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Would you rather live in a world where (also read author's comment) Everyone has a gun except for 1 person or Nobody has a gun except for 1 person 3 years ago 79 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather live in a country with An Adversarial Legal System or An Inquisitorial Legal System 3 years ago 59 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Is it possible to be overly/too religious? Yes or No 3 years ago 121 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Alphamon or Omnimon (Omegamon) 3 years ago 193 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Guts (Berserk) or Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) 4 years ago 1,172 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Subscribers or Friends 4 years ago 85 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather see every parallel universe created by every choice or see the one true path of time no matter what choices are made 4 years ago 142 votes 4 comments 0 likes

GopakkuSNR has posted the following comments: 3 years ago  
Islam is just as valid as any other religion 3 years ago  
Yep, don't buy it... Some good moral lessons though. 3 years ago  
I feel you reply contradicts the original comment. 3 years ago  
Indeed, it is a trend I've noticed with most of the people who vote for god, they have terrible grammar. 3 years ago +2
God does not exist... Still here, existing. 3 years ago +1
You could say the same about god. Where did he come from? Did he come from nothing? Also, didn't god supposedly create the world and everything on it out of nothing? 3 years ago +1
You can be proud of your country's achievements, but there is a point where nationalism and patriotism goes too far. 3 years ago  
Renewable energy is something we should be supporting. Fossil fuels won't last forever. 3 years ago +3
Corporations have a duty of care to the ultimate consumer of their products, they are legally unable to lie about them. Also, if you need to lie to sell your products, perhaps they aren't good enough to sell. 3 years ago +4
All living organisms are genetically designed to prioritize their own lives over the lives of others. It's basic survival instinct. 3 years ago +1
Do you mind if I ask why? 3 years ago  
I have easier access to manga, so it just kinda became my go to option. 3 years ago  
He is the yoga master. 3 years ago  
My trusty Fenrir, you took me far... 3 years ago  
A sentient lantern that can control fire! 3 years ago  
Go big or Go home 3 years ago  
Gum Gum Elephant Gatling! 3 years ago +1
I would be an awesome historian 3 years ago  
Knowledge is power 3 years ago +2
Both...So much... 3 years ago  
Goku is pretty awesome, no doubt. But he's pretty much just a deus ex machina at this point: new strong enemy, Goku's got just the right form/move/amount of power to beat them. Whereas Gohan has had some pretty decent character development during the android/cell saga. I'm pretty sad that they kinda just shelved Gohan after that. 3 years ago +2
I'll take Guts, and a competent healer, like dende. Then I'd just sit back and watch Guts work. 3 years ago  
Treeko 3 years ago  
He is the pokemon mafia 3 years ago +2
You read my mind 3 years ago +1
kookaburra 3 years ago  
Big Bird 3 years ago  
Lincoln 3 years ago  
How can more people not have voted for Sogeking? During the Thriller Bark Arc in the manga my favorite scenes were usopp/sogeking VS. perona. 3 years ago +1
I guess not... 3 years ago  
I just wouldn't fight anyone. I can live without fighting, but being able to cuss is a necessity. 3 years ago  
Really attached to Graveler as he was one of my main team throughout Soulsilver. 3 years ago  
My loyal companion and one of my original team in Black. 3 years ago  
At least I go to cool places. 3 years ago  
with Chronophobia wouldn't you just be in constant fear? Time will always pass after all. 3 years ago  
Kirby would eat them all! 3 years ago  
Colgate 3 years ago  
Emu 3 years ago  
Tiger 3 years ago  
Turkey 3 years ago  
I like Vegeta better as a character. 3 years ago  
Either that or "Persona!" 3 years ago  
I know that Gohan never wanted to fight in the first place, but really, was it too hard to just keep yourself in shape at least? 3 years ago  
Toriko. Because al the food in that show looks damn delicious, plus Kugi Punch. 3 years ago +1
At... Least... They... Didn't... Find... My... Treasure... Epic treasure hunt ensues. 3 years ago  
Why? What good comes of a right to bear arms? 3 years ago  
No, they've been through some hardships in the wars they served in and deserve our respect for making it through and fighting for their countries and beliefs. However this does not change the fact that war itself is a terrible event that can consume and waste hundreds to thousands to millions of lives. 3 years ago  
Unique in their genetics, personality, talents and skills, but equal in their rights. 3 years ago +2
