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Would you rather get rid of spam block or keep it 5 years ago 111 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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AARON PAUL 4 years ago +2 5 years ago +2
These two ladies are definitely not going to be called "Big cutie, big booty Judy." and they will not have men watching them like a movie or having visions of them in their jacuzzi. 5 years ago  
My wrinkly balls twerk better than your asses. 5 years ago +2
I can twerk better and I'm the whitest man alive. 5 years ago +2
"if u choose fountain of bacon ur a fatass" 5 years ago +21
#Godzilla 5 years ago  
Aaron Paul. 5 years ago  
*whether *someone 5 years ago  
Mickydd Iz Da KInd o' Bitchh A$$$ NiqqA dAtt Chuu JUss wan ta puuuuNChe yNN DAA FacE. 5 years ago  
Gordon Ramsey is my spirit animal. 5 years ago +2
"Adolf "carebear" Hitler was an angel sent by god to eliminate all your j00z. He was also African and Jewish, and, rather ironically, was blamed for a mass killing-off of Jews in Europe. They were Jewish, how much more of a reason would you like? He was one of the 20th Century's most misunderstood political revisionists. Many see him as a overweight, perverted, sexually deprived, gay, racist, homophobic, Jew-in-denial, highly functioning autistic. Others see him as humanity's last hope to cleanse the world of the biggest problem on the planet. According to das Juden, during his holiday in Germany, Hitler had a party, with somewhere around six million , called the Holocaust. In fact, he was a sensitive hero who tried to save the undeserving Jews from the racist Germans that he loved so much. He also helped invent the Volkswagen and still holds the high score in IRL Risk. He was undefeated until he went up against fellow sociopathic asshat Joseph Stalin, although Americunts like to think they had something to do with it. He broke new strategic ground with his Blitzkrieg tactics, which effectively meant that he was in your nation, killing your j00z." -MittRomney 5 years ago  
How dare you even ask this... 5 years ago  
Go hang yourself. 5 years ago +4
lol, that pic 5 years ago  
David Cross should die right now. 5 years ago  
*MickyD makes a comment* 5 years ago +3
It said I was like Mitt Romney... 5 years ago +2
*meet 5 years ago  
Aaron Paul. 5 years ago  
Antarctica 5 years ago  
"anon67 is a sh*t cunt and deserves to be banned. P.S. he's a faggot." -Specter 5 years ago +13
"AARON F*CKING PAUL *ovaries explode*" 5 years ago +7
"colds are the illuminati" -MickyD 5 years ago +11
"f*ck you jakobb" -jbradley 2013 5 years ago +8
Why apologize over the internet? Why apologize at all? As if that makes a difference. You didn't even do anything worthy of needing one anyways. Haha 5 years ago  
I'm very calm, lol. It's nothing really. Breaking Bad made him famous and all, but it's not his greatest roll. 5 years ago  
You made an irrelevant reference... Aaron doesn't always have to be associated with Jesse. 5 years ago  
Jesse Pinkman isn't a celebrity. He's a character played by a celebrity, which is Aaron Paul... 5 years ago  
Aaron Paul. This requires no explanation. 5 years ago +1
just like Lance Armstrong would pick. 5 years ago  
No. 5 years ago  
USA > SWEEDEN 5 years ago +1
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The best question I've seen in my life 1 question 1 vote 5 years ago