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Excuse me 1 day ago +2
I'm going to keep it real. No one cares. 2 days ago +4
ok guest 2 days ago +1
Oof 3 days ago  
Of course my horse 6 days ago +2
Fire squad >>rrrather questions 6 days ago  
Oh my God, what the f*ck are these questions 6 days ago  
Me 1 week ago +1
Are YOU happy with YOUR life? 1 week ago  
Have you considered going pro? 1 week ago  
I swear man, you remember everything 1 week ago +1
Didn't 'B' just join 1 week ago +1
Edgy kids: "iT wOulD bE RAinInG aLL tHe TiMe ThEn" 1 week ago +4
Reported for using the N word 1 week ago +4
Interesting 1 week ago  
You too you stud muffin ;) 1 week ago +2
Can someone can actually explain the difference between them 1 week ago  
Since you were 6? How old are you now? 2 weeks ago +1
Don't question my love 2 weeks ago +2
You are amazing. 2 weeks ago +3
You only say that cause your vice president 2 weeks ago +1
Guys, let's just overthrow him. Duh 2 weeks ago +3
Exactly something seems fishy 2 weeks ago +3
I'll piss on you 2 weeks ago  
Lmao I don't even care because the people voted for me. Their voices will not be silenced 2 weeks ago +10
Reported. 2 weeks ago  
Natural selection will take care of 'B' 2 weeks ago  
The fact that the newest question was 13 hours ago is kinda depressing 2 weeks ago  
Technically I won because I had the most votes after 24 hours but ok 2 weeks ago +7
I'm aware 2 weeks ago  
Reported. 2 weeks ago  
I just like to say that's it's been over 24 hours and I beat darksith 51 to 49 2 weeks ago  
F*ck no 2 weeks ago +1
Talcumpowder 2 weeks ago  
I love logging onto this website and seeing my brethrens coming together 2 weeks ago +4
That is kind of true 2 weeks ago  
Smh 2 weeks ago  
Or y'all could just vote for me 2 weeks ago +2
uh I select usmanc 2 weeks ago  
So I guess this mean you won? 2 weeks ago  
Or everyone could just vote for me so I win 2 weeks ago +1
Reported. 3 weeks ago +3
No offense, but I'm surprised usmanc lost 3 weeks ago +9
Might as well be preschool 3 weeks ago +2
Why does this feel like high school 3 weeks ago +1
excuse me 3 weeks ago +1
Then yes, fight him 3 weeks ago +1
No 3 weeks ago  
How you know 3 weeks ago  
Let's have a talk about self confidence 3 weeks ago  
This is an outrage! 3 weeks ago +2
Ight Imma head out now 3 weeks ago  
i DiD 3 weeks ago  
Bruh 3 weeks ago  
How could you 3 weeks ago  
I'm fun 3 weeks ago  
Six 3 weeks ago  
Prediction: either me, dragah or usmanc are going to win. Or Iliveinanigloo because he rigged the competition 3 weeks ago +2
Because if they say this they're fuccing lying 3 weeks ago +1
Definitely GoldenUsmanc 4 weeks ago +2
I heard that in the future no one is going to have that muscle anymore because we don't have any use for it 4 weeks ago +1
You didn't have to come for me like that 4 weeks ago  
Dream job? Why do you want to pursue that career? 4 weeks ago +1
What does that even mean 4 weeks ago +3
I love how supportive you are 4 weeks ago +1
Omg it's dragah 4 weeks ago +3
Thanks nerd 4 weeks ago +1
I was 4 weeks ago +1
This is fun 4 weeks ago  
He left us for dead 4 weeks ago  
Kirby's fat. 1 month ago +1
Helll naw 1 month ago  
ash ketchum 1 month ago +1
I wouldn't care if she was ugly 1 month ago  
Drop the act. We all know you're secretly an immigrant 1 month ago  
Drop the act. We all know you're secretly an immigrant 1 month ago  
Yes actually 1 month ago +1
Wtf 1 month ago +1
Why would you think such a thing 1 month ago  
The picture on the left is me guys 1 month ago +3
youre smart 1 month ago  
i really dont know 1 month ago +2
that still gives you no room for leeway 1 month ago +1
Bruh chill out with these questions 1 month ago +3
oh yes, this brings back memories 1 month ago +3
Sometimes even I forget 1 month ago  
Literally 1111 1 month ago  
You're gay 1 month ago +1
But I have a whole nother account that I made in November 2015 1 month ago  
Excuse me 1 month ago +4
I thought I was the only one 1 month ago +1
He's my dad soooo 1 month ago +2
kf7453 1 month ago +1
I'm just pulling your leg 1 month ago  
Alright edge lord 1 month ago  
*Bribes the guard 1 month ago +4
Eternity in heaven >> 1 hour of pain 1 month ago  
im so serious 1 month ago +1
you were supposed to destroy the sith not join them 1 month ago +1