While it is true that the act of killing is perpetrated by a person, in most cases (eg. animal related deaths), it would be far harder for one person to kill another without incredibly lethal weapons like guns. Just think about it, if someone came at you with a knife could you defend yourself? What if that same person came at you with a gun? Personally, I feel like it would be easier for everyone to overcome and escape someone with a knife. 3 years ago  
A is really badass. B is more heroic. 3 years ago +1
Happy Birthday 3 years ago  
I can watch both, but there are definitely some really bad dubs. 3 years ago +2
Joke's on you Chris587 3 years ago  
Great personality and scythes are badass. 3 years ago  
I own both, and I prefer the Playstation 3 3 years ago  
I want to play more digimon games, but not enough of the good ones make it over to australia 3 years ago  
Sceptile 3 years ago +1
Assuming they both have perfect IVs and no EVs and Reshiram either moves first, or Zekrom doesn't get a crit on either a Dragon Rush or Dragon claw, or that Zekrom doesn't either raise its special defense or lower Reshiram's special attack by at least 2 stages then Reshiram using Draco Meteor would OHKO the Zekrom. 3 years ago  
That sounds incredible, I'm now regretting my choice 3 years ago  
Don't die as much. (Would love to be Super Saiyan god thought) 3 years ago  
I really do enjoy anime, but I have easier access to manga. 3 years ago +1
Light because he won, but honestly I liked L better as a character 3 years ago  
Doesn't that just make him a dictator then? Like Hitler? 3 years ago  
But isn't hell just eternal torture? 3 years ago  
They're interesting and some of the comments are so stupid they're funny. (from both sides) 3 years ago  
We didn't come from monkeys, we only shared a common ancestor. Monkeys, while sharing some similar genetic traits, are completely different organisms. 3 years ago  
less of a hassle 3 years ago  
I've never heard of religion curing any diseases. 3 years ago +5
There probably isn't a purpose to our existence. 3 years ago  
Religion should have no control over government. EVER. 3 years ago +1
I can rant at him about how terrible a god he's being, seriously god... Cancer... 3 years ago +2
We could believe in each other, rather than some mystical being who hasn't really done anything for us. 3 years ago +3
Wait... I'm Jesus! 3 years ago  
I do not want all the crazy religious people to be right. 3 years ago  
Praise Zeus, also it wasn't the gods that made the world it was the titans 3 years ago  
The big bang didn't create the world, it created the universe, which I guess by proxy created the world. 3 years ago  
Evolution takes thousands and perhaps millions of years, also we didn't come from monkeys, we just share a common ancestor, they're on their own evolutionary path. Also not every evolutionary tract leads to humans, animals evolve to best suit their environments, we just happened to evolve intelligence. Which you are failing to use. 3 years ago  
sick of seeing this... 3 years ago  
NO ONE'S SAYING HE IS!!!! 3 years ago  
Most people don't commit crimes out of fear of jail time, not hell 3 years ago  
Not really, because everyone would be dead, it just takes 1 crazy or stupid person to take the first shot. And our world is full of crazy stupid people. 3 years ago +1
but with the option you picked the knife wielding psycho would also have a gun. Also you killing the knife wielding psycho is just as bad as them killing you. 3 years ago  
My friend says cloning is okay so long as the clones have no brain activity and are only used for organ donations, I agree, but I mostly clicked because the picture is hilarious 3 years ago  
If they're both consenting adults I see no problem. According to the story of Adam and Eve we're all related anyway, so what's the difference? 3 years ago +7
3.45, one stick is incompletely drawn 3 years ago  
Actually now that I think about it the beak isn't shaped like a bill, I don't think the bird shape is actually that of a duck 3 years ago  
I see both 3 years ago  
If all involved parties are consenting to the arrangement 3 years ago +2
Actually, people with guns kill people. 3 years ago  
Every race can be a terrorist, treating everyone the same prevents people from slipping through the cracks 3 years ago +1
My parents have no religion, neither do i 3 years ago  
Amen to that 3 years ago +5
Really nice guy, awesome hot chocolate 3 years ago +1
I do that, and I have that 3 years ago  
Of course B 3 years ago +3
Digimon Adventure Tri! Let's hear the excitement! (Blue-eyes is awesome though) 3 years ago  
Less chance of being beaten up by Goku 3 years ago +2
Would have so much fun causing spontaneous flash mobs. 3 years ago +1
I get why the wonder trade is full of terrible pokemon, people are all just silently hoping to give away their worst to get something great. The GTS however... 3 years ago +1
The original battle frontier was great, really sad it wasn't in ORAS. 3 years ago +1
