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    Neither 8 months ago  
    I would sell it and give money to children in Africa the money, force people to give to charity or I attack them with it before selling it, and cut down trees and sell the wood for money as well to help out the African people 8 months ago  
    I was born a man! I shall stay a man! 8 months ago +1
    Marvel! 8 months ago  
    Shamone, I'll make you cry baby baby baby Bieber fever hoo hoo hee hee. That's ehat Michael would most likely say to JB 8 months ago  
    Shamone 8 months ago  
    Didn't say the size of the shuriken! 8 months ago  
    TV! TV! 8 months ago  
    ipad Mini 8 months ago  
    Neither 8 months ago  
    Super Smash... Goodbye to Mario Kart Yeah! Goodbye to friends, We'll meet in the end 8 months ago  
    Windows XP, 7, 8 you name it.... Windows 10 sucks I can't play Battlefield Vietnam/1942 8 months ago  
    I love Mac/Apple but.... Battlefield Vietnam/1942 is calling my name on PC 8 months ago  
    Two Words. Steve. Jobs. 8 months ago  
    Justin Biebsy Weibzy will never best MJJ 8 months ago  
    I would knight people more than QE Does. We need more people to be knighted! 8 months ago  
    You have to be a US Citizen to he president so... Putin for now... Because he can't 8 months ago  
    Look under your seats its tickets to OBAMA! 8 months ago  
    No beer for me thanks. 8 months ago  
    Obama liked the Green New Deal 8 months ago  
    For guys its dumb name=handsome Nice name=Ew 8 months ago  
    Elvis is not my answer! He's just a man who claims that Michael isn't the one! But, I chose Michael! Michael is number one! But, Elvis is his son because Michael is number one!!!!! 8 months ago +1
    I don't personally believe in the Big Bang theory... Its just a theory... God could of created the Big Bang though.. 8 months ago  
    The true question is... Is the big bang a creation of God himself or.... 8 months ago  
    I can give to charity, give to everyone without getting love and being judged for it. Reminds me of a famous person..... *cough* *cough* 8 months ago  
    At least I had bravery 8 months ago  
    Friends to back you up! And to defend you! 8 months ago +1
    $10,000,000 To give to charity, friends, and create a business, and help more people. 8 months ago  
    I chose the wrong answer... :( Why would I let one starve :( Guest from NY you are right.. I'll sell it and give the money to the kids. I'm sorry I slipped 8 months ago  
    Hbdhdjejejd 8 months ago  
    1950s. Less money=more 8 months ago  
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