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    at least my eears will be safe +223
    just passing on these questions now  
    i am a man  
    travel very slowly  
    wish that i could wish for money  
    buy a new computer  
    dogs dry off  
    buy a new computer  
    gifts with cash in them  
    ac brotherhood  
    Obama needs to die, and will.......  
    i already smoke  
    change into a better me  
    black ops: zombies=practice  
    twighlight is just a sad version of wowp  
    get the money from your friends  
    2nd hardest question ive ever been aske3d  
    can still txt  
    my true love is to have whatever i want  
    i am a man  
    was going to choose power but realized if i have infinite knowledge ill be able to get infinite power  
    this a hard choice  
    humans are gonna go extinct sometie  
    come on emma watson  
    my memory sux  
    i be talking so smart like  
    pretend i hate sex  
    airplane crashes=dead; cruise crashes=possibility to be alive  
    new law: i am king of the world period.  
    flying is teleporting off the ground  
    if that stranger be famous +1
    x-ray vision  
    date da pricess  
    redo every mistake  
    if 90's count  
    already immortal  
    giant schlong=chicks  
    learn the lyrics  
    son better find a job  
    can't live a virgin  
    watch their dead corse then burn it  
    hot chicks in the popular group  
    if it has bad performance then its useless  
    already smart enough  
    trying not to get married  
    have no worries  
    weird with power  
    all bout the sex  
    what if your a man  
    I'm already rich  
    hate them author comments  
    kill the police  
    I can't die  
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