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Which is more interesting Everyone has a schwartzchild radius or If you compress the world down to the size of a nanometer you would have a black hole 2 years ago 28 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who's faster Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson 2 years ago 25 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be the smartest person But the weakest boy or The dumbest person but strongest boy 2 years ago 46 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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Meant to hit option A 2 years ago  
God is the BEST #bless4life 2 years ago  
Taxes 2 years ago  
*S*H*A*W*N* 2 years ago  
Just because I like giraffe pics lol 2 years ago  
Who I am 2 years ago  
No paying 2 years ago +1
Follow your dreams Just DO IT! 2 years ago +1
KFC has a messed up slogan 2 years ago +1
My balls came off 2 years ago  
... Kind of question is this? 2 years ago  
Call the cops 2 years ago  
Who played the quija board.he doesn't believe in demons so he thinks he's fine.but he gets possessed and DIES.-geniusboy 2 years ago  
I will kill them all!!!!! 2 years ago +2 2 years ago +1
Lol 2 years ago  
Going on this 2 years ago  
Skydiving 2 years ago  
Madden 2 years ago +1
Being a geniusboy duh 2 years ago +1
"If you have one friend,you are popular." -Geniusboy 2 years ago +1
Excatly 2 years ago  
Shoot,I meant to not click anything! 2 years ago  
I charged it 2 years ago  
I rap rap god all the time 2 years ago  
Guess what. Get one stupid! 2 years ago  
I'd rather destroy things than be destroyed 2 years ago +2
I'm addicted to rapping rap god 2 years ago +1
No one said you have to keep it on 2 years ago +1
Same thing 2 years ago  
LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL BOI! 2 years ago  
I do it all the time LOL 2 years ago +3 2 years ago  
My brother tapped it 2 years ago +1
I know boy 2 years ago  
It could be SOFT. 2 years ago  
Go Bama (#1) 2 years ago  
I'm not battling a demon 2 years ago  
It's true &I I like Sheamus 2 years ago  
What the heck is Digimon? 2 years ago  
Messi 2 years ago  
How was that Hard? 2 years ago +1
Vick!Vick! VVVVIIIICCCCKKKK!!!! 2 years ago  
Messi 2 years ago  
From U.S.A 2 years ago  
SEAHAWKS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
Once upon a time there was a guy named Dave who liked Buffalo Wild Wings and ate all wings in the world. THE END 2 years ago  
3.personality 2.confidence 1.(wait for it!) believing in GOD! 2 years ago  
Execute all of them! 2 years ago +1
1st class everything.Yeah. I'm that confident. 2 years ago  
Same 2 years ago  
Yeah that was hard for me!! 2 years ago  
Atlantis 2 years ago  
Don't care. Still remember 2 years ago  
Duh!!! 2 years ago  
Easy. My TV allows me to play games on it. 2 years ago  
(Chuckles) 2 years ago  
Antonio Brown's awesome celebrations that he gets fined for 2 years ago  
Looks cool LOL 2 years ago  
It would be just like Florida...oh the memories. 2 years ago  
I'm not allowed to watch rated R movies... 2 years ago +1
I always eat it that way... Ok not always 2 years ago  
Hmm... both are delicious 2 years ago  
Because if I can't get sick I would have to attend school everyday 2 years ago  
I feel heartbroken 2 years ago  
IDK 2 years ago  
I made a question just like this! 2 years ago  
Both look buffed up 2 years ago  
I love to troll but most people chose the second one 2 years ago  
I don't pay attention to marvel or DC or any superheroes 2 years ago  
I've never had a day that I didn't go anywhere! 2 years ago  
Yes! 2 years ago  
Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago +1
They would cause world destruction ! 2 years ago +1
It's basically just do you like McDonald's or Burger King! 2 years ago  
Both are hilarious 2 years ago  
Get hair cut 2 years ago  
Oh yeah that is a difficult question! 2 years ago  
Ha ha!! 2 years ago  
What's up with the love choices ? 2 years ago  
Oh yeah! 2 years ago  
Florida 2 years ago  
Yah then I'd go find 10,000,000 $ 2 years ago  
Go kill trumps ancestor 2 years ago  
Oh & thanks for the nice images 2 years ago  
Chris Johnson has a 40 yard dash of 4.24 so if you guessed Johnson you were right!!!!! 2 years ago  
Brings back so many memories!! 2 years ago  
Respect All things in the Planet 2 years ago  
Really? 2 years ago  
Jojo Potato 2 years ago  
I love Santa 2 years ago  
I'm in the future (2016)& Obama won & trump won afterward 2 years ago  
EXCUSE ME?????!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
She just seems kind 2 years ago  
Don't know Hu Jintao. 2 years ago  
IDK Kadafi! 2 years ago  
He 2 years ago  
I'd be in the castle 'til I die!! 2 years ago  
Rather be working 2 years ago +2
Dogs 2 years ago  
Baby shark 2 years ago  
So much. 2 years ago  
Have mega EX 2 years ago +1
Looked cool#LOL !! 2 years ago +1
I have raquazza pokemon card 2 years ago +1
Sometimes I do mostly I don't. 2 years ago  
Guessed 2 years ago  
...everybody wumbos!! 2 years ago  
I'm not going to slave someone!! 2 years ago  
I want to go to Antlantis 2 years ago  
I just love SCARY MOVIES 2 years ago +1
Ford is awesome 2 years ago  
I'm the smartest student in fourth grade (have you seen my username?) 2 years ago  
I'd only be 144 pounds 2 years ago  
Unicorns 4life 2 years ago  
All Micheal Jackson 2 years ago  
Dude I'm 9 I don't drink coffee 2 years ago  
Go back and kill Donald trumps ancestors 2 years ago  
Sorry for your loss 2 years ago  
Really 2 years ago  
Excatly 2 years ago  
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