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    i can still party, just not daily 1 year ago  
    and xbox has always sucked lol :P (that's why i like pc but you don't have too) 1 year ago  
    WHY 1 year ago  
    none lol 1 year ago  
    don't have one lol 1 year ago  
    unless i'm doing gaming 1 year ago  
    steam. 1 year ago  
    _that one person who would rather get a linux distro other than android and doesn't bother with apple_ 1 year ago  
    haha everyone can have AR hedsets and skype each other in person 1 year ago  
    ill just sell it 1 year ago  
    wut about brawhalla (ill get out) 1 year ago  
    84255 people apparently 1 year ago  
    can i just end the life of a potato yes k time 4 mashed potatoes 1 year ago  
    you don't have to get a ceremony 1 year ago  
    you don't have to have a ceremony hehehehe  
    dont have to have a ceremony ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°  
    ill have the right to beat him/her up! (yes, im bi)  
    friends will help me beat up  
    pet can be a magical pet and get my computer back  
    Unless PC counts as home console...  
    i do both anyway  
    i miss texas....  
    vegetarian aka gelatin= meat  
    im already vegetarian  
    already true  
    asl +1
    go outside priority 2  
    oh no... wrong one  
    i am already miserable  
    NOOOO wrong one..  
    help the poor  
    I dont lie much...  
    My dreams are corrupt...  
    i know asl, the only foreign language i need  
    One word: Spotify. +1
    neither +1
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