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    You say that I have no life, yet you're the one who takes the time to make yourself look like a retard.....Well done. 5 years ago  
    You're welcome. 5 years ago  
    Okay, I understand that you are trying to do this whole thing here where you correct all the spelling errors and everything. However, none of what you are doing is helping anybody and none of what you are doing makes sense either. As a mattor of fact, it seems that a person who does what you do really has no life; but who am I to judge what you do on your spare time? I guess we do need people like you in this world to correct our grammar and punctuation, because if we didn't than the internet would be a sad, cold place where people could just go around saying anything they wanted to say and nobody would understanding anything anyonevwould say. However, I do find it strange you would do this. I do have respect for you, in a way, you see I once was a Grammar Nazi when I was a kid but nobody ever thanked me for my good deeds nor did I ever see any benefits. I'm glad you're on rrrather and I highly appreciate everythong you do. You probably don't hear that often but I thank you for your help here.* 5 years ago  
    Yes? 5 years ago  
    Nazis* 5 years ago  
    You are not clever, you are not a troll, you are not funny, you are not anything. Why do you waste your life like this, seriously? This is a waste of energy.* 5 years ago  
    are* 5 years ago  
    Certain age though, not every kid* 5 years ago  
    Oh God, I don't know man.* 5 years ago +5
    Do not use "but" at the beginning of a sentence. 5 years ago  
    happy and pissed off.* 5 years ago  
    I've* 5 years ago  
    I* 5 years ago  
    Flash has speed, Superman has all that, and more* 5 years ago  
    kangaroo's 5 years ago +4
    damn straight! 5 years ago  
    was** 5 years ago  
    was* 5 years ago  
    though* have* 5 years ago  
    lol authors comment 5 years ago  
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