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Yes lawd 4 years ago +1
I was told that I was no longer a student at high school and that I need to go enroll at another school 4 years ago  
Spore 4 years ago  
Brain games 4 years ago  
Off of brain games 4 years ago  
I saw rick ross and did the same 5 years ago  
I always wanted to bread a shark and a crab 5 years ago  
Governments will fear me or else 5 years ago  
Black skin, red hair and only a white polka dots with green and pink clothes 5 years ago  
The first person to die but a great philosopher 5 years ago  
32 5 years ago  
I want to be Meg's prom night dumpster baby 5 years ago  
Move the rocks under me 5 years ago  
I do it all the time anyway and get mad when i touch the gum 5 years ago  
Shark and a crab 5 years ago  
The guy that plays as max on wizards of waverly place and the kid who plays as zack on suite life on deck are a couple or something and jane lynch 5 years ago  
With abortion it would have been volentairy 5 years ago  
Reattach my toe to it 5 years ago  
Just as long as i dont age when i freeze time 5 years ago  
If you get 1,2, or 3 will you know how to spell your name 5 years ago  
Angel beats 5 years ago  
China actually has a very good military 5 years ago  
Hotdogs have sodium earthrobate witch is earth worns 5 years ago  
I would get to own super cow 5 years ago +1
i did the same thing 6 years ago  
do you mean love? 6 years ago  
I trust people to easily 6 years ago  
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