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Would you rather Be Evil Ryu or Be Devil Jin 1 year ago 41 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat? A Pack of Starburst or A Pack of Jolly Ranchers 1 year ago 62 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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A obviously burter can move ahead in time and lightspeed 1 year ago  
Neither I'm also a male 1 year ago  
You have only have one mother but you can buy more pets 1 year ago  
Why are there so many questions about fame,wealth or popularity over love. 1 year ago  
That's offensive to both of them 1 year ago  
More Crimes happen at night 1 year ago  
Neither i'm a male 1 year ago +1
Well I realized I picked the wrong one now since Trump is our president he is going to ruin the world with World War III 1 year ago  
I don't know either 1 year ago  
I want some old fashion root beer 1 year ago  
I'm already of Man but I would never want to be a woman they have to get pregnant and have periods and they have to sit down when the go to the restroom. And trust me the public restrooms are not as bad if your standing up. 1 year ago  
Wow Donald Trump matches with the answer I chose 1 year ago  
How about I end the life of the person who made this 1 year ago +2
A real life version of the Walking Dead this could be interesting 1 year ago  
I picked the wrong one. I meant to pick Doctor because I don't wanna help criminals escape from their crimes 1 year ago  
I'm allergic to chocolate so -_- 1 year ago  
Don't know either 1 year ago  
I would kill the guy who made this 1 year ago  
If I could shoot you back 1 year ago  
DC has raven and raven defeated trigon which is technically satin so she is Dc would win 1 year ago  
Both are crap compared to cox and verizon 1 year ago  
Mulan can kick the hunchback's ass 1 year ago  
Throw the spoon in the snake's mouth when it hisses then it will choke. 1 year ago  
A toy arrow 1 year ago  
What is a Mum. I know it's not my mom though. 1 year ago  
Basicly the same thing 1 year ago  
Peanut shells are salty like the person who created this 1 year ago  
All the water from your sink or from the store comes from toilet water it's just that the clean it so it is safe for you to drink it 1 year ago  
Jocks would love both 1 year ago  
What if a zombie was answering this 1 year ago  
You don't get stuck on an escalator but you do in an elevator 1 year ago +1
I could join the band kiss with that tounge 1 year ago  
Tea is not going to make you loose height but coffee is 1 year ago  
NEITHER 1 year ago  
I could win basketball with both so.... 1 year ago  
Flip Flops are easier to put on 1 year ago  
What if the jock cleaned his strap and puts on deoderant 1 year ago  
What if it was a girls butt *To be continued music comes on* 1 year ago  
I would totally pick Ice Cream over some drunk loser who can't sing worth crap 1 year ago  
You can always have sex later 1 year ago  
Who says we couldn't use a parachute while jumping 1 year ago  
Your gonna get shot the second you join the gang 1 year ago  
Twitter and Facebook are both old as Jesus 1 year ago  
Shout PARK OUR while hanging with your toes 1 year ago  
Kill Joy and she will stop talking 1 year ago  
Macy has some pretty comfortable beds 1 year ago  
Jump off the plane with a parachute duh 1 year ago  
Jason can never die 1 year ago  
I would have dinner with trump but poison his food 1 year ago  
If I can shoot the person back 1 year ago  
Oh I thought that this was Malcolm X 1 year ago  
Why you copying off of someone elses comment\ 1 year ago  
Wish I could be part of your worlddddddddd 1 year ago  
What type of hung like a hangover hung cuz I can deal with that 1 year ago  
Where a bullet proof vest 1 year ago  
People can elect you as president if they love you and you would be poor no more 1 year ago  
Kill the person you trust that is trying to kill you 1 year ago  
Catch me doing what getting good grades cuz I will get caught doin' that 1 year ago  
What if U have no secrets /: 1 year ago  
Happy Gilmore!!!! Like if you get the joke 1 year ago  
My saliva would subsitute 1 year ago  
Idk neither of them 1 year ago  
get back up keys from your landlord -_- 1 year ago  
You could be popular and smart. 1 year ago  
I would rather pick a monkey cuz when that pick grows up it will be like hell 1 year ago +1
All the casinos in Las Vegas tho 1 year ago  
I would dump water on me 1 year ago +1
Just wear protective gear on your hands and you won't get burned it's pretty simple if you ask me 1 year ago  
At first i thought they were talking about Bruno MARS 1 year ago  
You could get a job as a wizard then you could Impress people then Get lots of money and fame 1 year ago  

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