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    I like jumping but I hate climbing, so easiest decisions ever  
    misclick, younger siblings are more spoilt, I know this because I have a younger sibling myself  
    Easiest. Question. Ever  
    which one? the one on my dad's side or the one on my mum's or both. Or do I get to choose?  
    dont use either of them  
    never said there were tigers in it  
    im a guy +1
    or will you? (illuminati song plays)  
    There is something called a doorbell  
    been to both  
    I want to kill millions of mosquitoes  
    I have a fear of drowning.  
    Dirty Vegan alert!  
    who saw tumblr and picked the other?  
    Neither I'm a guy. Also, JB is bad and I have no idea who Taylor Lautner is  
    Easiest. Choice. Ever.  
    I agree  
    I don't want to change the past  
    EASY +1
    Jacob Sartorius is bad +1
    science nowadays can create babies that resemble their parents biologically without sex  
    already am  
    My logic: Ignorance=bliss  
    I always wanted to hunt  
    im a guy  
    i dont like coffee  
    who the hell are they? +1
    already did  
    mcdonalds is gross  
    hamsters are smaller  
    420 blaze it +1
    cut it  
    punch some beliebers  
    lmao +1
    Ha Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  
    hot dogs are gross  
    facebook is ded  
    sh*t pressed the wrong one  
    ha gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy  
    that means make u feel really excited/horny  
    people who get turned on by animals are furf*gs  
    dont have a dog  
    iOS is easier to use  
    screw vegans  
    I use both (windows computer and apple iphone)  
    dont have a sister  
    tumblr is retarded  
    no you're not a cat and if you are how do you know to read and type?  
    I ALREADY DO!!!!!!!!  
    ha gayyyyyyy  
    trans people are retarded  
    I dont know how to surf on the ocean  
    I can rule the rule then eliminate all problems, like anime or poverty  
    I dont want to change the past  
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