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not if you have it so low, its to quiet to hear, or so low that all you here is the speakers making that staticky sound whenever dirt or dust has collected inside. plus, I think I want to live the rest of my life, thank you very much. kill yourself if you feel like it, I was just providing a different solution. don't forget to have cookies and dubstep at your funeral. 6 years ago  
oh, i thought you were just b*tchin about it, sorry. whats your channel, ill sub. 6 years ago  
plus, people would do anything to hang with a youtube celebrity like pewdiepie or toby, they are cool and make videos people love, look up pewdiepie and watch some of his videos (if your okay with cussing) and watch some of his videos. you'll understand after a liitle bit. i couldnt understand something like this a few months ago, but now, i love youtube. you'll see what i mean. 6 years ago  
you dont understand youtube, you saying "are you telling me there was a riot over some guy on youtube?" is like me saying to you "are you telling me there was a riot over some million dollar celebrity?" of course there is, but you have to know youtube before you start talking trash about what did or did not happen. 6 years ago  
ill go to the library if i want to read for free. 6 years ago +3
goodluck trying to get past kratos. or link. 6 years ago  
to think of loopholes for questions you dont want to answer correctly. 6 years ago  
i always say the ceiling because the sky is not technically "up" because the sky has particles and unless you can tell me where the sky starts and what distance it would be to me, but whatever, i have no idea what im talking about so just ignore this comment, probably too late because you wasted about 7 seconds of your life wasting this comment and yet you still continue reading this comment to see if anything interesting is in this comment but i asure you, there is not. so stop reading right about now or you will be wasting even more of your life reading this comment...seriously...stop reading.............................why are you still reading, scram, go, GET...... derp. 6 years ago +9
milk duds are so f*cking annoying, they get stuck in my teeth and hurts once i finally get them out. whopper are nice and crunchy and have a sweet flavor you can actually taste because i dont have to spend 15 minutes trying to pry them out of my teeth. hmmmm, which one should i choose? O_o definatly milk duds *sarcasm* 6 years ago +7
i love the way the question was asked. 6 years ago +8
ill use my nunchuckes and go Bruce Lee on your ass. 6 years ago  
kate upton is hotter. 6 years ago  
he said FLAT dumbass 6 years ago  
yes you, jk. im just bored. XD 6 years ago  
and i would love them for split seconds and hate everyone else so the terrorists will die instead of everyone i have always loved. see, i use my brain. me smart, me know me sh*t. 6 years ago  
im in front of someone therefor, whoever is in front of me will be killed. 6 years ago  
im already in wing chung (idk how to spell it, dont care either) and kung fu so i already get some les mills. 6 years ago +1
insanity is, well, insane. i love insanity. it hurts but it works. no pain no game. 6 years ago +1
a hoard of nazi zombies. 6 years ago +3
the u.s government. or youtube. 6 years ago +1
in the girls locker room >:D 6 years ago  
easy, ill look up a picture of jb and a buch of terrorists. 6 years ago  
jk, please dont... unless you want to 6 years ago  
i agree, write us a story in great detail to explain whut it is. >:D 6 years ago  
good point :) 6 years ago  
camping tents, pavilions...trees. 6 years ago  
what happens when you run completely out of ammo and there is no other way to get some and you are stuck with pussy knife? 6 years ago  
*wipes drool off lip...and desk...and shirt* 6 years ago +4
ever heard of sex? 6 years ago  
who dufuq drinks tea with milk in it?! eewww... 6 years ago +2
your the retard. 6 years ago +1
go to south side of texas, theres your proof of aliens. 6 years ago +2
but it said which was cruler, if you can just confess to something and stop the process, thats not cruel at all. 6 years ago  
im a ya. 6 years ago  
go outside and play videogames...what you didnt say no loopholes. 6 years ago  
Obama Bin Laden =D 6 years ago +1
trololololol. 6 years ago  
why not both? if i had the chance i would...wait a 14 WHIPCREAM FTW...its fluffy. 6 years ago +2
why do i find people still asking this, both are starting to get old. 6 years ago  
well, im a guy and i intend to stay that way forever, so ya. unless i dont wear any sort of pants. or duct tape the inside, but still. 6 years ago +1
cat cat poop? is it a cat that ate cat poop then pooped out that cat poop...eewww. 6 years ago +4
sex would be hilarious 6 years ago +5
id rrrather have a drillblade for an arm 6 years ago +5
ive already done both. 6 years ago  
well, i would love to let the ladies take their shirts off, but then all straight guys would be walking around with a boner if women and girls just whip it off everytime they get hot. most of you who read this will probably be like "just whack it off" but what about at school? every guy would be going to the bathroom to do their "buisness" every 5 minutes. an erection you cant get rid of for about 5-20minutes is not what guys need, especially in highschool and college. but still in a pool or at the beach, by all means LET THEM LOOSE LADIES ;) 6 years ago  
vanilla chocolate. i win. 6 years ago  
sure ill listen to jb...suffer in agony and pain. that by itself is music to my ears. 6 years ago +1
huh, the question i see next is posted by She-Wolf 6 years ago  
cool sh¡t. :) 6 years ago  
lol. id like to ramble on but gtg to take my friends dog back home. 6 years ago  