Been looking through these comments, noticed that it is mostly the people who vote for god who are getting defensive and pissy, not all, but most. 3 years ago +1
I highly doubt that you, whoever you are, are the concept of religion. You are most likely a person who should double-check his comments for grammatical errors before posting them 3 years ago  
There are lots of idiotic boys 3 years ago  
The "Big Bang" did not create the earth, it was a rapid expansion of matter that allowed for the creation of stars which then generated the necessary elements for the creation of other pieces of the cosmos. Then during the time of existence, multiple pieces of rock clumped together forming planets. That is how, by observing the universe around us, people have explained the creation of earth and other planets. 3 years ago  
Literal god, plus always has type advantage if you have prior knowledge of your opponent 3 years ago  
Want to go though 3 years ago +4
Seen more proof for evolution. 3 years ago  
Goku's Antithesis, capable of fighting evenly with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, after only 4 months of training! 3 years ago  
Kid buu is far more powerful than Super buu, being capable of overpowering Super Saiyan 3 Goku 3 years ago  
Gogeta is just a doubling of whoever out of goku and vegeta's powerlevel is weaker (vegeta), while vegito is a combination of both parties max powers 3 years ago  
First off, science does not disprove the existence of god, it merely does not prove his existence. Also in religion there is also a time before Christ. 3 years ago  
Not relevant 3 years ago  
Not relevant 3 years ago  
Full agreement 3 years ago  
The big bang was actually a rapid expansion of matter, which originated from a singularity. 3 years ago  
Not really, Allah is a god isn't he? 3 years ago  
I started to, but it didn't really grab me. The language was too archaic for my taste. 3 years ago  
This question has nothing to do about the state of god, only whether or not you believe he created the world. 3 years ago  
I am in complete agreement with this opinion 3 years ago  
Yes, there is. It is the main religious document for, Christians, Catholics and other religions that I can't remember the names of. 3 years ago  
Wasn't Jesus an advocate for peace? Why would he have a sword? Also I kinda want to see how badass his sword would be. 3 years ago  
Not at all, I personally do not enjoy the show Big Bang Theory, but I still have more of a belief in the Big Bang then god. 3 years ago  
Agreed 3 years ago  
What is a none christian? 3 years ago  
A well researched believer in god, a rare phenomenon and one that I wish was not as rare. 3 years ago  
Very happy for you, it's wonderful that finding god was able to make your life better. 3 years ago  
but isn't it an assumption that god created the world? 3 years ago  
Please recheck your religious stuff, it was jesus who died on the cross for our sins (god's son, or a prophet or whatever you believe). 3 years ago  
Not relevant 3 years ago  
That is a good quote. 3 years ago  
To all the people who will click god and then comment that god is real. If, to you, god is already real then what is the point of wanting god to be real. Please, click pokemon. 3 years ago  
Then click pokemon, meatyfan53 has the right idea. 3 years ago  
Not existing doesn't mean death. 3 years ago  
Best 20 years ever! Woohoo! 3 years ago  
Pokemon FTW! 3 years ago  
If god is real then click pokemon! You'd get both of the cool things at once. If you want to make a point or something do it in another question. 3 years ago  
Why does one cancel out the other? I live with a very intelligent person, who is currently completing a PHD, who believes in god (as a universal force of love and acceptance), a belief in god does not make you stupid and being well educated does not stop you from believing in god. 3 years ago +1
My personal belief is that humans evolved from our genetic predecessors, however I am also open to the idea that the original cause of universal creation is god which, by proxy, makes him the creator of man. 3 years ago  
Why should guys skip this? If I was a homosexual I would definitely want to date the hottest guy I know. 3 years ago +1
More reason to hate them 3 years ago  
I say no, but I'm more agnostic. As soon as I see proof (undeniable proof) of god, then sure, I'll believe in him. 3 years ago  
If my refusal started Armageddon with 100% certainty then I'd sacrifice myself, one life for many and all that. 3 years ago  
In complete agreement with you 3 years ago  
Seems far more peaceful 3 years ago  
Santa is a lie told to children to get them excited about Christmas or X-mas, however you want to say it. The main difference between believing in Santa and believing in god is that as children grow up the eventually stop believing in Santa, a perfectly reasonable response. 3 years ago  
Excellent comment, it shows you may have done some actual research before expressing your opinion. A lot of people commenting here could learn from you. 3 years ago  
