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Would you rather Meet Slenderman (he won't kill you) or Meet A League Of Legends Character 4 years ago 99 votes 13 comments 0 likes

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hah tricked ya XD 4 years ago  
i'd rather not speak since i don't acuttly do talk a lot 4 years ago  
Who even watches TV? they don't show edd,ed and eddy or Rugrats Thats why Nickelodeon and cn sucks 4 years ago  
Don't forget Nick! 4 years ago  
FUUUU i misclicked! 4 years ago +4
28% are idiotic 9yr olds 4 years ago +5
its the koala from madacasgar! XD 4 years ago +1
*kills brother* alright *police comes* oohh sh*t *gets arrested* see you in 2 years BYE 4 years ago +1
i must say this person is rly enjoying this XD 4 years ago  
i agree 4 years ago  
finally! ill be funny XD 4 years ago +2
THE KRAKEN 4 years ago +2
misclicked again shiiit 4 years ago  
gah ronald mcdonald gives me nightmares 4 years ago  
SHIT misclicked! i would get eaten by shark! 4 years ago  
ughh god i think i know what it means XD 4 years ago  
SWAG 4 years ago  
big bang is a piece of S H I T god created the world he is the loved one respect him and love him the world is ours 4 years ago +1
Yeah but has a lot of calories in it 4 years ago  
when you die you can still see ... 4 years ago  
Africa is the poorest counry in the world and people are dying each day have a heart people! 4 years ago  
But its funnier m8 4 years ago +1
google chrome is the king! 4 years ago +44
u just got owned XD 4 years ago  
sh*t i need to time travel to 2012 4 years ago  
Rly everyone who chose books are stoopid because the movie makes more sense like think about it the books have pages and it doesn't look really realistic and it gets boring but the movies have much more action in them like it shows you more of the story 4 years ago  
they both suck 4 years ago +2
also slenderman is a urban legend so he does not appear in europe 4 years ago  
well if they did exist who would you meet (to everyone who is questioning that) 4 years ago  
just gonna teleport out of the school into another country until 15:00 i teleport back XD 4 years ago  
@MasterBlaze2014 So what i play that game all day 4 years ago  
Forget about BF3 its complete sh*t 4 years ago  
Hell ye! i gonna play on this computer all day long with my best friend XD 4 years ago  
wots an ipad 3 4 years ago  
just because i saw Virgin in that one i said "f*** no m8" 4 years ago  
I WOKE UP IN A U BUGATII! XD 4 years ago  
they both the same kind 4 years ago  
Im a gamer why would i need friends XD 4 years ago  
Call of duty is more addictive think about it you don't buy the godamn guns in multiplayer 4 years ago  
Why is there no Both question??? i use both of them depending on which console im using 4 years ago  
da faq does this question mean... 4 years ago  
da faq is The human centipede 4 years ago  
WHAT'S A BLUE WAFFLE!?? 4 years ago  
i hate my bro he is annoying twat i would rather kill him 4 years ago  
im rly evil 4 years ago  
i've seen that man in youtube before 4 years ago  
never said it has to have no pool 4 years ago  
never said you can't dodge it XD 4 years ago  
still im not havin sex! 4 years ago  
Im soo evil XD 4 years ago  
i hate american football i would rather die 4 years ago  
never wen't into a pool before 4 years ago  
didn't say you have to drink it you just drink it if you wish 4 years ago  
sweat isn't bad for you.. 4 years ago  
pull out the crickets... 4 years ago  
just wash of the diarrhea it never said you coulden't 4 years ago  
not gonna have sex anyway... 4 years ago  
u know what you can put out a fire with magic instead of being a wimp as a ninja 4 years ago  
like if you love when sites let you comment without an account needed 4 years ago  
**** it im gonna do it *dies* 4 years ago  
the black zombie in the picture looks like KSI 4 years ago  
mercenarytiger i think the girl would still see you... 4 years ago  
imagine being double your weight.... yup nobody will like u but if you choose be half your height people might find u funny and want to be friends with u 4 years ago  
cause of your death (oh hell no) date of your death (k) 4 years ago  
i don't want to get married anyway XD im picking 10,000,000 dollars XD 4 years ago  
im using chrome since firefox is bugged out for me 4 years ago  
i don't do wierd sh*t at my house so im picking Be secretly filmed 4 years ago  
@guest from new york, united [email protected] XD 4 years ago  
whoever made this is a cruel person 4 years ago  

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