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    The Adrenalin is nerve-racking!  
    I'm hungry now that I looked at option two.  
    If I listen to a song that I like 50 times in a row, I'll get easily tired of it.  
    If you're one of these, you're probably the other too.  
    Still could hurt  
    I don't really need my left arm as much as I need to walk.  
    Disney can make a movie out of her.  
    Authors note  
    Don't have, and don't need it either.  
    Obama though....  
    Book on street smarts  
    Guy doctors give me the creeps, especially that guy. O_o  
    Oh, they will...they will......  
    If they're true friends they would at least pretend to like him.  
    What if it's an abusive relationship!?  
    Already know I'm sexy.  
    So many new things to discover.  
    People who cheat are the worst, and don't give me that ''I don't wanna get hurt'' bs.  
    I can't, sometimes I just wake up then realize it was a dream. My dreams are pretty realistic.  
    I don't like either but Coca Cola looks classier  
    Didn't say I'd die  
    So lazy....  
    I'm typing this on a ChromeBook!  
    You would get treated like crap with option B too so....  
    No, you wouldn't have ANY human rights.  
    KILL HITLER KILL HITLER oh god how does choice two get more votes!?  
    The authors note...  
    Look at that adorable wittle piglet!  
    I WANNA BWIG STWRONG CWUDDELY DOWG!! crush is a celebrity so this is a win win situation.  
    I feel really bad watching people fail/get hurt, when I see a win compilation I feel really good inside my heart spot. XD  
    Lets see...hmm a sh*tty song for 10 hours...or a REALLY sh*tty song for only 1 hour, I'm not gonna waste all of my day listening to that crap.  
    Uni uni uni uni uni uni CORNS CORNS!!!  
    The Holocaust is arguably one of or is the worst thing that has ever happened to this day.  
    I picked animals but I realized that most of them would say the dumbest sh*t like ''Throw ball'' or ''PET ME PET ME PET ME PET ME!'' ...Still worth it though.  
    My dreams are weird as sh*t  
    A gun that has eight revolvers with one bullet and you don't know where it is, eight people put the gun to there heads and pull the trigger, an 1/8 chance of dying, if you survive you win $100,000,000.  
    I can now FREEZE TIME!!  
    If I rule then there would be multiple problems.  
    I can now carry freakin' boulders  
    i'm gonna be the Wicked witch of the west  
    triple digets baby  
    I wonder what will he type  
    Duck tape that sh*t and leave it in the closet for 20 years +1
    Good looks and the personality I have know!  
    McDonalds for DA WIN  
    I love tennis and I love boobs  
    SPARKLEZ!!! :D  
    Teleport myself to McDonalds B**CHES  
    What kind of question is that!?  
    The 1700s sucked if you were poor, black, or you're a woman who can't find a wealthy husband to marry  
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