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    "No known negative effects from marijuana other than TEMPORARY loss in the ability to learn" Have you ever smoked pot? There are a variety of effects that are possible including temporary paranoia, coordination, difficulty concentrating. These are just the side effects of the high of course. You can also be addicted to marijuana in the sense of compulsive abuse. There are also acute withdrawal symptoms of long term use that fade after a few days.  
    Yes it is, believing something just because of the weighted consequences is quite foolish. Morals are not derived from religion, but from society. Paschal's Wager has never truly been accepted by the religious either, as it promotes the idea of feigning belief in the hope it will sprout into literal belief. +1
    "he dwells outside the realm of time" You realize that's not proof of a deity, right? Even if it was, I'd say it's 99.9999% likely it's not the deity in the Bible. +1
    Depends how fast. Pro baseball pitch like 93 mph. HELL NAH  
    Disregard companionship, acquire currency. +3
    What if there is no God? What if there is a God and he isn't the same as the one written in that book that everyone seems to convinced he took part in? What if you thought outside of the confines of "What if God..." +2
    Livilulu, will you be my best friend? +1
    You shame my state. Get out. +4
    ya know man. the naruto ninja caricature. annoying as hell  
    Crossing over a rope anyway you want is easy. Wrap your legs and arms around it and shimmy across it. +3
    Disregard child, acquire currency. +75
    I'm a guy, so definitely small boobs and a million dollars. This is win-win for me. +1
    Friends is a classic. +4
    Filet mignon isn't that great.  
    Perhaps I can position the needle where it won't be painful. +15
    Much wisdom in this one +1
    I like eating meat. F u mangodurian.  
    At least if you play Metroid you get to be a guy  
    Brazilian's don't shave anything  
    Italy because I hate Brazil  
    Disregard talent, acquire currency  
    I don't want to know when or how because I'll always live with the fear +1
    "Would you rather...somebody's pet dog" Choice makes no sense therefore I choose it.  
    No it doesn't dude  
    @Germany lumping Americans into a huge pile I see. That's becoming a European stereotype nowadays. Anyway, economic systems aside, China's current civil rights laws are atrocious. That's the real problem. +2
    You're only saying that because if you say anything negative the Chinese KGB will come and take you away. +5
    I live in AmeriKUH bi*ches. I see eagles picking up deer and dropping them on power lines all the time  
    Disregard happiness. Acquire currency. +2
    With all this racism against whites on here, it makes me wish I had chose White chocolate just to spite them.  
    This was more than just blind risk. This was a calculated risk dealing with human behavior. +1
    Greece. Richer history +1
    Switzerland. The only country nobody has the balls to fu*k with.  
    Disregard sexual companionship. Acquire currency.  
    Thank you.  
    Disease/Hunger kills more people than war ever has.  
    Disregard sexual partnership. Acquire currency. +2
    Wouldn't let them design my shower, however. +3
    BILLIONAIRE!!! I would buy the world.  
    On the playground where I spent most of my days +1
    Disregard physical attraction. Acquire currency.  
    Disregard females. Acquire Currency.  
    Disregard females. Acquire currency.  
    Why would someone choose Chicken over Steak? +1
    I skipped as both choices are moronic. +2
    Moron. Fact established.  
    Final Fantasy are for transgenders. +3
    You just proved that Americans are more intelligent than Australians. +3
    I'm not sitting my ass in a place Stranger's asses have been. +3
    Depends. Do you want to be a slave or don't you? +2
    So much mad. AmeRRIUKA IS GREAT, UMADBRO?  
    Until New Zealand and their Maoris invade your pussy asses.  
    Elvis. Michael copied his persona. Don't even say he didn't because that just shows you're less than 30 years old. +1
    Can't buy Super powers, moron +1
    I used to be a giant then I took an arrow to the knee.  
    There should be a "This Question is Homosexual." +2
    The Price is Right because I'm a moron +6
    I am male, so heels. +6
    At least Lindsay Lohan is somewhat attractive. +1
    Superman fuc  
    You forgot the third: Sucks  
    No sh*t...only old people and children use Mac OS.  
    I have both. I am the 1%. +4
    Wow..London sucks. Rome has a culture richer and older than London. +1
    I take Superman over Twilight any day.  
