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    "Play with their kinky parts." I- 2 days ago +4
    "It was always going to happen when you mix Africa with the first-world". Well maybe next time the Europeans shouldn't kidnap people from their home land? And yes they are poorer and it goes all the way back to slavery..there's no denying. The whole system has been against black people ever since..It's hard not to be emotional when we see the same thing happen over and over again. And it's not rare and the media doesnt blow it out of porption.. while it may be true whites are shot more, you generally don't see them getting killed in devastating ways (a police officer kneeling on your neck for 9 minutes, getting shot because you're wearing a hood and look "suspicious"). Of course bad cops can kill anyone in cold blood, but more times than not, it's an African American. And I dont want to hear the "well they commit more crimes!" Even if they do, why are cops killing blacks with out any solid evidence they commited a crime? Why are they killing them just because they look suspicious? Why are they killing blacks when they're on the ground with their hands up? It's about society vs racists, not blacks vs whites. Obviously rioting doesnt fix the issue, I dont believe any believes that. You don't even have to respond to this reply, I'm just saying dude. I feel like no matter what any of us say, you're not gonna compromise. 2 days ago +5
    Hopefully they won't suck like the last 3 movies 3 days ago  
    I don't even know why you would post a question like this on this website. Nothing good will come out of it tbh 4 days ago +3
    also valid point 4 days ago +1
    I don't get why people would ever choose an option to kill another it's never that serious 5 days ago +1
    Jamie from progressive. 5 days ago  
    Wow this question just gave me corona 6 days ago  
    Bruh he hasn't even been on here in months so he probably forgot about you tbh 6 days ago  
    Howdy 6 days ago +1
    You're welcome mayne 6 days ago  
    I would be attracted to you :) 1 week ago +1
    Howdy 1 week ago  
    Wtf 1 week ago +2
    Wassup brotha 1 week ago +1
    Sorry dude, it was the first one that popped up when I came to this section 1 week ago +1
    This website is more dead than my plants. 1 week ago +4
    I've technically been on this site for almost 6 years, get on my level 1 month ago  
    I- 1 month ago  
    I always get infj or infp 2 months ago  
    That went by quick 2 months ago +1
    Tbh you should just leave again. This site is on life support 3 months ago +5
    I hope gender studies is in this tournament :) 4 months ago +1
    I feel like psychology is your major 4 months ago +2
    pull up to their crib and put a bullet in their rib 4 months ago +2
    I'm Dasani with the drip, Baby mommy with the clip 5 months ago +1
    I love you 5 months ago +1
    Y'all need some smart water cause y'all are acting real dumb and thirsty right now 5 months ago +2
    2014>2013>2012>2017>2015>2016 5 months ago  
    I must've missed the memo, but thanks friend 5 months ago  
    I'm not on this list, automatically making it invalid 5 months ago  
    Bro the tournament doesn't work if there's only like 3 votes on each question 5 months ago +9
    I don't think, I know 5 months ago +1
    smdh 5 months ago  
    If you rig this tournament again, I will disintegrate you 5 months ago +1
    Why are you like this 5 months ago  
    Lol why? You started yours first 5 months ago +2
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