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    Neither 10 months ago  
    I would sell it and give money to children in Africa the money, force people to give to charity or I attack them with it before selling it, and cut down trees and sell the wood for money as well to help out the African people 10 months ago  
    I was born a man! I shall stay a man! 10 months ago +1
    Marvel! 10 months ago  
    Shamone, I'll make you cry baby baby baby Bieber fever hoo hoo hee hee. That's ehat Michael would most likely say to JB 10 months ago  
    Shamone 10 months ago  
    Didn't say the size of the shuriken! 10 months ago +1
    TV! TV! 10 months ago  
    ipad Mini 10 months ago  
    Neither 10 months ago  
    Super Smash... Goodbye to Mario Kart Yeah! Goodbye to friends, We'll meet in the end 10 months ago  
    Windows XP, 7, 8 you name it.... Windows 10 sucks I can't play Battlefield Vietnam/1942 10 months ago  
    I love Mac/Apple but.... Battlefield Vietnam/1942 is calling my name on PC 10 months ago  
    Two Words. Steve. Jobs. 10 months ago  
    Justin Biebsy Weibzy will never best MJJ 10 months ago  
    I would knight people more than QE Does. We need more people to be knighted! 10 months ago  
    You have to be a US Citizen to he president so... Putin for now... Because he can't 10 months ago  
    Look under your seats its tickets to OBAMA! 10 months ago  
    No beer for me thanks. 10 months ago  
    Obama liked the Green New Deal 10 months ago  
    For guys its dumb name=handsome Nice name=Ew 10 months ago  
    Elvis is not my answer! He's just a man who claims that Michael isn't the one! But, I chose Michael! Michael is number one! But, Elvis is his son because Michael is number one!!!!! 10 months ago +1
    I don't personally believe in the Big Bang theory... Its just a theory... God could of created the Big Bang though.. 10 months ago  
    The true question is... Is the big bang a creation of God himself or.... 10 months ago  
    I can give to charity, give to everyone without getting love and being judged for it. Reminds me of a famous person..... *cough* *cough* 10 months ago  
    At least I had bravery 10 months ago  
    Friends to back you up! And to defend you! 10 months ago +1
    $10,000,000 To give to charity, friends, and create a business, and help more people. 10 months ago  
    I chose the wrong answer... :( Why would I let one starve :( Guest from NY you are right.. I'll sell it and give the money to the kids. I'm sorry I slipped 10 months ago  
    Hbdhdjejejd 10 months ago  
    1950s. Less money=more 10 months ago  
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