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Wondering, Why is a Future Army Colonel here? Here's Why: To inform people about survival, nature, and war on any WYR questions and any questions people ask me, to see what people would answer to survival / war-senecio questions, and to answer any question about the army that you would want to ask me. ----- Leaving rrrather. Thanks to everyone for my time on rrrather, and I hope I could give you some good info -----

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    You can access the Internet on a computer of you wish, but if you get rid of your cell phone it's just another way of making yourself unaddicted to technology  
    Mountain climbing, one of the best ways to experience nature first hand, not from a distance in the air. All of nature would be around you instead of just being beneath you. Once you got ontop the view would be one of the best to experience, and when your skydiving, you don't have enough time to look at the view And all of nature around you.  
    Would you rather someone who kills people and brutally slaughters them after keeping them captive for so much time gets away without any punishment, or would you rather be free even though you could escape from society if you were not free and live in the wilderness?  
    We were made to eat meat, some people just can't accept the fact that we were made to kill it, also.  
    Does anyone really need 5,000,000? Probably not. With 1,000,000 your already rich, can afford a good house, good job, and food and water, so why let greed get the best of you and possibly get nothing and be poor? Also money, it's just a number, we don't even really need it, and we can survive without it.  
    Sure, we may have some debt, and some wars that some people bealive our men shouldn't be fighting but think about it, we have the best armed forces who are elitely trained, we have some of the most amazing sights of nature, and we are the Country that has Alaska. Alaska, with all of the Bears, fresh water springs, moose and elk, wildlife you can see nowhere else. Also, don't forget our Grand Canyon, the sight to see.  
    It's shocking, how many people have grown so far from nature. Nature could easily kill us all but nature doesn't, yet the only respect we give nature is to choose something over nature? Nature is filled with awesome animals, wildlife, and sights that you will never see in a luxury hotel, and who wants that city water when you can have fresh nature water?  
    The only music I sometimes listen to is hard rock, and I can google it up and listen, but i dom  
    Know when war enemys are lying  
    Technology can be a good tool, but can also become an addiction.  
    I don't use a computer, I use a ipad  
    Always wanted to be a carnivore  
    If you've got the right skills, you can escape.  
    You climbed Mount Everest and died seeing all of nature near it and animals near it, that's a death I WANT to have  
    Have the snake bite the spoon and hold down its head while it does.  
    Jump out...  
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