weren't friends to begin with.  
    Get more things done.  
    I would visit Dog the Bounty Hunter.  
    I don't have friends.  
    I am not homosexual so it doesn't effect me.  
    I have been in a wheelchair before because of medical issues. I wouldn't want to live that way again.  
    Easier to manage.  
    I already don't like looking in the mirror.  
    I am not that good looking to do a nude scene. At least not yet.  
    I don't like the cold.  
    I don't support people who have drug problems.  
    I probably wouldn't watch it unless I had nothing else to do.  
    Take out murder is illegal.  
    I am so fat that I can smell the difference between the two.  
    I would just end up dying losing all my diamond that took hours to make. But worth it because I now have a personal mission to kill the bastard who got me.  
    It would make me more motivated.  
    If you want to eat then I say eat. +1
    I don't like my siblings. They are just not worth it.  
    I don't like driving.  
    He has more influence on people, which isn't a good thing.  
    An elevator could break and go hurdling to the lowest floor.  
    You can't have sex in a mental institution. I have tried.  
    If I get caught for B they would find more incriminating stuff.  
    I like her movies more. Not all of them though.  
    I do it now when I am multitasking.  
    Bad driving to me is subjective.  
    It wouldn't be big but it would be very nice inside.  
    I just wouldn't eat that much meat. It is nice to just have the option.  
    I like the clean look Chrome has.  
    More disciplined.  
    Wear a Sly costume and have epic sneaking around music.  
    If Isaac Clarke can handle it, then so can I.  
    Just because I know it doesn't mean I will do anything about it.  
    A more successful me would be great.  
    Come on baby, and let's do the Twist!  
    Dam. I didn't know there would be stairs... Fine! I will wait at the bottom for someone to install an escalator.  
    I would say more re-watchable.  
    They will find out I am a freak. But it is family so they accept you for who you are.  
    Was pretty cool when he came back to life.  
    I like Thriller.  
    Having no hair was always a style.  
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