Inside voices please... Also, could you refrain from generalizing. Whilst there are some about who it could be said that, they have taken their faith too far, it cannot be said about everyone who follows a faith. I myself live with religious people and they're not "b*tches of god' as you so eloquently put it, but respectable and reasonable people. 3 years ago  
Not everything you read is true, the internet is a wonderful example of that. However, your belief is your belief and I respect that. 3 years ago  
Not an explosion, a rapid expansion of matter. Also there were significantly more steps than what you are describing. Including, the formation of the planet earth through a clumping of chunks of rock in space via gravity. 3 years ago  
There are theories about where the singularity, which was the source of the "Big Bang", came from, please do some research before commenting. Also, with that logic, where would god have come from? 3 years ago  
not relevant. 3 years ago  
The big bang. It was a rapid expansion of matter that became the entire universe, creating space and allowing for the creation of earth. 3 years ago  
Inside voices please, also whilst your beliefs are valid and acceptable, could you please extend the same courtesy to others. They have as much right to voice your opinions as you do. 3 years ago  
Probably, faith without fact can easily be whittled away. Also there's a lot of strength in arguments against the existnce of god 3 years ago  
Since I can play an instrument pretty well, this would be easier for me 3 years ago  
Tough choice, but for now my excitement about the upcoming Persona 5 and FFVII Remake is greater than my excitement for Fallout 4. 3 years ago  
Both so cool. 3 years ago  
Very fun game. 3 years ago  
I really wish there was an option for both, but for this question I choose childhood. 3 years ago +1
I don't care as much about movies 3 years ago  
Sceptile 3 years ago  
Question: would the Teen Titans know the weakness of the Titans? 'Cause if not it'll be a bit one sided. 3 years ago +1
The kind of person that realizes all he has to do is shoot first 3 years ago  
No more bringing knives to gunfights, only knives to knifefights 3 years ago  
Well that really disheartens me. And to comment on your earlier point of the disappearance of mass shootings, Australia banned semi-automatic rifles and all semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns after a mass shooting in 1996, and we've only had 1 in the years since, while in, for example, America, where gun laws aren't as stringent as Australia, there have been at least 56. So tell me now, out of these two options which had more gun related deaths, and why. 3 years ago  
What do you mean by this? 3 years ago  
Fair point, it is unknown what created/started the big bang, and it is entirely possible that it was god that did it. 3 years ago  
More power to you, specifically you 3 years ago  
Yeah, but that was there was only two people alive and there really wasn't any other choice. 7 billion+ people on the planet, let love be love. 3 years ago  
Please note: when using the bible as a reference it is best to know how to spell the word bible 3 years ago  
Right on! 4 years ago  
Atheism is just not believing in any religion, atheism not existing means that everyone in the world believes in religion, which is something that we all know is not true. 4 years ago  
I could win this 4 years ago  
The pokemon world seems less life threatening than the skyrim one 4 years ago  
Soo good looking, making me soo hungry 4 years ago +1
so does the Hulk. Super strength, ring any bells? 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
There's a chance 4 years ago  
Why not both? 4 years ago  
Looks don't matter, but help around the house would be nice. It can be pretty stressful to manage a house, a job and a relationship all at once. 4 years ago  
There's a chance 4 years ago  
Their choices are their choices, but seriously, what the hell! 4 years ago  
I feel like the author's comment may be influencing people's answers 4 years ago +1
at least they're alive 4 years ago  
Already been to Ireland 4 years ago  
The US was built by crazy people and still consists of a lot of them. To anyone who disagrees, find and listen to The Dollop 4 years ago  
To honestly answer the question, probably edward and bella, but we all should realize that their relationship is creepy and pedophillic. 4 years ago  
Both are too incredible! Can't decide! 4 years ago  
Bleach just gets so repetitive, and while one piece has some repetitiveness, bleach is just so much more repetitive. 4 years ago  
Probably permanent separation, as them being alive and you not being able to see them, even though they're alive, would probably be far worse than them dying. It would hurt more because it is possible, that there's a chance you could see them, even though you can't. With death everything's just over. 4 years ago  
I would start with the funny, if that didn't work I would just hug it out (sometimes everyone needs a good hug) 4 years ago  