    Your country spawned Justin Bieber. Worse than all of those combined. +1
    Typical most people would choose the cheaper choice. I hate that poor people are allowed to use the Internet. +8
    Haha people who chose invisible. It doesn't say "be able to be invisible" it says "be invisible" That means you can't turn it off! +3
    "Drown to the bottom of the coean" lolwut +2
    Haha Spidey people. I'll have fun being Hugh Jackman. You enjoy being lame ass Tobey Mcguire.  
    This is the funniest question evar. +12
    Did you choose Bugatti? Well have fun not being able to drive it due to not being able to afford the insurance. +2
    I never stop eating anyway.  
    That's your fault for wasting money on jeans. +2
    PLaying instruments is so worthless. +1
    Why do you earn money? To enjoy yourself. You are defeated. +11
    93% liars +3
    Makes sense that 76% choose love. Love is an illusion created by corporations in order to get money. You are sheep +2
    History maan. I'm not saying its aliens but its aliens  
    Bath just seems so wrong.  
    My best friend is the same sex as me. +6
    That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. It's implied you can survive on whatever choice you choose. You can't live without food either due to malnutrition. +1
    I could compress you into 4'0" with my 62 inch biceps. +3
    Hmm... unimportant fool vs the most powerful man alive... +4
    Man you Englishmen are insecure as fuc* lol  
    kesha is a whore that thinks she's the sh*t. +1
    Disney land. Generic Disneyland.  
    I hate them all.  
    I ain't scurred of Simba. +1
    AIDS. I'll with some dignity at least.  
    So many needy people on this site.  
    I will. umad?  
    I'll be chilling in my spaceship. Have fun canoeing.  
    Why are there so many gamblers on this damn site? +7
    What significant other?  
    Need to sleep solely based on the fact that a picture of Twilight was used to represent Not Need to Sleep +1
    Cocky people are annoying as fuc* +2
    Rich = Happy...unless you're born inferior which it doesn't matter either way. +2
    Speak softly, but carry a big stick. +4
    You're obviously the crazy one. God doesn't have a choir.  
    Satan gets all the women.  
    The choice between two sh*t*y products. +2
    Kill animals. Save earth.  
    Cooking is for women. +2
    Piranhas won't even come at you most likely. Bet your ass that Croc will, however. +2
    I'm not afraid of cancer.  
    My childhood was so bad that I've blocked out most of it. I choose adult.  
    Either way they'll both be poor by 1930. +6
    Times New Roman obviously. Calibri? Are you guys gay or somethin'? +4
    I don't like many veggies. Meat for 500. +1
    Never speak again. Live longer +4
    Lazy as* vs Real power. I'll take the President's job, so I can actually make a difference +1
    Quit pretending that you have social skills +15
    Homosexuality vs Beastiality. Easy choice. +2
    Taxed and legal only if it is illegal to be high in public. Keep that sh*t at home. Tired of going to Wild Wings and having to navigate through all the potheads.  
    And then lose your phone service because of the bill.  
    I have too much pride to be caught. I'd rather dump a bi*ch +3
    Both suck monkeynuts.  
    Yeah you will. While you're sitting around eating celery all day, I'm outside hunting Elk. +3
    88% liars. +2
    Easiest question ever. Badas* weapons dealer or a little bi*ch that peddles drugs to single moms. +2
    I'm in the tent surviving the nuclear winter while you fools are in the hotel that the terrorist is about to blow up.  
    WOW. 52% Mac. This proves that 52% of the people on this site are morons. +17
    Failed attempt at humor and/or insulting Obama. +1
    Google beats everyone. +2
    What world are you living in?  
    Holy sh*t I read this wrong.  
    I'd rather have a girl that can get drunk easier.  
    Who reads books?  
    At least I can put my penis in Rebecca Black +9
    I don't know about you, but I expect 5,000,000.  
    too many narutofags on the net man  
    I don't see that choice. Pepsi kicks Coca-Cola's ass. +2
    There is much wisdom in this. +1
    Big dogs are just better companions in general. +1
    Aren't you special? +2
    Lightsaber Force vs pointy eared guys who want to be emotionless computers. Really hard choice. +1
    clever +1
    Is this honestly a question? +1
    Most people can't handle the truth. +2
    LOLWUT? It's Hawaii man, you retarded or somethin'?  
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