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    So I'm able to do anything like shoot them.  
    I'm a guy, hahahhahahaha.  
    Is there wifi? +1
    Maybe she missed her period.  
    Never said how I'd join in. I'll just make 'em breakfast the next day, none the wiser.  
    As long as it remembers not to use teeth.  
    Sex with a hat. Interesting.  
    Forever alone.  
    Laugh at their anger.  
    I'm gay so neither...  
    Well, I think I've realized I'm gay so yeah...  
    I won't have to eat them. And I'll go out with a bang.  
    Wow, I feel like sh*t. Thanks :)  
    Friends or flakes.  
    Dat huntsman spider tho.  
    Steve Jobs didn't invent it all. Much like the case of Thomas Edison.  
    Randomly go blind while driving, ha ha ha. I'd rather know what it feels like to lose a random sense weekly.  
    So this is where all my things are made.  
    Why not?  
    Well, if it's awesome.  
    I have all the answers so wouldn't I be popular?  
    I mean if it's good.  
    skype, b*tches!  
    Have an open relationship.  
    YouTube. I like it.  
    Is there wifi?  
    I'm a guy and like games. But I love to relax even more.  
    A sure thing is a sure thing.  
    I'll grow up.  
    Yo, I got that pussy.  
    How sick?  
    I could always get a new crush.  
    I can just eat ice cream instead of drinking it.  
    Gas masks are cool.  
    I was forced to wear suits. Stay classy.  
    I don't want to be liable for someone's mortality.  
    Rather be weird. Weirdly hot! Ha ha, kill me.  
    Why not?  
    Classes cancelled again? Sure, why not.  
    Make more.  
    Attacked but not killed? One knight suit, please, Amazon.  
    Friends, not fame.  
    Prove your love now.  
    Ha ha, it would be funny to try.  
    She's actually a pretty nice person.  
    It would be a great break from all this sh*t.  
    If they're not there, then why should I care?  
    We both agreed on this. Plus, she's a b*tch. +2
    Intelligence is hot.  
    adblock, ghostery, etc. So...  
    What is new really?  
    It's already been deleted so... +2
    pets4u(dot)info/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/miniature-dog-breeds(dot)jpg +1
    There always will be a crush but a best friend is rare. +1
    Love me.  
    If I was trying to be sneaky, Vader breath wouldn't help. +1055
    I could just use the powers to creep on people and see what they really think.  
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