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Would you rather Eat a human thumb with no add-ons. or Kill a pig 1 year ago 55 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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wheeeeeeeeeee 11 months ago  
i could be the innocent person and just die at like age 90 or smthn.... no? 11 months ago  
fallout cosplay any day 11 months ago  
i would die being such a badass >:D 11 months ago  
why is this in tech lol 1 year ago  
twitter 1 year ago +1
i can still party, just not daily 1 year ago  
and xbox has always sucked lol :P (that's why i like pc but you don't have too) 1 year ago  
WHY 1 year ago  
none lol 1 year ago  
don't have one lol 1 year ago  
unless i'm doing gaming 1 year ago  
steam. 1 year ago  
i like any linux distro 1 year ago  
_that one person who would rather get a linux distro other than android and doesn't bother with apple_ 1 year ago  
ooh savage 1 year ago  
haha everyone can have AR hedsets and skype each other in person 1 year ago  
id rather not 1 year ago  
ill just sell it 1 year ago  
wut about brawhalla (ill get out) 1 year ago  
84255 people apparently 1 year ago  
can i just end the life of a potato yes k time 4 mashed potatoes 1 year ago  
you don't have to get a ceremony 1 year ago  
you don't have to have a ceremony hehehehe 1 year ago  
anything but jake paul in my opinion too much drama 1 year ago  
nooooooooooo wrooonnngg oonnnee 1 year ago  
discord for life 1 year ago  
dont have to have a ceremony ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° 1 year ago  
I could make water that tastes good and hydrate my self. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVVVVERRRR!!!! 1 year ago +1
agh wrong one 1 year ago  
i have the right to PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE 2 years ago  
ill have the right to beat him/her up! (yes, im bi) 2 years ago  
friends will help me beat up 2 years ago  
pet can be a magical pet and get my computer back 2 years ago  
clicked wrong one 2 years ago  
Foster Care 2 years ago  
Unless PC counts as home console... 2 years ago  
?????????????? ummmm 2 years ago  
VROOM VROOM! 2 years ago  
ill earn power 2 years ago  
idk 2 years ago  
i didnt mean to click anything. UGH 2 years ago +1
Yo-Kai 2 years ago  
stampy! 2 years ago  
i do both anyway 2 years ago  
i miss texas.... 2 years ago  
vegetarian 2 years ago  
vegetarian aka gelatin= meat 2 years ago  
vegetarian 2 years ago  
im already vegetarian 2 years ago  
already true 2 years ago  
vegeterian 2 years ago  
asl 2 years ago +1
go outside priority 2 2 years ago  
oh no... wrong one 2 years ago  
i am already miserable 2 years ago  
amazon. 2 years ago  
ASL 2 years ago  
neither 2 years ago  
NOOOO wrong one.. 2 years ago  
help the poor 2 years ago  
I dont lie much... 2 years ago  
My dreams are corrupt... 2 years ago  
i know asl, the only foreign language i need 2 years ago  
One word: Spotify. 2 years ago +1
no. 2 years ago  
neither 2 years ago +1
same 2 years ago  
MEET STAMPY 2 years ago  

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