Nikopower's questions >> Ekzymore's questions 1 month ago +1
reported 1 month ago +1
If I don't please him right, he might make me turn to dust 1 month ago +2
Smash 1 month ago  
I thought it said 'do you feel birds in winters' 1 month ago  
Oh I read it wrong. I thought you said you did lose it three years ago 1 month ago  
That'd be lit 1 month ago +1
Now 1 month ago  
More interesting imo 1 month ago  
Because I committed war crimes first 1 month ago  
Stop damn 1 month ago  
Copycat 1 month ago +1
Copycat 1 month ago  
Come again? 1 month ago  
Ok I see you 1 month ago  
Like a clothing brand or something else? 1 month ago  
Damn Cat chill out with these questions you horny beast 1 month ago +2
excuse me 1 month ago +3
At the moment I want to be an engineer but it'll probably change again next month 1 month ago  
Why does the description sound like it was a few years ago lol 1 month ago +2
You said 15 is the average age? Well sh*t I'm late 1 month ago +1
You know what's even more embarrassing? STDs 1 month ago +5
Pardon me 1 month ago  
It's really foolish to judge others based on what country they were born in 1 month ago +1
I'm a virgin 1 month ago  
You're sexy 1 month ago +1
I don't have a cat you rapscallion 1 month ago  
I'd attempt to find the ACTUAL mom of the baby 1 month ago +1
Don't be a pussy 1 month ago +3
Some people are going to think that it's weird, but I say go for it 1 month ago  
I love you 1 month ago +3
Oh I feel silly now 1 month ago  
You've never eaten an oreo? 1 month ago  
I don't think anyone is ever really prepared 1 month ago  
Wait a minute 1 month ago  
People who think 'B' are primary colors are the same people who think Virginia and West Virginia are the same state 1 month ago  
Your comment gets a 3/10 because that's a dead meme 1 month ago +6
People who say climate change is a hoax are the same people who fail an open notes quiz 1 month ago +1
F*ck physics 1 month ago +1
Oof 1 month ago  
I hope you realize that you guys probably had y'all first kiss before most people on this website and you're only 15 1 month ago +3
So you wanna take a spoon, right, and then get to work 1 month ago +2
That's what i said 1 month ago  
I'm sorry for your loss 1 month ago  
I have more personality than this website and that's not saying much 1 month ago +6
Dude I remember when you posted about that question 1 month ago +1
I can't wait! 1 month ago  
My state or yours? 1 month ago +1
Yee 1 month ago +1
Dang I would if I wasn't at work. What about tomorrow 1 month ago  
That's cute. Wait is he wearing glasses 1 month ago +3
Excuse me 2 months ago +1
It wasn't an accident 2 months ago +1
The 2000's called. They want their joke back 2 months ago +3
Oh that's interesting 2 months ago  
Lmao imagine seeing snow in Texas 2 months ago +1
Excuse me 2 months ago  
He trolled the f*ck out of all of us 2 months ago +4
You horny beast 2 months ago +2
-_- 2 months ago +1
Why do y'all keep copying users 2 months ago +1
Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine. 2 months ago +2
Stop copying me damn 2 months ago  
Doesn't matter, he was just trying to be funny 2 months ago +1
Acess denied, Interracial doesn't just mean white and black 2 months ago +7
Excuse me 2 months ago  
Why do you always pop up when there's an anime question 2 months ago  
Skyrim, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 lowkey 2 months ago +1
It's on sight 2 months ago +1
:) 2 months ago  
Weddings themselves aren't the problem. It's the people who spend 1000+ on a them 2 months ago  
Not only is the girl on the right a bot but I'm pretty sure the other one is probably 16 years old 2 months ago +1
You have to shoot your shot 2 months ago +1
Me too, but I guess most people don't agree 2 months ago  
:/ 2 months ago  
and btw what was his response, I can't see it 2 months ago  
Oh lmao, I didn't even know about this :/ 2 months ago  
Nah I'm good friend 2 months ago  
Yes way 2 months ago  
Isn't that Barkans 2 months ago  
And I'm that feminist 2 months ago  
You know what I'm sick of this. There's plenty of evidence that proves that this so called concept- Females- ARE NOT REAL! Anyone who believes this needs to go back to elementary. 2 months ago +2
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