no prob. as a youtuube commentator, its vital to know what other people think of youtube so all youtubers can strive to do the best they can. i started out rough, then i gradually became better as i got more stuff to make the quality better. im still pretty, uh, well i guess you can say im not as good as nigahiga but im still trying. lol, im sure you dont want me to ramble on, but ya. peace. 6 years ago +1
i totally agree. 6 years ago +1
lol. 6 years ago  
well ya i know what the signs mean, i was just confused that, uh...i forgot what i was about to type. 6 years ago  
easy, ill just put a grain of sand on my beatch. 6 years ago  
dont you think that looks a little...cheesy? 6 years ago +2
black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow . 6 years ago +6
oh, now I get it...i think... 6 years ago  
im confused D: 6 years ago  
XD 6 years ago  
lol*,lol, my bad 6 years ago  
loo, my bad. 6 years ago  
chop* 6 years ago  
too many to count, dont get in my way. 6 years ago  
mines always longer than a foot anyways. 6 years ago  
i choose my monster card that summons a magician from the gaveyard thus cutting the attack of the healer by 2 but since the monster also summons a human it creates a aurora that brings +3 attack but -1 defense thus bringing all spawned creatures from the mana deck into the xrghchsrgzdgjhjfku kjrtg iu rtg hhefg nefgn ue,fmgekjv ejekjtgnen,bkdjnfk efbdf djbkeg....YES I WIN...ya lets go with pokemon... 6 years ago  
shot a mofo in the throat with my bow, tomahawk shot is my deathblow. 6 years ago +1
im hopping that was a typo... 6 years ago  
the next year ill be making even moar, same as the following year, and the next year after that, the moola just keeps rolling in and with bigger wads of cash. and, its what i love doing. 6 years ago  
in one year, i will be making about $110-115 a year off of 14. 6 years ago  
do you know how much money people can make off of youtube. you dont get jack didley squat for voting except for someone that always some person in america will be butthurt over being elected instead of the other guy. 6 years ago  
skip option ftw. 6 years ago  
i know how to do that too. my dad is retired military, he has taught me everything i need to now about taking care of a weapon and how to use it. it all depends on the design of the weapon (not a lot of people own a good m16), not to often but occasionally, it gets jammed because of being too trigger happy instead of using short bursts of auto fire. (im still trying to get the right timing on that) 6 years ago  
lol. 6 years ago  
i enjoy sleep, okay. sh¡t hurts. 6 years ago  
lol. 6 years ago  
id like to see them do eachother. 6 years ago  
finally. ive been waiting for someone to teach bieber a lesson. 6 years ago  
look up "Tobuscus London Riot Explained" on YouTube to see the full riot and what happened, Toby left out A LOT in his video. 6 years ago  
i doubt the most of the people who voted "meh" know what really happened. 6 years ago +2
MMA is bullsh*t these days. 6 years ago  
what did you say? i thinks it pronounced "cool-whip" 6 years ago  
trololololol 6 years ago  
plus, the crab could be dead. 6 years ago  
step on a crab every 5 minutes when im on the beach anyways. 6 years ago  
it would be weird going to restroom either way. 6 years ago +2
yep. 6 years ago  
clementine ftw. 6 years ago +1
whats the point if no one is watching you. dammit i clicked on the wrong one. 6 years ago +2
AH HAAAAAAAAAIL NAW!!! 6 years ago, wow ftw. 6 years ago  
WOW FTW, LOL! 6 years ago  
stewie ftw 6 years ago +1
turret ftw. 6 years ago  
plus, the m16 rifle jam ALOT. even if you use it right. 6 years ago +1
why would choose the rifle when you can have the grenade launcher?! 6 years ago  
i see what you did there. 6 years ago  
meh, let 'em stare. i wouldnt be able to hide it anyways ;) 6 years ago  
well this fuqt up... 6 years ago  
i know right. im trying to get sponsered by them on youtube (far from that happening, but still worth a shot). im addicted to cherry 7up. i buy a 12 pack and end up drinking them all in 3-4 days. XD 6 years ago  
lol. maybe its geeky, but if you get into company notch or jeb (or whoever the hell the other person is) designers or etc. you can make a sh*t ton of money. 6 years ago +4
good point. this is why i posted this question, i love hearing what people think of youtube and how it should be handled and by whom. 6 years ago  
can you grow it in your backyard, hmmm? didnt think so... 6 years ago  
im from Texas. you try anything in Texas and you are f*cked. everyone has a gun and knows how to use it. 6 years ago  
mobile site? anyone agree :) 6 years ago +3
maybe if enough people choose choice A, youtube (/google?) will allow this or something like this to happen. i hope so. 6 years ago  
30 seconds* 6 years ago +2
97% lego...OMFG HOW DID U DO DAT?! XD 6 years ago  
i wish. 6 years ago +3
... 6 years ago  
ha, 100% lego. lol. 6 years ago +5
*brofist* 6 years ago +2
my moms dead 6 years ago  
they didnt say they were talking about real life, i could be buried alive in minecraft. 6 years ago +4
has to be in the wild :) 6 years ago  
cant grow pepsi in my backyard... 6 years ago  
the soap has dropped, lol. 6 years ago +7
i hate getting sick 6 years ago  
personally, im a brova. 6 years ago +1
prius=tampon on wheels...unfortunatly i have to get it one to get to school... 6 years ago +4
i would support his drug habit, alexw didnt specify wheather or not it was illegal drugs. my son could be taking zertec because he is allergic to something. (im 14 right now anyways) :P 6 years ago  
id play a electronical game outside 6 years ago  
listen to friday...with it muted and if you say that isnt allowed, really REALLY low volume...i win. 6 years ago +6
batman doesnt need superpowers to kick ass. 6 years ago  
using an ipad right now 6 years ago  
my cell phone is a piece of sh*t 6 years ago  
as long as they shave downstair (and everywhere else except their heads) im cool with either, but if i had to choose, id choose small ones. 6 years ago  
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