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    I picked the wrong one, but since God is real then the only fictional thing is pok√®mon so I wish that was real 2 years ago +2
    Cas get to sleep all day when your a dog your owner is called your master 2 years ago +1
    Luke Skywalker has almost everyone he loves killed 2 years ago  
    Ok this is a really hard question but at least if you save your wife you could have another kid 2 years ago +3
    you can have an icecream cake 2 years ago  
    Technically the first option few people actually do put most of the time you go threw your entire life knowing the second option 2 years ago  
    They never said what the dare had to be if could eat 5 jumbo marshmallows 2 years ago  
    My favorite sport is pie eating... 2 years ago  
    Well technically your a suspect not the person who committed the crime 2 years ago  
    Technically it said you couldn't give the money away but what if you buy something that isn't the actual money so you could give that to people less fortunate then you 2 years ago +1
    If you are going to hate on some people's way of life then at least spell correctly idiot! 2 years ago  
    Ok this is simple you threaten the Jedi with all your powers and take their light saber then you can just use wind to as the force 2 years ago  
    If you wouldn't die it would kind of be like a super power if you had no bones 2 years ago  
    Yeah I guess your right that anyone can right a book but there are more copies of the Bible then any other book in the world 2 years ago  
    But what hatched the egg 2 years ago  
    Geez people it's AN 2 years ago  
    Sports = running, running = sad me 2 years ago  
    I'm 50-50 because you could go to Kindergarten, when going to school, but you do get paid to go to work! So.... 2 years ago  
    They never said that they tomato allergy was lethal 2 years ago  
    I LOVE Sweet Tomatoes!! 2 years ago  
    Did anyone else notice that they spelled which wrong? 2 years ago  
    You either have way to much time on your hands, or you are some sort of genius 2 years ago  
    How can READ minds when you can't read?! 2 years ago  
    Lots of people believe in god and some people make livings by worshiping Him so keep your own opinions to yourselves 2 years ago +2

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