It is indeed a difficult choice, but, while I believe that all life is precious, I do not value the bomber's life as much as those who would be killed by his actions. I do not condone torture, it is too easy to go too far (torture is already too far), but if there is absolutely no other choice to save those people, then I could deal far easier with having that man tortured than letting multiple innocents die. 4 years ago  
Still less than the amount of people that could be saved if you used it. 4 years ago +1
Charge at the guard and take him on. 4 years ago +1
If god exists we could convince him to cure cancer maybe, plus tons of other cool stuff 4 years ago  
He's DC actually 4 years ago  
Seriously, I think that Guts could wreck anybody. 4 years ago  
For many "God caused the big bang" is a perfectly reasonable response. This seems to help many cope with the unsatisfying prospect of an event without a cause. The problem of course is that one is then immediately forced to ask, "From where did the creator come?" If the answer is "he always existed" then we have a situation, from a causality standpoint, that is no more satisfying than a universe that springs forth from nothing. A creator that has always existed is an entity that somehow exists without a cause. So this answer doesn't solve the causality issue whatsoever. (From 4 years ago +2
Being a guy I tend to drift more naturally to anime aimed at guys, but I enjoy any anime so long as it contains things a like. Namely: comedy, the correct amount of romance (nothing too over the top), awesome action, some drama, interesting plot 4 years ago  
Any chicken would have to have been born from an egg. And to anyone who asks where did the egg for the chicken come from? It would have come from the chicken's previous evolutionary stage. 4 years ago  
While kiling hitler before the holocaust would definitely save more lives than just being able to bring back five dead people, you also have to think about how stopping the holocaust may change the world we live in now. It may be a good change, or it may be a bad change. It is safer, in a way, to bring back five dead people then to attempt to alter history. As an example, what if killing Hitler sparked a chain reaction that prevented your birth, creating a paradox? 4 years ago  
I really hope you're joking 4 years ago +1
Better music in my opinion 4 years ago  
Like it more than the other 4 years ago  
Agreed 4 years ago  
At least I lived it 4 years ago  
Just looks so much more comfortable 4 years ago  
Neither, both are important events in history that have shaped the way the world has advanced. Sure, stopping one would prevent that tragedy, but it may also create greater tragedies down the line. 4 years ago  
Make life a lot easier 4 years ago  
Statistics baby! 4 years ago  
Would hurt less 4 years ago  
Far cooler 4 years ago  
The scope or power to act as one pleases is not necessarily a good thing. Not all humans are good-hearted. 4 years ago  
You can still hear out of the other ear. Also, artificial body parts. 4 years ago  
I don't go to starbucks at all now 4 years ago  
Better chance of survival 4 years ago  
It's got a catchy tune 4 years ago  
Would have to kill less 4 years ago  
Just like it more 4 years ago  
I'd get a lot fitter 4 years ago  
I've always wondered 4 years ago  
Get to wear fancy suits, plus yell objection. (I wouldn't be a good lawyer) 4 years ago  
By being immortal you can be the richest person on the planet, plus you get to see how everything ends. 4 years ago  
With your brains you could eventually figure out how to have both 4 years ago  
More chance of winning lottery 4 years ago  
You can make more money if you have more time 4 years ago  
Wouldn't have to deal with the stress of being famous, but would get some of the benefits 4 years ago  
I've been surfing, it's too hard and I don't really like the ocean. 4 years ago  
can plan my life around it. Would also commit suicide the day before, f*ck you destiny. 4 years ago  
I would rather certainty of finding love, especially something like true love. Money is ephemeral, but the remnants of yourself you leave upon someone like a lover grants something akin to immortality 4 years ago  
I like my hometown 4 years ago  
Less obvious, wouldn't be targeted by secret service or by science 4 years ago  
I like magic, but I would like to live easy more. 4 years ago  
problems are annoying 4 years ago  
I'm assuming i'd be returning so, aside from meeting my descendants, who I assume will be awesome, bringing back cool future tech is definitely a benefit. 4 years ago  
No longer alive, wouldn't care 4 years ago  
I don't really eat chocolate that much, but it's still hard to give up. After all, what's in a name. 4 years ago  
Why? I played fallout new vegas and that's what I saw. Two bears participating in a friendly high-five 4 years ago +1
I like britain 4 years ago +1
Bears high-fiving!!!! 4 years ago +1
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